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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze, Fiona and Zappa who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Blog Hop and Fiona

Here is a little fun with the Fiona and busted water balloon!
And see how Mr. Ego (Brut) keeps getting himself in the picture.

(Please forgive lack of editing.  New camera and program, haven't quite figured it out yet.) 

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Zappa and me

Look at all the charm I have!

Zappa has always been Daddy's dog from the time he was born.  Getting to know Zappa has been difficult with Brut's enforcement (he can be very jealous) and Fiona always dominating him.  In the last six months we have been "sneaking" in time together. 

Zappa is a goofy character who is lovable with a razor sharp mind.  When Brut and Zappa's challenges would just start to cross the line, Zappa would madly cry out and I would come running and Brut would get in trouble.  When actually I witnessed this first hand, there was actually no fight, Zappa just knew how to end it and get rid of Brut.  He uses this wit in any way to retaliate against Brut.  Brut may be the alpha dog, conniving and sly, but Zappa has the smarts to put Brut in his place.

Yea, and I'm sassy too!

He's got Daddy wrapped around his little paw toe and thinks he can get away with everything.  He tries to pull fast ones when were together, but I'm on to his game. He gives me that defiant look of wanting to swipe me like the lion he thinks he is.  Which leaves him with figuring out how to out smart Fiona...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chance's healing

Chance was one of the pups that came back, abused and neglected.  We made it through the trauma stages of his return and the fear of abandonment issues, but are still working out his anxiety.  We knew his former owners did things to him, but we were not sure of the details.  He freaks out when I try to examine him, give him medicine, or touch him with a foreign object. It usually takes both of us to give his flea medicine or look at an injury.  He will sit on Daddy's lap while I get to be the "bad guy" and play doctor.  His panic is decreasing, but it is always there.

Over the course of the last year and a half being with us, Chance has become such a strong and confident dog that  I've almost forgotten that the trauma still exist.  Chance reminded me when I tried to give him some ear medicine by myself.  He reacted.  I tried to handle him as gently and quickly as possible while he fought me.  He made the task difficult, but I was finally able get the drops in.  Though his reaction was better than in has been in the past, it was still strong. 

I was shaken by his reaction and what Chance was telling me.  They had hurt him with things.  Objects.  As he lay quietly on his pillow, I knelt beside him and began to caress his head and his body with a gentle soothing touch.  When he lifted his head I would talk to him, letting him know it was me and that he was safe.  This caressing helped me work my way down his body.  I was amazed when he didn't flinch and let me touch his feet and put my fingers between his toes.  Then I took the ear drop bottle and rubbed his head and ears with it.  I stopped several different times when he lifted his head, showing him the bottle and continued to comfort him.  He felt safe.  I was able to check him over and he handled it well. 

I didn't realized the origin of the abuse Chance's reaction stemmed from.  I'm still slowly learning how to handle situations with an abused dog.  I am a survivor of abuse and there are situations that are still very delicate for me.  Even though Chance is doing fantastic, he too has these delicate areas.  It has shaken me to the core, the pain and fear he still feels, even with someone he trust.  They don't forget any more than we do.  We know when someone has hurt us, so do dogs.  It is amazing how tender and sensitive their hearts and feelings are.  They are caring beings, as any real dog lover knows.  To see them hurt in any way is heartbreaking, but to see them still suffer from the actions of someone who was suppose to love them, is crushing.  Chance made me aware of a delicate area for him and the reasons why.  It gave me a deeper insight into his fears and pains and how to help him through them.

Chance knows there are many rescued pets out there and wants to know what your human is learning about you and your tender issues. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Chance and Silver get together

Since the Front Dogs only consist of two dogs, when Daddy takes one to work for the day, it can be a long day for the one left behind.  Since I haven't master the art of being in two places at the same time it can be a little more of a challenge when there is only one. 

Daddy took Blaze to work with him, which left Chance to his Front Yard duties by himself.  (Chasing cars, barking at people, you know that kind of thing.)  But...this also gives us an opportunity to let Mommy Dog Silver (Back Dog) visit, so Chance isn't alone all day.

Silver makes her hierarchy status quite apparent with each entrance.  She makes sure to mark all of Blaze's spots, puffing her chest and standing as tall as possible.  Chance is rather dominant and hold the reins when it is Blaze and him, but when he sees Silver, he acts like a little kid that is meeting the president for the first time.

This is there first greeting after Silver has made her rounds.

Hi Mommy!

Let's Play!

Then it was time for lunch and what a treat I had in store for Silver.  When I'm done fixing my meal and it involves cheese, I make Blaze and Chance sit and I shred it over their heads.  I get a special kick after they've eaten the cheese on the floor and start licking the cheese off of each other.  It looks so sweet and loving, I just can't resist doing it every chance I get and Silver LOVES cheese.

The sprinkle

I love you Mommy

Did you hear that??

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One question...


IS IT...

EVER...(pant, pant,pant)

GOING TO... (sigh)



Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Memories-Zappa and Fiona

Zappa and Fiona at 3 months old.  Oh, don't mind the muddy door. 


Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little bit about Brut and me

When I was a child, I witnessed two Chow dogs in a vicious fight over food.  It was a horrific experience and scarred me for many years.  I found myself growing up terrified of Chows and as I became an adult, that fear turned to despise.

When we got Brut we had no idea he had Chow in him until a month later.  I immediately attributed  his aggression to the little bit of Chow in him.  My husband always laughs at me as he couldn't see the Chow in him, but I could.  The ears were a little shorter and rounder, his head was rounder and larger, his nose was square and shorter than a husky.  I was already struggling with this wild puppy only to find he was part of a breed that entrapped my worst fears.

Mr. Attitude

Brut was not aggressive with people, only with dogs, which included ours.  It was always over a possession.  When Brut reacted, I reacted.  Not having a clue how to handle a fight, I would scream, bang on something noisy and pull him off the other dog and put him in his crate.  My fear of him was through the roof and I would hate him.  More correctly I would hate the Chow in him.  The part of him that I thought was doing this because I was a reliving the nightmare I'd witnessed over and over again.

On the flip side, Brut and I bonded, tighter than any of the other dogs.  It was during these good periods that I would fall in love with him all over again.  When the smart, conniving, and fun dog would come out to play.  Ironically, I also appreciated the guard dog that due to the Chow in him.  He was always very protective. 

When the puppies were just over 4 months, most of the heavy challenging stopped.  Brut began to relax and so did I.  Our turning point was when he went after Zappa, I called him and he came and I saw the "Chow" in his eyes.  I looked directly into the aggression that possessed him and to my surprise those eyes weren't out to "kill."  Like what I had seen with the Chows.  This was a dog in great emotional pain and who did not understand why he was reacting in such a manner.  And here he was still honoring my respect after all the emotional pain I had put him through because of my childhood.  It wasn't fair to say the least.

The sinister Brut on the surprise attack
(this was a play fight)

From that point on I began to observe and understand to best of my ability when and why he would react.  A sharp noise and a calm, strong voice would stop everything in it's tracks.  Then I learned how to prevent a situation before it escalated, by watching his body language around the other dogs and calling his name.  This was a key factor to where we are now.  Brut has become the alpha dog he should have been all along.  His temperament is much calmer and secure.  He is much more trust worthy and when you look into his eyes they are whole.  We have been healing together.

I have often questioned why I was given Brut, knowing full well my past situation and the Chow in him.  So many times I wanted to give up and I couldn't.  I knew what it was like to feel like damaged material.  Besides I still loved him.  It brings me to today as I read story after story about abused and neglected animals and have finally realized what I witnessed between the two Chows.  It was not the fault of the Chows, but that of the owners, who taught their dogs to become vicious animals.  Using them for their own selfish gains.  It was never the Chows fault.

As I have slowly come to that conclusion and understanding and Brut has healed through his growing pains, I understand the reasons that brought me here.  It was to help each other heal.  We needed each other.  Our relationship was meant for each other.  It took each of us to help the other and the journey was well worth it.

P.S.  For any Chow owners, this post is not against Chows.  If I had witnessed any other breed of dog fighting, I would have had the same feelings toward that particular breed.   

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Pet Blog Hop and why were late.

Today is the Saturday Pet Blog Hop and were a little late to the game, but were here.  Join us. 

Having 6 large dogs can be a little overwhelming at times.  Seems like everyone wants the same thing at the same time.  Sometimes you just need some one on one with the girls.  That meant it was Fiona's turn for a walk, so we headed out to the park.  We had the trails to ourselves and we enjoyed it!

Am I dreaming?  Is it really just me and mommy out here?

Next was Blaze.  It seems I can never wear this girl out because she is so hyper, but I was able to do it today.  Today we ran through the trails.  Mission accomplished. 

Happy and Content

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cuddle time

Mommy is having a sad day today...
"Come cuddle with me and Samson, Mommy," love Chance.

The Brut Mood

Having six dogs I find myself drawn to a particular personality when I'm in a certain mood.  Today I was in a "Brut mood."  Brut being the alpha dog knows how to clear the room with his presence.  Just the right look puts others in their place.  He really does very little to exert this control, it is like a aura around him.  The most amazing thing I witness is the utmost respect that is given and received by all the dogs.  There are days I would love to have this kind of power.  To be able to have our entire life put in place with a look.  To have everything where I would like it by just entering the room.  Wouldn't that be cool?  To never have to worry about a rudeness because I could just give the Brut stare.  To be able to command that type of respect without using force.  Maybe the world would be a nicer place if we followed the simple principals of dogs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ninja Game

If you really want to play with one of the dogs, Chance is the one.  That boy never gives up on a good old fashion playtime.  This is his favorite toy, it is his second one.  He loves it and when we added the rope...well, he couldn't get enough of it. 

                                                Chance's well worn version

We have a game I like to call our ninja game.  I swing the rope in a martial arts fashion and he jumps and tries to catch it.  Now Chance is very nimble.  I've seen him make incredible leaps, jumps, flips and twist.  I have even seen him do a back flip before.  These events always seem to happen when Daddy isn't home and so I have no photos at this time.  (And it is rather impossible to snap a shot while playing with him, trust me I've tried!  lol)  So your going to have to trust me until I get some photos and video.

When Chance and I connect during this game, the whole world melts away.  No one else exist.  We become rather caught up in our fantasy land and find ourselves clicking in tune with each other.  Blaze will step back, lay down and watch.  She knows this is our time together.  There seems to be a certain magic that surrounds us and all our cares and worries are forgotten.  It becomes more than a game, it becomes an art, with just the right move or twist, we find ourselves centered within each other.  Each of us challenging the other with precision and grace.  It is an awesome experience that engages our senses and spirits in a unique union that I feel the need to bow to him after our performance.

In those moments we relate as one to each other.  How precious it is to find that special tie with a dog. 

Do you have a special game that completely engages you and your dog that unites your bond?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NEWS FLASH!! Must read!!

News flash...your dog may have germs on their fur!!
As reported by NBC Today Show.
Brut asks, Germs?  This is pure mud!  Right Fiona?

Don't they know that a good mud bath washes away the germs?

Any thoughts Chance?

What's that?  My ears are full of mud!

Monday Memories-How it all began

Here at 24 Paws of Love, we'd like to take a trip down memory lane, so we've created Monday Memories.  So join us for a little stroll in our neck of the woods...
Brut the proud father.  When are those kids coming??

Here’s where it all began. Brut the soon-to-be father and Silver probably mentally cursing him for carrying his 10 children. Silver isn’t very big and I wished I’d gotten of picture of her standing up so you could see how wide she was. It was like she swallow a couple of footballs. When she would walk the whole “package” would sway from one side to the other with every step. I don’t know how she didn’t lose her balance with the weight shifting back and forth like that.

Silver ready to pop!  "Any day now, any day."

Pre-labor started with Silver waking me up at 7am Jan. 1, 2008, whining and panting and pacing, that last until the first birth. Fourteen and a half hours later at 2:30am, Jan. 2, 2008 her water broke. Then one after one, she began giving birth. She didn’t quit until Fiona was born at 9:15am that same morning.


10 puppies that were healthy and crying for their mommy. I was rather surprised by the sound of their cries. They sounded like human babies. I stayed up with Mom and the newborns for three days straight making sure Mommy didn’t lie on them. After that she learned to slither around them and not lie on any of them.

It was very surreal, having that many new puppies all at once. I have never witnessed a birth before and don’t have kids, so this was simply amazing to me. It was one thing to know they were in there when we had x-rays done and could see their skeletons and it was another to have them all out in the open all with fur, little noses and ears. I’d heard enough horror stories over the years about what can go wrong with dog births, it was just a miracle when they were all born safe and sound. Once we made through the first 24 hours and  the critical next 3 days, things were good.

All ten at one day old.

We knew these puppies were going to change our lives. We could not have imagined how many different ways that was going to happen and still does. We still visit the other 6 puppies and they still remember us. It has been an amazing experience watching them all grow and become healthy adults. To see such young lives grow up practically before your eyes is indescribable. We still find ourselves in awe at the miracle of life.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Singing Daddy Dog

Daddy Dog Brut was next in line to go to work with me.  Although he has told me before that Sunday's are suppose to be his day off, he said he would make an exception just for today. 

The best thing I like about taking Brut is that no matter where we go he is so happy he sings and pretends he in on stage in the van.  He prances from the front to back while belting out his tunes for the first 10 miles of the ride.  I had three stops to make before making it to the actual job site.  He was obviously not happy about being constantly interrupted and he would start his concert from the beginning after each stop.  Which was fine with me.  The first two songs are really great, but he really needs some work on the last few.

After about the 10 miles Brut realizes his voice is cracking with the last few songs and decides he'd better rest his vocals for the next trip.  He's going to get it right yet!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

We are responsible

"Blog the Change" blog hop was our first blog hop and it was an exciting experience.  Real people for real causes.  Out of all the causes, there was one that haunted me the most after I read it.  It is:  Dogs:  A letter from a Shelter Manger on No Dog About It blog.  It is a graphic description of when you drop your dog off at the shelter and expect it will find a good home.  This was one shelter and there a thousand more just like it. 
Brut at 6 weeks

Any one of my dogs could have ended up in a shelter before we got them.  With Brut's aggressive tendencies, the possibilities of him ending up beaten and throw away would have been likely.  Without the right care, concern and patience he probably wouldn't have made it or ended up in dog fighting.  It is never easy caring for a dog with these special circumstances, believe me I've wanted to throw in the towel many a times, but he was my responsibility and I could never come close to actually doing it.  I could never pawn him off to someone else, especially knowing exactly how he was.  I couldn't do that to him or someone else.  I believe it wouldn't be fair to anyone, especially Brut.  We were his family, he didn't know anything else.  Getting rid of him was never an option and that meant digging in deeper to get to the heart of his problems.  I could not fathom losing him no matter what the circumstances.  Brut has blossomed into a wonderful, gentle, caring dog, with a sly, conniving side and I wouldn't have him any other way.  

Blaze looking up, Chance sleeping on Zappa with blue collar at 7 weeks

When we had our litter of puppies, it was by choice and we both knew we were responsible for all 10 puppies, not just from birth to their new homes, but for their lives.  If for any reason the owners were not able to care for them, we would take them back.  No questions asked.  We were never so grateful as when we got the call from Blaze's and Chance's owners to return them and they didn't end up in a shelter.  Both of them could have easily ended up there. The abuse they were suffering made them completely out of control.  It has been challenging to say the least, both of them having such high anxiety levels and are learning to trust again, but it has been worth it.  Nobody could believe that after already have 4 dogs that we would take two more in.  We were responsible for them and it was our responsibility to take care of them.  We were the reason they came into this world and we were accountable to them.  No questions asked.

When ever we have moved, it meant finding a place not just the dogs, but the cats and the duck.  The thought of actually getting rid of any would be like cutting off one of our arms.  They are part of lives.  There are too many animals suffering.  I wish I could bring them all home.  So I would ask anyone to read this letter and think twice before dropping your animal off.  I believe there is always a way if you keep searching for it.   Hugs to all of you that may be in difficult circumstances and wavering about what to do.  I hope you will think twice and realize that you are all your pet has and your the last one he wants to lose.  Please don't give up.   


Friday, July 16, 2010

Woofed out!

We're all WOOFed out from the Be The Change Blog Hop!
So glad to meet our new friends. 
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog the Change for animals

Blog the Change

We are big fans of The Thundering Herd where we found this unique idea of blogging for the change of animals. Blog the Change for animals, by entering one post on 7/15 and 10/15, you can make a difference and get the word out about what you are doing in the life of animals.

Here at 24 Paws of Love, we have seen the damage first hand of what abuse can do. Brut the father, who has aggressive issues with other dogs and Blaze and Chance who came back to us from our own litter abused and traumatize.

We began working through Brut's issues when he was young and refused to give up on him, despite advice from trainers and professionals who said we may have to give him up or our other dogs. This was not an option. The situation was serious, but not dangerous.  We stuck to our guns and ended up working through his issues on our own and today he is a well balanced dog with an occasional aggressive type flare up. We believed in him and what he had to offer as a dog, we never believed he was disposable.We were committed to his well-being as well as our other dogs. You can read more about Brut on his link, at the top of the page.

Blaze and Chance were both from our own litter and both were returned to us. Blaze at seven months and Chance at almost a year old. It is amazing the damage that was done is such little time as both dogs left the litter at just over 2 months old.  Working through their traumas and anxiety has been quite a challenge. Today they are well-balanced and happy. They still have triggers and we are still working on those. You can read more about Blaze and Chance on their links, at the top of the page.

We believe animals have just as much right to love and happiness as any human. Our mission is to get the word out about the love that dogs give us and that they are part of our lives and family. Just a little bit of time and understanding can make a difference in changing behavioral problems.  Learning to really listen to your dog and understanding what they are trying to communicate can also make a positive change in their lives and yours.  Taking the time to really tune in to them, why they are displaying certain behaviors or not, getting inside their heads to gain a better understanding how they operate.  Learning about your dog and finding the things that work for them with the knowledge that this relationship together is a continuous learning experience in which we both grow from.  We believe that dogs are more than just dogs, they are lifelong friends. 

Please join us and the Blog the Change for Animals, because they are worth it. 

Brut says, I'm glad they didn't give up!               Chance and Blaze say, Thanks!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Advantage of being the Front Dogs

Can you guess what part of the house is the Front Dogs?
Here's a hint: 

It's lunch time!

Chance asks, What are we having?

Oh yes, I can sit pretty!

Blaze patiently waits under my chair.

Oh boy, Oh boy!

Not my best face, but it's salmon!

Yep, the Front Dogs living area is the kitchen and dining room.  Both rooms are in the front of the house and so we call them, the Front Dogs. 


Come on Mommy-I'm ready
Today Silver took advantage of having the house to herself and the fact I was cranking up the music.  PLAYTIME!! 

When she was young we used to play hide-n-go-seek.  I would throw a toy one way and run and hide the other until she found me.  Then I would have to chase her to get the toy and throw it again.  My spots were obviously, easy there was only so much time between her finding the toy and then me.  Although there were a few that she had to search for me. One that tripped her up the most was when I hid in the shower and not behind the curtain.  I'd watch her come the bathroom several times and when she finally found me, she grab my hand to let me know that wasn't fair and she was starting to get nervous.  We used to have so much fun.

I got it, I got it!

Today's game was, throw the toy and run to see who can get it first and some play wrestling.  Silver really comes to life having this special one-on-one time.  Though it never last long.  Zappa and Fiona see fun and chasing through the sliding door and want in on it.

You just HAD to let them in.

Our little time together is short-lived but there will always be more.  Like they say, things always change when you have kids!        

Darn kids!