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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze and Fiona who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy Birthday to Zappa and the gang

January 2, 2022

 There may only be one cake and one set of candles this year, but it is representing the entire litter of ten that was born 14 years ago today.  

And Zappa was excited to have the whole cake to himself.  

He had no problem chowing down for himself and the others!!

Happy Birthday to the Power of Ten:

(L to R)

Grumpy, Blaze, Fiona, V-girl, Zappa, Rocket, T-bone, Angel, Red and Chance

They may be gone but never forgotten.

Friday, December 31, 2021

2021- The worst year ever

 It was the worst year of our lives, losing three dogs within a matter of months.  Blaze on March 14, Chance on May 5, and Fiona on May 8.  The sequence of events still sends me into shock sometimes.  They all died of liver disease and/or liver cancer.  It was in their genetics.  We had a DNA profile of all four dogs and Blaze, Chance and Fiona all had the gene for ALP and ALT liver levels showing high, which leads to liver failure and they all died from it.  

Zappa on the other hand doesn't have ALP or ALT gene, but we just found out that both of these levels are higher than they were in August.  Which means there is stress on the liver coming from somewhere else.  We will be getting x-rays and an ultrasound done in the coming weeks.  It seems time is starting to tick for him now.  

I thought I could write more.  But I still don't have many words.  My whole life feels like a vacuum.  The puppies 14th birthday is coming up on January 2.  It is going to be a hard day not only for the loss of our three, but we found out just last week that one of our homed puppies we visited every year or so died earlier this year.  So if you are counting, out of ten puppies, 6 are gone, that we know for sure.  There are two we will never know about, but is safe to assume they are probably no longer with us.  And one puppy with some possibility of finding out if she is still here.  Zappa may be the only one left and who is still alive.   The last of the "Power of Ten" litter.

At least I know Zappa will more than likely make it to his birthday.  That's the best I can say right now...

Thursday, December 30, 2021

The spirit of my PTSD therapy dog

Never fear...Chancer Dancer is still here!!

 One of the biggest things I miss about having Chance, he always knew when I was having a PTSD flashback.   I was triggered on Christmas day and it took more than two days to realize what was happening.  With Chance there, that would have never happened.  Zappa has never been a therapy dog to me.  It was a pretty scary experience.  

What helped me out of it? and how did I figure out what was happening?  I went outside and there were dogs barking out in the neighborhood.  That's when I snapped back to reality.  It was a cool feeling, as I believe Chance and the gang were still helping me out in their own way.  Revving up the outside dogs, which on a normal night you don't hear too many dogs, if at all, but tonight there were several.  And while I miss the direct contact of my hand on Chance's fur, which always woke me up out of my nightmare, he was still there in spirit right next to me.  

I've been pretty fortunate that I don't have many of these flashbacks anymore.  Every so often one will hit, but this was definitely the longest one in a long time.  Another reason to miss my boy.  It was one of Chance's special gifts, as he wasn't certified or trained, he just knew me.  Now it is time to trust Chance's spirit and let him guide me through the next PTSD episode because I know he is still here.   

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas Blogsville!

It has been a hard year for so many of us.  So many losses.  Just know we feel your pain and are right there with you.   

Our hope is that you have something to celebrate, even if it is just a moment of time, that makes you smile.  

We have been so blessed to "know" all of you and your furbabies through our blog and want to thank you for being part of our joys, our sorrows, and our pain.  Thank you for being there for us.

Merry Christmas Blogville!

Friday, December 17, 2021

And now for some good news!

Zappa is experiencing a whole new adventure these past couple of months, he is getting cold laser therapy treatments for pain in his hips, lower and upper back and his knees.  And so far it is working!

Zappa has never had fear of our vet or any other vet, until the dogs died.  He's never had fear riding in the car until the dogs died.  And he has never went any great distance in the car in a very long time, long before the dogs died.  So combining all these fears, on top of the cold laser treatment has been a challenge for Zappa to say the least.  Yet, he is coming through with flying colors, slowly but surely.

Let me back up for a minute...

His pain.  He was having a hard time standing, sitting and lying down.  It was slow and painful.  Right now over the last 8 courses, he can stand up relatively steady and quicker than before.  There were leaps and bounds of progress to reach this point.  

He started sitting in the last couple of weeks, which was HUGE progress.  Zappa hasn't been able to sit at all for the last couple of years.  So this was phenomenal!  And if that weren't enough he started sitting in the van on the rides to the appointment.  He had been standing for the entire hour and a half ride, there and back.  Causing more strain and tension going to the appointment and after treatment that we didn't know if there was any point to continuing therapy.  It seemed it was all going to be counterproductive if we couldn't get his anxiety under control during these car rides.  I mean, he was just shaking like crazy, a total bundle of nerves, all through the visit and all the way back home.  We needed help! 

Thank God for anti-anxiety medicine!  We finally got Zappa some by the third visit and it was the only thing that worked.  

So now we're about half way in to the treatments from where we are now and Zappa is standing through the car rides, but isn't shaking and is more relaxed.  He is starting to calm during the laser therapy.  Each time we go he is staying still longer and longer.  Then it doesn't take long and he finally lays down in the car on the way home one day.  Then he does it on another ride for a longer period of time.  Then he lays down on the way there and we are unwinding with him at each move.  The three of us have become one big knot that finally started to unravel.  I didn't think we would ever get to this point.  

Right now we are going twice a week, same days and time, making a steady routine for Zappa and us.  We are continuing this schedule until the end of the year.  If all goes well, we will only have to go once a week to manage Zappa's pain.  

And all of this is happening because of my husband's determination and perseverance and of course love, because he didn't want Zappa to have to live on pain medicine for the rest of his life.  The best part is that it is paying off and if working.  This whole experience has been worth seeing Zappa move easier and with less pain, without the side effects of medicines.  

Pretty cool!


Saturday, November 27, 2021

I'm going to miss it

 Fall was long for us and rather mild.  So, with the onset of winter and snow, blistering winds and ice in the last week, I am already getting cabin fever.  

The dogs were always great at breaking that fever.  Dog sledding, dog walks, rough housing and running in the snow.  We always had such fun!  I'm going to miss those times.  That and our indoor games of "find it."  We always had a blast playing that game!  Hiding treats all over the house and having the dogs find them.  Some were obvious places and played over and over again.  But there were always a few treats that were really hidden in a new spot.  Chance and Blaze were geniuses at the game.  All I had to say was, "I see one, two, three, etc. that you missed and they were back in it.  Searching frantically to beat the other.  It wasn't often but I have stumped them a few times and had give some clues as to where the hidden goodie was.  Oh, how I miss playing that game with them!  

I miss having a pack of dogs around.  I miss the aggravation and the laughter.  I miss wanting to pull my hair out and wanting to hug them.  I miss the love that filled this house.  Every room filled with a dog.  I miss the antics, the barking, and the howling choir.  I miss grumbling about every day chores and how the dogs made it fun.  I really miss behavior training.  It was the heart and soul of those misfit huskies and the rewards were priceless!

This will be our first winter without all of the above.  And I'm going to miss it.  

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

To  all our US friends, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

From the 24 Paws of Love ❤

Fiona and Zappa

Blaze and Chance

These pictures are from last Thanksgiving when we were getting photos for last year's Christmas card.  

Some of my favorite pictures of the end of fall, in the woods with my best friends.  Doing what we loved and smiling all the way. 

Have a wonderful day my friends!  Life is short, hug your dog!

💗 Mark, Patty and Zappa 💗

Thursday, October 21, 2021

No words

 I used to get upset when a blogging dog would pass and you would almost never hear about the dog again.  I had invested my heart and emotions into that dog for years and poof, they were gone.  I felt like I never got any closure and I would struggle with my emotions.  

Now I get it.  

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago:

The feelings of loss is still strong.  I keep thinking I'll be able to write about some of the memories I have with Chance, Blaze and Fiona, but for now it still hurts too much.  My sweet babies are gone and I can only digest it in little bits.  So much loss in such a short amount of time.  It is still so hard to believe.  So hard. 

I am still trying to comprehend it.  I didn't understand because I was able to write and write about Brut, about his passing and after.  I wanted to do something different and share about the loss and the pain and the hope and I can't do it with Chance, Blaze and Fiona.   I am still stunned and there are no words.  I can't even seem to dig up a picture to post.  The effort and emotions are too much.  

So for those of you I silently criticized  and was disappointed in, for not sharing more of your dog after they passed, I am sorry.  I didn't understand.  Forgive me. 

I get it now.