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Current blog look inspired and dedicated to Silver. The late Momma Dog of the 24 Paws of Love.

Brut Quotes

Brut Quotes

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

...and Chance makes three...

 in our liver stories.   So you know by now that Fiona and Blaze have liver disease and are both being treated with 2 medications AND are doing great!  Zappa was tested as well, has one level that is off, but no need for medication.  Recheck in 3 months.  

And then there is Chance...he too was tested and has liver disease, yet he is only on one medication and for the most part is doing good.  Until we discovered his abdomen was full of fluid.  He's lost 7 pounds of fluid as of this post in just 6 days.  

The vet had tried to take x-rays to see where all this fluid is coming from, but there was so much of it that she couldn't see anything.  She was able to rule out congenital heart failure as his heart and lungs were clear.  

So, our vet put him on medication to flush out the fluid and so far so good.  Hopefully we will be able to get a clear x-ray to find out what is going on with our boy.  

Stay Tuned as the mystery of Chance continues...

Saturday, August 29, 2020

We got our Fiona back!

It was exactly 2 months today that Fiona was at the vet's office all day practically on her death bed from a failing liver.  We tried some new medicine, Urisidol and it brought our baby back to life!

It has been a long while since she has felt good on a consistent basis.  She is happy, alert, playful and kind of bouncy!  lol  She's been back on regular walks at a steady pace and that has been good.  We take a trail that is 1/8 of a mile loop for her and she loves that walk.

She's having no problems eating and is enjoying the addition of her canned food.    It was the best way to put weight on, while being easy on her tummy when we first started the medicine.  It worked out great!  Except now she won't eat without canned food mixed in. Spoiled girl!

  Thank Woo for all your prayers and support!
I made it!!

We are so grateful for the medicine working and the fact the Fiona is feeling better.  It was pretty scary that first month and now we have two months under our collar.  Fiona getting better every day. Every day there is something new I notice that just adds to her well-being.  We are so grateful for this second chance with Fiona and we couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Gifts and Blessings of Dogs

I've been struggling with depression my whole life.  It has been especially difficult this summer when we found out Fiona and Blaze have liver disease.  Despite myself, I have found under all that heaviness, the dogs are the ones that can still put a smile on this hardened heart.  They still make me laugh and dance and sing.  And as the years creep up, I find more of my time with them to be quiet and still.  Comfortable to just "be" with each other.  With lots of "eye talk."

I have found that when I am somber, they are too and we rest together.  And when I feel lifted, they celebrate with me.  Believe me there is something to be said for older dogs that have been with us from the beginning...they know you.  They feel you, they understand and they try to change you.  They have their ways and wants to get to you to smile again. 

It is one of the reasons I don't understand why people give up their senior dogs, for the only reason that they are old.  They say that a dog's prime ages are 3-7 years old, but I would disagree, I feel we are still in our prime at 12 years old.  The bond I have with each dog is incredible.  And it is more than the fact they are Brut and Silver's kids.  All four of them have distinct personalities, quirks and special gifts to share. 

And really isn't that what having a dog is all about?  Getting to know them.  Having this mind-blowing relationship with them.  All wrapped up in unconditional love. 

What a blessing we have been given to have dogs in our lives.


Thursday, August 20, 2020

First Fiona and now Blaze

This has been difficult to write.  I have been putting it off trying to process the information. 

I told you about Fiona having liver disease, well we found out after a hunch and blood work, Blaze has it as well. 

This past year we got DNA test for Fiona and Chance.  Well we also got a health analysis with it.  At this time we already knew that Fiona had liver disease, but it was discovered that Chance carried the same gene for it.  Which lead me to getting Blaze tested after witnessing some of the same symptoms that Fiona had before treatment.  Well, Blaze's liver levels were quite high after getting blood test.  That's when we figured out that this was genetic. 

Blaze is on the same medicine as Fiona and is responding slowly.  They are both taking Urisidol and Denamarin to keep the liver going.  How long it will last is a guessing game, but for now it is working.

We will be getting blood work for Chance and Zappa's liver levels in the next few weeks.  Chance is showing any symptoms right now, but I have some suspicions about Zappa.  I hope I am wrong.

It's been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster dealing with all of this information.  I thought the scare of Fiona was enough to last me, but now Blaze for certain and possibly Chance and Zappa.  Scary stuff. 

Keep the 24 Paws of Love in your prayers.  Thank you. 


Monday, July 6, 2020

Last weekend-Fiona scare

We had quite the scare with Fiona.  I mean a serious scare.  The vet was using the "E" word as an option when they found that her liver levels were way too high and she was in trouble.

It started last weekend.  First she didn't want to walk.  Then she didn't want to eat.  Then she became lethargic.  Monday morning (last Monday) we called the vet.

They said to drop Fiona off for the day and our vet would get to her in between her surgeries.  It was a very long day for Mark and I because we didn't know if she was coming home.

Finally they called us to say she was ready.  It was discovered it was her liver.  The said there were a couple of options.  Put her down or try adding a medicine to see if her liver will function with it.  We opted for the medicine.

Between canned dog food and her new liver medicine, she perked up quickly.  Like that night that we brought her home.  And she is just getting better and better every day.  Although we had to break down and get an air conditioner, because Fiona had heat exhaustion her second day home.  We aren't crazy about it, but it keeps her cool and that's all that matters.

So it isn't a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when," and depending how long the medicine works and her liver keeps functioning she will do just fine.

Until then we are going to make the most out of our time together with Fiona, feasting on all the love.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Five Years Ago Today~ Brut's Anniversary

I still feel empty
Yet I am full for knowing you
Sometimes you feel like a a figment of my imagination
Other times I feel you right by my side.

The sadness of your loss
still breaks me down in tears
Yet the joy you brought fills my soul.

The memories of you pierce deep in my heart
Yet there are days I can't remember more than your name
Time has played funny tricks with my mind
Always feeling like I am leaving you behind

Remembering the day you came into my life
and the day you left

There is no other soul in this world like yours
It has always been a honor and a privilege to have you part of my life
And the soul reason your memory lives on in your kids.

Every day or every hour
you are still with me.

Love you forever, Brut

my canine twin

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Paws and our ever changing Corona world

We wanted to check in with everyone and see how you are doing, now that all of our lives have changed during this scary time in our history.

We are doing well under the circumstances.  My life as a dog mom hasn't changed my routine much.  The best part is that Mark is home and the dogs are digging the extra time and attention from him.

The 24 Paws had their yearly checkup a few weeks ago.  Vaccine, heart worm check and a couple had blood work.  We got in just before the office changed their procedure to curbside pickup.  The entire staff was wearing masks and that was our first real contact with the reality that is happening around the world.

Michigan has been on a state lock down since the beginning of March with a stay-at-home order.  Restaurants and bars closed soon after, but you can still get takeout.  We are still able to walk the dogs.  Thank God for that or I'd really be losing my mind.  Things happened fast that first week or so and now it has become the norm.

We were blessed with an early thaw and we are in the beginnings of spring.  Which is a nice change of pace for us, as we usually have snow until April or May.  So we've been taking advantage of being outside more, a special blessing considering being on lock down.

So what about you?  Where are you in this corona fight?

We hope you are all well.  Please take care of yourselves out there.  We are thinking of you!

Be safe.

Monday, January 6, 2020

An innocent man behind the 24 Paws

Brut and Silver's litter of ten turned 12 years old on January 2nd.

Out of the ten, four are with us as the 24 Paws of Love.

Two are still alive and we still visit.

Two have passed on.

And two are in the wind.

We celebrated all their lives through Zappa, Fiona, Chance and Blaze with cake and presents.

It has been one hell of ride that we would do over again if asked.

I never would have believed that these puppies would change my life so drastically and dramatically.

Not just because they are Brut and Silver's pups and that both of their spirits shine through,

but also because we would be totally lost without them/

They have survived both of their parents and are carrying on the legacy Brut and Silver began.

I never believed in having puppies.  You hear all the time how wrong it is when there are so many sheltered and abuse animals needing love.  

And I agree.  I had totally closed my mind to the thought, when in walked Mark into my life and we got Silver.  I remember that day vividly.  We had barely got Silver in the car, when Mark said, "Wouldn't it be great to have puppies with her?"

I have been through many battles in my head over his innocent desire to breed Silver and have her puppies.  Severe battles of right and wrong and what was God's will for us.

Years of programming about spaying and neutering, over breeding, puppy mills, overcrowded shelters and abuse.  I felt like I was constantly violating some sort of oath by even considering breeding Silver.  

And then there was Mark, who always wanted a dog, but was never able to have a pet growing up.  He was innocent from all the rules and regulations that I was bound by and knew nothing of the cruelty and abuse that happens in the pet world.  He had been completely sheltered to what I had been over exposed to.  He could not fathom anyone ever hurting an innocent animal.  Not only were we at opposite side of the spectrum, there were all of fears of the pregnancy, the births, raising them and giving them to strangers.  

I was riddle with guilt of all sorts.  
And this was when having puppies were just in the talking stages. 

It was probably at that point our relationship that I put my whole trust in Mark and his innocent beliefs.  I still had much inner conflict, but I also put that wholehearted trust into Silver and let her guide us and make the ultimate  decision.  

And that's why these puppies are such a blessing.  They were chosen. 

From the beginning.  Long before the mating and the conception.  Mark and I were 100% committed.  With our love, our time, our money, and our faith.  And we will be committed until the end and beyond.  

All ten puppies can trust and know our love, no matter where they are, no matter the circumstances...til death due we part. 

And I am so grateful for this innocent man following his heart and how he changed mine to have Zappa, Fiona, Chance and Blaze today celebrating their 12th birthday.

They are priceless.

Happy Birthday Puppies!