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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, December 28, 2018

It is so cool when we both "get it!"

Interesting thing about having independent thinking dogs is watching them make their own decisions.

For example:  Chance and getting used to the nail trimmer/grinder

First, I started with the grinder in my hand while it was off and started with "touch."  Chance has this command down pat.  He touched his nose to the tool.  Click and treat.  Then he starts touching the trimmer with his paw...jackpot of treats.  

Then I turn on the battery operated grinder and try again with "touch."  He does touch with his nose, but he's a bit more hesitant.  Still holding the machine in my hand I keep pushing it towards him and asking touch.  He starts backing up and is visibly getting more upset and scared.  

I stop.  Turn the tool off and put it out of sight.  

The other dogs caught on really quick and made way past this step in minutes flat.  I think I was expecting the same response with Chance to catch on. This was too much, too fast for him.  

Chance was still willing to play, I just needed to give him a chance.  

So I put the tool on the floor, told him "touch," and let him decided what he wanted to do.  

One treat for a nose touch and bunch more for touching with his paw.  

He caught on quickly now that I wasn't trying to make him do it.  

Nose, treat.  Nose, treat.  Paw, lots of treats.

Then when he was feeling confident, I turned the grinder on and set it back on the floor with the same guidelines.   Again, giving him the chance to decided what he wanted to do and how to do it.   

It was so fascinating to watch his confidence grow, his body relax, and he was smiling.  He was so proud of himself for conquering that humming little machine and I was so proud of myself for listening to him, so I could change my game plan.    

Very cool.  Don't you think?  Chance was able to face his fears and have control over how he wanted this training bit to go.

(Next time I will try to get video, or at least some photos!)

1 comment:

The Padre said...

Sounds Highly Entertaining For Sure. Also, Dig That 'Freedom through Chance's spirit.' Photo. Enjoy Your Weekend.