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Brut Quote

Monday, July 5, 2010

Missing My Co-Pilots

"It's about time I went someplace!"-Zappa

You know, it is just unbelievable that with just a change in the weather how the dogs can sense something is wrong.  In the last few days, I haven't been able to take a dog with me except for in the evenings and even then sometimes that wasn't possible.  It has been too hot to take one.  I took Zappa yesterday, but I could tell it was almost too hot for him.  It was a quick ride and soon he was able to get out of the car.  We were on the job for about five hours and he was able to have some fun looking for anything that moved.  He stayed close to where I was, like everyone else does.  I think he was just happy that he was able to come with me for a ride.

So when the routine changes because of the weather, it not only effects them, it effects me.  It doesn't seem right or fair that I don't have one of them with me.  It sounds strange but I think all the dogs feel the same way.  When things are normal, they are smart enough to know that only one gets to go when I leave.  They also know when nobody goes, as they can all watch out the window and see.  So when I don't take anyone and they see me in the car riding alone, what are they thinking?  Did they do something wrong?  Do I still love them?  Are they being punished?

How can you explain to them all, that it's nothing they did.  How do you let them know it is because of the  heat and the windows don't work right in the van?  The miracle of dogs is when I come home, they are still really happy to see me again.  The feelings I have walking into a house of loving dogs that act like they haven't seen me in weeks is just indescribable.

Thank God for the love of dogs.  When everything else in this life seem to be a fake and in turmoil, there's nothing like getting a reality check knowing you have a family of 6 dogs waiting to be with you.  It is all worthwhile.

So hopefully the weather will cool down so I can start taking each dog with me.  I miss the one-on-one time.  Believe it or not, each one has something to share with me each time they go.   


Anonymous said...

I like this post and agree with you. Your dogs definately know when you're going or coming and as you said they avoid the hot days and hide in the shade.

We had a Golden Retriever and my wife told me that she knew when I was on my way home and would sit beside the door, waiting. If she didn't want to go with you she just laid down and you had to drag her or leave her.

Then there was the vets! She would not get out of the car and we had to carry her. She was most indignant.

Great blog. Mart

24 Paws of Love said...

That's funny you had to carry her to the vets. We hope the get some video soon, one of when my husband comes home from work, it is like one huge celebration!