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Brut Quotes

Brut Quotes

Monday, October 26, 2020

Tough night with Fiona

 Was up all night with Fiona a few night ago.  She was acting like she was in pain and it came on all the sudden.  Gave her a Tramadol.  Did nothing.  She was pacing and panting and acting like she was going to puke.  She'd been eating rabbit poop that day, so I thought she was feeling sick.  Gave her two Pepto Bismol tablets.  Nothing.  Then I thought it was her liver.  None of her symptoms matched with liver failure.  Back to the pain theory when I watched her try to lay down, after pacing for hours and hours.  She couldn't extend her front legs.  She was so anxious that I gave her a couple of Inositol, which may have slightly helped.  The only thing that calmed her down was going outside and sitting in the rain.  She was actually quiet and sitting down.  We were under the pine tree near duck fence, where we talked.  She told me her secrets, I told her mine.  By the time we went in it was 6:30am and we'd been out for an hour.  By 7:30am I woke up Mark to get ready to go to vet.  Thank God it was Friday and our vet was there.  Just before Fiona's 9:30 appt. she finally laid down while Mark stroked her head and started to fall asleep.  She was exhausted from pacing, panting and being in extreme pain.  The vet gave her a new pain pill to use for 3 days along with her Galaprant and she slept all day on and off, as did I and Fiona is looking so much better.  

Thank God for our vet and modern meds and thank you for taking care of our girl and all our dogs.  We are so grateful her life isn't over yet.



Fiona is doing great and back to her bubbly diva self.  

No more pain makes for a big smile!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Chance's ultrasound results

 Well, we took Chance in to get his ultrasound.  He really fought going back to the vet for a third time in three weeks and having to wear his muzzle.  Somehow the vet was double booked for appointments and so we ended up dropping him off for part of the day.  Which was one of my worst fears for Chance.

So, we worried for the next four hours until we got the call to pick him up.  The vet called us in and showed us the images she took from the ultrasound.  It was obvious that there was a mass on the liver and the liver itself was made up of cancerous tissue.  It was the hard truth we needed to know.  

While she was explaining the pictures, I kept hearing a dog whining.  I looked up and there was Chance looking at us, crying to go home.  I felt really comforted that I got to see him in the kennel and that he was OK.  It gave me some peace of mind about how his day went.  

Chance is on two medications- one for the fluid in the abdomen to continue to drain out and one for his liver to continue to function.  And if you saw him without telling you he has liver cancer, you would never know he has it.  Chance is still the dog with the most energy, still pulls me along on a walk and is as happy and moody as ever.  

So, we are just living one day at a time with all the dogs and making the most of each day with them.  Pulling out the camera more, trying to hold on to time.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Chance's x-ray results

 Chance was finally able to have his x-rays done of his abdomen and the results were not good.  He has a tumor, either on his liver, spleen or pancreas.  It is too hard to decipher with an x-ray, so we will be getting an ultrasound done in the next couple of weeks, to know for sure.   More than likely it is the liver, since that seems to be the star of the organs for these four dogs.  

I've been living pretty much in the moment and it helps that Chance (or any of the other dogs) aren't showing any symptoms.  

But it all caught up with me today when we had to take Blaze to the ER vet for diarrhea that I couldn't stop crying no matter what I tried.  I just started to feel like our world of the 24 Paws was beginning to crumble.  

Piece by piece.  Dog by dog.

It's a little more than overwhelming.  And a bit scary.  

I can't imagine one of them not being here.  

So here's to modern medicine that is helping to keep them all alive and well.  

And to our wonderful vet who has put up with us through many different scenarios and dogs.  

And to you all, dear readers for still taking the time to catch up with us.  

God bless

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

...and Chance makes three...

 in our liver stories.   So you know by now that Fiona and Blaze have liver disease and are both being treated with 2 medications AND are doing great!  Zappa was tested as well, has one level that is off, but no need for medication.  Recheck in 3 months.  

And then there is Chance...he too was tested and has liver disease, yet he is only on one medication and for the most part is doing good.  Until we discovered his abdomen was full of fluid.  He's lost 7 pounds of fluid as of this post in just 6 days.  

The vet had tried to take x-rays to see where all this fluid is coming from, but there was so much of it that she couldn't see anything.  She was able to rule out congenital heart failure as his heart and lungs were clear.  

So, our vet put him on medication to flush out the fluid and so far so good.  Hopefully we will be able to get a clear x-ray to find out what is going on with our boy.  

Stay Tuned as the mystery of Chance continues...

Saturday, August 29, 2020

We got our Fiona back!

It was exactly 2 months today that Fiona was at the vet's office all day practically on her death bed from a failing liver.  We tried some new medicine, Urisidol and it brought our baby back to life!

It has been a long while since she has felt good on a consistent basis.  She is happy, alert, playful and kind of bouncy!  lol  She's been back on regular walks at a steady pace and that has been good.  We take a trail that is 1/8 of a mile loop for her and she loves that walk.

She's having no problems eating and is enjoying the addition of her canned food.    It was the best way to put weight on, while being easy on her tummy when we first started the medicine.  It worked out great!  Except now she won't eat without canned food mixed in. Spoiled girl!

  Thank Woo for all your prayers and support!
I made it!!

We are so grateful for the medicine working and the fact the Fiona is feeling better.  It was pretty scary that first month and now we have two months under our collar.  Fiona getting better every day. Every day there is something new I notice that just adds to her well-being.  We are so grateful for this second chance with Fiona and we couldn't be happier!