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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, December 31, 2012

Still so hard to say goodbye

As the end of the year phases into a new one, it begins on a somber note for us at 24 Paws of Love.  We know we are not alone in losing a furry loved one and it is especially heartbreaking as we will be celebrating our litter of puppies turning five on January 2nd without two of our homed pups from Brut and Silver's litter.  

Many of you may remember that we lost Angel in October, when she went missing and was found dead after being hit by a car.  What we haven't told you was a week and a half after burying Angel we learned that another one of the pups had died as well.  It was overwhelming losing two pups in such a short period of time and the grief was too much to bear.  We had a difficult time believing such a tragedy could occur, but two was unbearable.  (we will share more about this pup in later posts) 

We know many of you will be starting your New Year without your loved furry one by your side, in your bed or lap, or being part of the many facets of your life.  It is so hard to lose a best friend.  Our hearts go out to you who have lost furry or human friends or relatives and even though they may feel far, remember they are only a heartbeat away.

We wish all our readers the a Happy New Year, best wishes, posterity and the time to cherish every moment with the loved ones around you.  

Happy New Year Dog Blogville!

And thank you for being part of our lives.  Dog bloggers are amazing!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

From our Doggie house to yours...

The 24 Paws of Love

Wish you a very Merry Christmas

 Peace on Earth

And goodwill to men and doggies everywhere

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who needs Santa??

We are all set!!

Don't let the red eyes fool you.  I never knew two cats could be so forgiving.  What with the domino effects of 6 dogs with issues, life hasn't always been kine, but now it's the cat's turn.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brut Gratitude

Thank you for your comments on yesterday's post.  I started thinking that it might have sounded much harsher than it really was between Brut and I or Brut's aggression.  I don't have to look far to realize the mountains we have climbed together.  Those aggressive moments are so few and far in between and like a knee jerk reaction I'll think "it would be better without Brut here."  And then it just fizzles as I deal with this complicated boy who changed everything I ever thought about dogs or what they should be.  I wasn't very grateful for the challenge in the beginning, but now I am nothing but grateful.  There is really something to earning a dog's respect that just humbles me to the bones.  For it is truly an honor to work with such a king.

A few days ago I gave Brut one of those Angry Bird Dog Toys, all by himself, just for the pleasure of watching him tear it to pieces to find the squeaker.  I tried to test him a bit while he was going bananas by trying to play with him.  He didn't want anything to do with that and let me know by grabbing my hand very lightly but firmly.  It was this tender respect, that I backed off.  He didn't want to be tested, he just want to enjoy the glory of a new squeaky toy.  And I respected that.

I went for a run with the him the last night.  It has been a while since I've been able to run due to some joint problems, but not last night, I felt great.  I started running with Brut way back when he was just a youngster  to help alleviate the pulling and I have missed our runs together dearly.  We are always really tight when we are running together.  Like one unit tight.  Eyes and ears on alert as we barrel down the road.  And we have so much fun.  It's like letting go of everything and feeling protected and secure all at the same time.  I hope we can do more of these runs together.  It's such a bitch getting old.  lol!

I would just like to let all my blogging friends know how much I appreciate every comment, thought and prayer you send our way.  We are a stronger dog family because of all of you and we can't thank you enough for all your support.

Have a great day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A moment for myself

I'm going to take a few seconds and give myself a couple of pats of the backs.

Because I don't do it often enough.   

It takes a lot of guts to deal with an aggressive dog.  Not to mention mental and physical control.  A whole more than just getting rid of the dog.

Do you know how easy it is to have those thoughts in the heat of the moment?  Easy.  Believe me it has crossed my mind more than once about getting rid of him.  Yes, only as a thought.  Yes it is difficult.  How many throw-away-Brut's are out there?  Plenty I am sure.

Try reliving one of the worst nightmares you could witness as a child in current time.  A vicious attack between two Chows, only to find out later your aggressive dog has Chow in him as well.  Try balancing your panic and fear as a fight breaks out.  No tools, no advice, no guidance.  Your only thought the sheer terror of death.  

I don't think I am doing too bad.

Try looking for answers and only getting doors slammed in your face or coming up empty because of liability.  Behaviorist who kick your dog and a trainer who's two inches from suicide.  All this meaning I have to do it myself.  With no help except for a few tidbits of info to run on and not having a clue what I'm doing.  Couple that with a husband who's a first time dog owner and usually working.

Now tack on the knowledge that this is for a lifetime.  No matter how far Brut comes, there is a part of him that will always be like this.  Could you do it?  Have you?  Would you?

If someone had laid this all out before, I would have ran as fast and far and as I possibly could.  Despite my "heart dog" relationship with Brut it does nothing for love/hate relationship we have with each other.  Yes, Brut is a bastard.  And a rotten one at that.  Would I have done it all again knowing the knife that would be in my back.  I don't know.  Is he the dream dog I've always wanted?  Yes and no.  Do I still have the thoughts of getting rid of him when he is ruthless and vicious?  Yes.  And if I didn't know, love and understand him so well, the thought stays a thought.  There is a reason Brut is the way he is.  I would be dead if it wasn't for him.  He would be dead if it wasn't for me.  And it would take all of hell's angels to take us down and even then they could never tear us apart.

Heart beings for LIFE! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Christmas Header!!

I finally did it!  I started this goal this past spring of getting all four back dogs all in one picture, with the hope of maybe having a real Christmas photo.  And just look how it turned out.  

You see that space with Brut?  Nobody wants to get too close to him.  BOL!  You don't mess with the top dog when there's food around.  They all did so great!    

I figured out while doing this shot to get Brut in a spot and lure the other three closer and closer and then bring Brut in a little closer to them.  Worked out great!

This is such progress!  I can't believe it.  I'd love to have them all buddy buddy close, but when you've got a King Brut there's only so much coziness you can have!

We are so excited about the leaps and bounds we are making with these photo shots and food.  It's the best Christmas present we could ask for.  :)

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't you wish you could capture it all?

There were two moments in the last few days that I wish I could have capture on film to save and treasure until the end of time.  Both involved Brut and Zappa when Brut was in a playful mood.  I mean a really good, happy playful mood.

The first moment was when Brut was running around outside chasing Silver and he ran up to Zappa with this dramatic playbow that he held while Zappa barked continuously at him that said something like, "you've got to be kidding me!  I'm not falling for that trap!"  To which Brut eventually turned and gave me this look of, "i don't understand, why won't he play with me?"

For those of you new to our blog, Brut is Zappa's father and these two have also had a long time father-son challenge going on.  When Zappa was younger they used to play, then as Zappa got older Brut started fighting with him, nothing serious, but still I have broke them apart more than once.  So when these two have these loving moments I wish I could watch and savor them over and over again, as they always happen by surprise.

The other surprise that happen with Brut and Zappa, I don't think I've seen since Zappa was young, like 4 or 5 months old.  But Brut and Zappa ran out of the house together, which is pretty normal, except instead of going in different directions or one behind the other, they were running next to each other!  They did a small half loop to the middle of the yard and back running side by side.  HOLY CRAP!!  If I had blink I would have missed it and if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believe it.

We have a few inches of snow that fell over the weekend and has put a sparkle in everyone step, (except for Daddy) and the dogs are having a blast running and chasing each other.  Not sure if that's been the icing on the cake for these two special occurrences, but it has helped.   :)

Thank goodness for our wonderful brains that can hold these treasured moments forever.  While I may never be able to show you my little video memory bank, I will always be able to show and tell about the joy of what happened and spread a little of the magic of the 24 Paws of Love.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Angry Bird Winner

And the winner
of the Angry Bird Giveaway


Thanks to everyone who signed up and thank you Hartz for making this Giveaway possible.  :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Singing for Supper (and Breakfast)


I am not a morning person and I'm a bit of crab when I first wake up.  (husband laughs- Understatement!)  It takes me a good hour to for the rusty gears to start churning in my head.

Well in order to calm the food ruckus that was happening around meal times I taught the dogs to sing for their breakfast and supper.

The dogs used to be in tune with my morning routine, giving me that time to wake up, but now the Howling Choir starts about five minutes after I've crawled out of bed!  There isn't anything louder than 6 hungry dogs belting it out at the top of their lungs when my eyes have barely been open and my brain is fumbling with being functional.

I have pacified them with a treat before to buy me some time, but 10-15 minutes later they are start singing again.  It does bring at least a half a smile to my face watching get into the groove.  They do enjoy themselves so much.

And if I didn't know any better Zappa (the starter) is always giving me that look that says, "Don't blame us, you taught us!!"




Thursday, December 6, 2012

Somebody-By Daddy

I wasn't well the other day and went to lay down with Chance, the healing dog.  His sensitive, yet worried eyes were stuck on me.  And as I stared into those deep pools of love, I saw somebody.  An actual living being that is alive and is somebody.  And while I've known this, I never look so deep before to see him.  I think I saw his soul.

I dare you to look for yourself.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let the season begin...

And let begin with me!!

If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time for our Angry Bird Dog Toy Giveaway!
Click HERE for details

Monday, December 3, 2012

Do you ever have to do this???

At night brush all the dirt off the bed before going to bed?  


Have to blow or wipe out the dog hair out of your pots and pans before using them???
(This one may just be me, as that cupboard door is broken)  BOL!

OR my personal favorite...

Have to buy squirrel bait bird seed and make sure to fill bird feeders so dogs can have small prey to chase and to keep them occupied so I can get something done watch the birdies.

If you haven't already there is an Angry Bird giveaway.  Go HERE to find out how to enter.  Contest runs through Dec. 7, so hurry! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Them Angry Birds are BACK!!

After a stressful and depressing week, the 24 Paws of Love thought we would have some fun and do a giveaway.  Remember those Angry Birds you were all going crazy over?  Well we of a box of the four that are swearing up a storm.  They've been driving me crazy all week and we need to find them a new home.

 All you have to do is leave a comment if interested and your email address (or a way to contact you) and that's it!  

The giveaway will run from today, Nov. 30 and will end December 7 at midnight, when the dogs and I will pick a lucky winner at random.

You know you want them!!

So for all of you Angry Bird fans, this is your chance to collect all four of the Season Editions and maybe, just maybe you can let your dog play with them too!  

From now until Dec. 7 Leave us a comment to enter the contest and your email address to win.

**Sorry, US citizens only

And don't forget the Hartz Angry Bird Contest that is still going on Facebook where you can still win Angry Birds Season editions.  The contest runs for four weeks, and as Hartz finishes out the first week, there is still plenty of time to win.  The rules for the game are HERE.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little weary

Mr. Bad Boy
It was a rough holiday weekend for us at the 24 Paws of Love. Brut was in a mood and was real touchy about anything he deemed was his. We had a couple of small fights, nothing serious and he corrected a couple of the dogs. No one was hurt, but it still slices me when it happens.

 Brut's aggression with dogs is a weary battle and one that must be waged very carefully. I think it is more difficult when we go for long periods of time with him content and happy. When he used to be on guard most of the time and ready to attack, my reactions were quicker as I kept a vigilant eye on every twitch of his body language. So when my guard comes down a few notches, even though I am aware of Brut's every move, I'm slower to respond when the gun goes off. I get comfortable and relaxed and sometimes even if I see the signs, it doesn't register as quickly and attack seems to come from out of nowhere.

 And sometimes I'm so very tired. And would love to shrug off this responsibility that cloaks me. Even when things are going great, you always know there will be a flick of the switch. Whether it's been a day, a week, a couple of months, at some point Brut will be Brut. I have no illusions of Brut ever being cured. It is always one step forward and two steps back with him. Change of season isn't helping as he likes to be outside and during this in between time of fall and early winter he tends to be inside more until the switch over to winter. (*Note to self-more walk time*)

 So while it still hurts my soul as I'll never get used to a dog fight, I think I will try to be more responsive to Brut and take some time to get a little more in tune with him. Maybe a little more alone time with mom will help curb that fight in him. I know it won't hurt.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Angry Bird Contest on Facebook

We were asked by Hartz to tell you about this great contest that is on Hartz Facebook for the Angry Birds' Season Edition.

The details for the game are as follows:
        There are four unique holiday Angry Birds toys that will be shown in four different holiday locations that will be slowly revealed throughout the course of 4 weeks.
        Each week (Monday-Sunday) a photo of one of the toys in a distinct setting, will be featured on the Facebook application with only a small amount of the photo visible.
        As the week progresses, more and more of the photo will become visible and ultimately be fully revealed each Sunday.
        Fans will be able to submit their guesses as to the location where the toy is hiding out as many times as they like throughout the week.  
        The campaign will kick off on Monday, 11/26/2012

Now who can resist??    The contest starts today to win yourself a set of Angry Birds Season Edition. 

So stop over to Hartz Facebook today to get your first peek!!

We received this same set of Angry Birds for promoting the contest and Hartz's new product.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Counting our Blessings...

10 puppies...

4 Back Dogs

2 Front Dogs

2 kitty kitties

and 1 duck, who will never make it for dinner!!

Plus all of our animal loving blogging friends.
Happy Thanksgiving

From the 24 Paws of Love  :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walking Brut Style!

I uploaded the beginning of this video a while back not knowing that the whole thing didn't load.  So if you remember the beginning, keep watching there is more of Walking, Brut Style.  :)

And he seems to never run out of fluid.  

Anyone else have a heavy marking dog?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hope Prevails

No. My answer to Kristine's question, " Did you ever think they would be able to come so far a few years ago?"  I never would have thought I was going to get past the first few days when we started with two packs and coming this far in a couple of years was something that I could not have even imagined.

I remember feeling the need to be able to blend the two packs right now.  Ya know, like you see on the dog shows.  In an instant everybody was one happy family again.  And I couldn't do it.  I was expecting my husband and I to do this in a week or two.  All the internal pressure I felt and the failure that followed when I couldn't seem to push things along faster and fix this "problem" I thought I had.  If you would have told me back in the beginning it was going to take a couple years just to get to this point I would have lost my mind.

I remember things going well, when the fence tarp ripped open the first time.  It was OK, but things were still so unstable and then it got worse.  And my fears took over when I had to cover it back up.  There was just no way to be able to bring them together.  The dogs and I have changed since then and I can see and feel such a difference from that first time.  The dogs are more centered in themselves and their packs and I have a good feeling about them being able to see each other and that it's going to be OK.

My husband and I both agree that both packs are established enough that the dogs while they will reach a point (hopefully) of being able to be together (supervised, of course) and do things together, they will probably still have their separated side of house and yard.  Like they will be able to visit for a while and then go home.  This is our predication based on the dynamics of the two packs and their unique qualities.  I think it's an honest assessment and a reasonable goal to attain and one we would both be quite content with.

As I breathe with a sigh of relief.  We have found our peace.  :)

Correction:  My apologizes to Collie222 and savannahspawtracks for not adding their links to yesterday post.  If you get a chance check out both blogs, we really love them both.  :) 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

24 Paws Revolution!!

Collie222 and savannahspawtracks asked a couple of questions from Monday's post and since the answers make a good post I thought we share with everyone some of the progress between the Front Dogs and the Back Dogs.

savannahspawtracks asked, "So, where are the other two guys?"
The two packs.  Front dogs on top.  Back dogs on bottom.
For those of you who don't know, our dogs are divided into two packs.  Long story short, they didn't get along and we keep them separated in the house and yard.  They each have their own sides, the front and the back, which is we call them the Front Dogs (Chance and Blaze) and the Back Dogs (Brut, Silver, Zappa and Fiona).  And because Brut is aggressive with other dogs and has issues was having major issues with the other three of the Back  Dogs our progress has been extremely slow.  We struck out with trainers and behaviorist and ended up doing it on our own as the dogs guide us at their pace.  I know most people wouldn't do it this way, but it is working for us.  Since both Front Dogs are part of the litter we had and were  returned to us abused and neglected we've some cautionary road blocks in their healing as well. It took a while for the ruckus to settle down and for everyone to feel comfortable with all the new living arrangements, but I'd say for the last year that what started out as a roar has turned into a purring machine.

So, on the Collie222 question, who asked, "How are you doing with getting the front dogs and back dogs together?"

There are two major changes that have occurred in the last couple of months.  One was a decision by Mother Nature and has been open dialogue between a Front and Back dog.
What is SHE doing over there with THEM??
During a couple of strong wind storms in early fall, Mother Nature started tearing down the tarp that was the privacy fence between the two dogs.  There are two fences between where the Back Dogs and Front Dogs yards come together and before they couldn't see each other.  Now they can in one section.  This happened once before a couple of years ago, but there was too much aggression between the dogs and we had to board it back up.  But this time, the dogs are very calm and I think a little curious, they aren't as hateful with each other as they were before.  So this has been a very cool and quite comfortable.  They are all so relaxed, just watching each other, talking a bit, or ignoring each other.  And we didn't have a thing to do with the decision.  It just came at the right time.  We'll see how long it goes and if it keeps going well.  If not, then we'll board it back up and let Mother Nature try again.
Look at that smile...Zappa knows!
The other exciting news is Zappa (Back dog) and Blaze (Front dog) are talking, I mean really talking when they are trying to get everyone riled up about something.  It used to be that it was Zappa that would get all the dogs going which usually leads to a howling session, but now it is Blaze and him together that really gets things going.  Since they are the biggest talkers of the group, this shouldn't be a surprise, but it is so cool that they are talking and getting everyone involved.

( Zappa and Blaze became close friends before Chance came back and was the only dog we could introduce to Blaze at that time, so wouldn't it be natural that they are finally coming back "together" in a sense?)

These all may sound like very minor things but to watch it happen in action has been such a huge thrill.  Not to mention the journey we have taken so far and keep plowing through.

It's like a revolution here at the 24 Paws of Love!!  And just think you are all a part of it!!  :)  
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