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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze, Fiona and Zappa who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brut Thursday- The Snow King

The night was still and quiet.  Not a sound could be heard but our own.  The bitter cold air seem to freeze our breath in front of us and the snow beneath us was crystallized.

The snow piles Brut and I sat on were the result of raking the deep snow off the garage roof.  I had to knock them down for fear of one of the dogs getting on the garage roof, they were that high.

It seemed as if the world had just stopped moving that frigid night.  Brut sat erect and elongated listening for the faintest sound.  Ears slowly moving with bat radar this way and that.  The rest of the dogs had gone in, but not Brut, my winter die hard, he climbed the top the snow pile and smiled.  He was in his element.  We both were and I climbed to the top to sit next to him.

I carefully followed the ears and head of this magnificent snow beast.   Keeping a  close eye of that little twitch of alertness when he connected with a resonance.  I shifted my eyes to his line of sight and turned my head with his.  And we sat that way for some time.  Syncing in alignment we were mindful of each other and the world around us.  So simple and true we sat close together, his bristled fur just whispering across my jacket.  This was us, the two snow dogs of the household that left me with a memory as clear as the stars that chilly night and a friend that lays in my heart, forever.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brut Thursday- I Was Never Disillusioned

The first time Brut ever came face to face with another dog was with our part-time neighbor's dog.  Brut was just six months old, full speed into puberty when the chocolate lab ran up to the road to greet us.  Brut became fully charged.  Barking, lunging, pulling like the devil to get at this dog.  I wasn't too shocked, but I didn't know what to do but stand and hold Brut away from this dog who all but just stood there.  Finally, someone called the dog's name and he took off.  I was shaken, but OK.  Brut on the other hand was on ready to take on the world and anybody else that got in our way.  I don't know if he ever did settle down as we continued on our walk, but I was glad when it was over.  At the time I didn't think anything of it really, Brut had already shown me with Silver that he had a problem with dogs, I just knew I'd have to be very cautious on our walks from now on.

Brut never gave me the option to be disillusioned that he might be friendly with another dog outside of his pack.  Heck, he had enough issues within his pack, he wasn't going to take kindly to any dogs outside of it.  There was no guess work when it came to Brut.  He wasn't kind of friendly then not, or friendly with some and not with others, he disliked them all and he made no bones about it.  Brut wasn't afraid to show how he felt and his intentions and reacted as such.  As much as I didn't like this 'quality' Brut made it quite clear and for that I am grateful.

Why am I grateful that my dog aggressive dog made his actions loud and clear?
 I think the most important thing I learned was that Brut didn't lie.  Brut went over the top with every emotion he was feeling from day one, in a language I could understand.  He never faked it. Whatever he did he was real with it and was big with it.  He really felt and expressed himself in such a huge way that it couldn't be missed.  And I really miss that about him.  I really do, including his ornery ways that made him really stand out from any dog I have ever known.  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Brut Thursday-Zappa style

Thursday is the day that Brut died so I've decided to honor him by picking Thursday  to be "Brut Day."  Where I'll share a memory, thought, video, picture or something that is Brut related. Hope you enjoy these simple dedications to my Bruter boy.
Do you ever wonder what your dog looks like and might be doing in heaven?

Sometimes I picture Brut like a cartoon character who can stand up and talk.  While other times I see him as a more wild and primitive creature. I'm not really sure what he may look like but it is more of a feeling since he was so in tune with the Earth and wind around him.  
Last night I was writing about Blaze and this awesome walk we took where she lead me and I followed her just like Brut used to do.  Thru the woods hot on the trail of several deer scents.  It was such a freeing experience.

So as I'm scribbling these words down to share our adventure, I start to hear Frank Zappa music in my head with Brut there in cartoon form. Which isn't strange because they could be together in heaven. ( though I'm sure many wouldn't think that Frank Zappa wouldn't have made it that far, lol)  As I'm realizing the coincidence of Frank's music bumping around in my head and our dog that is name after him, I feel Brut smiling down on me.  It was like our worlds all came togetherfor that moment.  It was very cool.  

Active imagination or spiritual connection?

Who cares ---it was awesome!


Ever experience something like that?  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Do Not Rouse THE MOUTH!


Don't do anything with Chance and Blaze (the Front Dogs) unless you want to hear it from Zappa, aka THE MOUTH!

Yes, that sweet little love bug, has a mouth and a bark has deep and wide as a canyon. BOL!  He is the announcer, advertiser and cheer leading squad for his own parade.  If you want to know what is going on at all times, listen for THE MOUTH, he will tell all.  He's the editor, director and producer of his own news show.  Miss a local update from THE MOUTH, just tune in, I'm sure it will be repeated.

Innocent me???


What?  What was that Zappa?  Chance just got a treat and you didn't?


And then, Blaze got one too?  Oh the injustice of it all!

And as if the word didn't get out far enough, THE MOUTH incorporates Fiona to help get the word out.

Now the jealousy builds...

And here comes Chance, followed by Blaze and it's a jealousy fight at the door of separation with Zappa and Fiona on the other side...

"No fair!"
"I was suppose to be first!"
"No, me! me! me!"
"I'm top dog around here!"
"No, I am!"
"You wish, because I am!"

***Mom pulls hair out***

Just another typical day around the 24 Paws of Love house.... with THE MOUTH!

You just need to love me a little bit more than the others...MOM!

For those of you new or newish to our blog, you can read an explanation of our two packs of dogs here under The Two Packs. tab.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Boy

On January 2, 2016 our pups, Zappa, Fiona, Chance and Blaze, along with the other six of our 10 puppy litter all turned 8 years old.  My how time flies!

We have been celebrating all week and hope to show you some the highlights in the coming days.

Today we have Zappa, Mr. Serious and Cautious, who doesn't give into puppy's play, breaking loose and letting it all hang out with his new birthday toy.  A cheap squeaker that will be torn up in seconds flat, but for now is the love of his life!

Zappa and Fiona were so deprived of squeaky toys with their possessive dad, Brut around that this first squeaker since his death is sheer abandonment.  Come and enjoy.  ☺

 Watch on YouTube

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Brut Robe

When I did the above Christmas card, it was the breaking point of having to accept Brut was gone for good.  He wasn't coming back, he wasn't in the bedroom nor outside as the little bits of denial would like me to believe.  And while it was a survival tactic to get through the day, it was never conscious, more like tiny hope that he wasn't really gone.  Doing the Christmas card was the final break of the hope and part of my heart died that day.  Gone forever is the boy I knew and loved.  For I believe in heaven and that Brut has a spirit up there and isn't in the way I once knew him.  I feel his spirit around me like a soft, cuddly robe that I can snuggle with any time of the day or night with him.  And I'm OK with that. I'm really OK.


p.s. for those who would like to read about Brut, his page has been updated.
(click on BRUT tab at top)