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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Blog Anniversary-Daddy style


 My wife, asked me how I wanted to start out the first post of our dog blog. She was at a loss for ideas. (Not surprisingly because she has done all the blog work so far.)

All I know is what I witnessed when Brut and Silver had their first and last litter of puppies on Jan. 2, 2008 was nothing short of (lost for words) Never in my life have I ever experienced or witnessed, read or seen in any movie what began at 2:50 am when Zappa was born and continued through until Fiona was the last one out. When Fiona was stuck and I pulled her out, I was overjoyed that she was OK.

It is a high that I still have to this day. An amazing miracle of God. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about that night. It changed me in a way that I’ll never look at life the same. I thought I knew what unconditional love was before, but what I have witnessed since that night has made me a different person. It changed my whole outlook on humans, animals, simply everything. When we got Blaze and Chance back, it made me realize how short and precious life really is.

I hope this blog will be able to show and tell even half of what my wife and I want to express to people that think dogs are just dogs. Believe me my friends, dogs are much more. If you pay attention to the dogs around you, they can teach you more than you ever thought possible about yourself, the people around you and what life is really about.-Daddy

Our goal is not so much to share how much we love our dogs, but how much their love means to us. In a world that is full of cruelty, sorrow and pain, there is nothing better than having 24 Paws of Love. -Mommy

Please check out each dog’s story, (link name under picture) and share in the unconditional love they each bring.

It was a year ago today, that the 24 Paws of Love began its journey into the blog world.  It seems like it was just yesterday when I told my wife, "Let's start a dog blog." and she gave me that, "You're crazy" look.

After this last year, I have realized that this dog blogging business is just amazing.  I am so grateful that there are other people in the world that feel the way I do about man's and woman's best friend.

And truth be told, my whole world includes my wife and our 24 Paws of Love.  There was really no one else until the world of dog blogging came into our lives.  Where we have found ourselves swept away with the care and compassion of fellow dog lovers blogging about their "Fido."

I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for being part of our blogging world.  This has been one of the best year I have had.  No matter how my day went, I could always count on the dog blogging community help make my day better.  And here's to another year of dog blogging for all of us and everything that is to come.

24 Paws of Love

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have You Ever Noticed This?

The wind!  The smells!  It's too just too much!

I don't know if this happenes to anyone else, but on really windy days, I can't compete for Chance's attention during our walks.  He is all over the place, pulling and tugging with his nose every which way.  When I make him sit for pulling, it is like he is in this dreamy trance and we actually sit there for 10 minutes at a time.  We must have stopped 10 times more than usual due to his pulling.  Whatever the breeze was stirring up was filling his nostrils like cocaine.  He looked higher than a kite.  And anxious.  Bouncing off of ever tree and blade of grass to be found.   It was like an alien came and took over his body and brain.

I didn't see any other way out gaining his attention, unless I was to constantly feed him treats for the rest of our walk, so I turn around, cutting our walk rather short and followed this intoxicated dog back home.  It was just a little more than I could handle today.

Come to think of it all of the dogs were quite restless today with the wind blowing all day.  More than normal.  Wonder what the heck was in the air.

Has anyone else ever noticed this drunken affair with the wind?  Do you have a hard time getting your dog's attention when this happens?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are Family

 The proud parents

Having a real family of dogs, with a mother, father and four of their pups is a fascinating experience.  Observing the dynamics of the pups traits in relation to the their parents is quite unique.  While all of the pups exhibit genetic factors of their mother and father, in personality and behavior, there is a clear distinction of those that are more like Silver or Brut.  What I find particularly amazing is that this distinction is even more apparent because the pups are separated and always have been since Chance and Blaze came back home to live with us.  Which indicates to me that Zappa and Fiona are not just imitating their parents because they live together with them.  While there are many other similarities between the four pups that are mind blowing considering these four pups have not had contact since Chance and Blaze left home home at 9 weeks old, the personalities and behavior that stand out the most is that in relation to their parents.


Chance:  I'm the king of cuddle
Zappa:  Maybe brother, but I'm the lovable one
Chance and Zappa are more so like their mother Silver than they are of Brut.  While all of the dogs are dominant in their own way, these two show more signs of submissions.  They are gentler by nature and have a quieter disposition.  While all of the dogs are independent thinkers to some degree, these two display a lesser degree of stubbornness.  Chance and Zappa's demeanor is quieter and softer without that rough edge of their father.  One of their more endearing qualities is the mothering instincts they received from Silver.  They are nurturers by nature and I find this type of affection in two males rather attractive and a beautiful gift.   I utilize this characteristic in them on a regular basis and never tire of this special bond between us.  Silver, Chance and Zappa are all foodies and have an excitement about food that will make them dance for their meals.    They never miss one.


Blaze:  You mean I'm just like HER?
Fiona:  Believe me sister, there is only one Fiona!
Blaze and Fiona are much more like their father, Brut.  They are mentally and emotionally more dominant than their brothers and are always putting the boys in their place.  Whether it be toys or food, they have a fierceness in their hearts that they utilize to get what they want.  While they also have a tender side that they display only on their own terms.  Blaze and Fiona are also very independent dogs and every decision they makes more sense when they think of it themselves.  They are also the ones that initiate play and challenge their brothers to exert their dominance.  Brut, Fiona, and Blaze are also finicky  eaters.  It is not uncommon for them to miss their morning meals.  It is when they miss dinner that I have to worry.

Isn't it always fascinating to witness genetics in action?             

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Memories-Lucky Ducky

 Lucky Ducky
(sorry about poor quality.  It was difficult to get a good picture.)

Last spring I had the chance to incubate a duck egg.  It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.  There is a process called "candling" where you can see inside the egg to gauge it's development.  By taking a box with a light on the inside and placing the egg over a small hole cut at the top of the box, in a dark room you are able to see the growth of the cells inside the shell wall.

What started out as a small heart and veins running through the entire inside, developed into a "jumping embryo" until it had filled half of the egg and was difficult to detect movement.  For some reason it really surprise me when the embryo started moving and you could feel life through the shell.   It was something right out of cell biology and was the most bizarre and beautiful thing I had ever witnessed about the beginning of life.

Due to the nature of incubating my time was completely invested in this little egg.  I had to turn the egg three times a day at regular scheduled intervals.  Due to the poor quality of the incubator I had to constantly regulate the temperature as it didn't have a thermostat and there were some scary moments when the temperature spiked or dropped.  Even when the temperature was fairly stable it still fluctuated and I had to continually check and make adjustments throughout the day and night.  I also had to maintain the humidity inside the incubator.  I was on constant alert with this little guy and did plenty of worrying and fretting like any new mother-to-be who had the responsibility of this tiny life in their hands.  

Sadly my baby duck died before he could hatch.  I took his death pretty hard as I had watched this incredible life form before my eyes.  I had already had a name picked out:  Lucky Ducky.  It wasn't original but it fit him.
It was such a blessing to witness this miracle of life and was heartbreaking that it ended as quickly, but I have never forgotten Lucky.  He now quacks freely with two of our other ducks that passed on before him.  There was something about actually witnessing the beginning of life that changed the way I view life and impacted me very deeply.  Who would have thought that an egg could bring about such love?  Watching Lucky grow was an awesome example of the miracle of life and the love that surrounds us.

Here is a youtube video of a 9 day old chick that shows the "jumping embryo":  9 day old chick embryo
Here is another one that shows at day 15:  Candling Duck Egg Day 15

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Special Thank You

My husband and I have come across much negativity about love and devotion to our dogs.  We are always surprised by how much there is, even from dog lovers.  Whether it is random strangers or people we have known, they just do not seem to understand and for some reason feel the need to let us know.

When my husband started coming up with the idea for this blog, I was very skeptical.  Who in the world would want to read about our dogs?  I didn't know if I was ready for all the negative feedback that I was certain we would get, but decided to give it a go anyways and wrote our first post.

The response we got was overwhelming.  There were actually others who were crazy in love with their dogs and were just as whacky about their canine companions as we were.  The support and encouragement were phenomenal and we completely fell in love with the our new community of dog blogging.

We have shared in the fun and laughter, as well as the tears and pain of your dog's lives and we couldn't be enjoying ourselves more.  You have helped us combat the cut downs and criticism that we have been up against while bringing our dog's lives into your home.  We can not begin to thank you for being part of our lives and sharing your stories with us.  We would just like to tell you how we appreciate your blogs and what they have done for us.  We would like to express our gratitude for helping to change our lives.

We at 24 Paws of Love would like to thank you for being the great dog blogging community that you are.  A special thanks for everyone who has visited our little corner of the web and taking us in.  For all of you that are crazy enough to blog about your dog, Thank you.  You have made this such a great place to be!

**And a special thank you for those that posted on yesterday's post, Confessions, thank you for your support and encouragement.  We really needed to hear your kind words.**  

And now join us and all the other pet lovers for the Saturday Blog Hop.  Hosted by Life with Dogs, Two Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.

Friday, June 24, 2011


 The Two Packs

When we developed into two packs, I felt rushed to immediately integrate.  When I found that wasn't going to happen I struggled with many inner demons for all the things I had done wrong and the reasons why the dogs could not combine.  If I wasn't being judged by others, I was doing it to myself.  I took on the impression that not having the dogs living as one happy pack was just wrong.  I have hung my head in shame many a time when asked if the dogs were together yet and almost three years later they are not.  I was a failure to myself and my dogs and few understood.

So now what?

Hire a trainer, fix the problem.  Seems easy enough.  Until you take in account our resources for help were very limited.  A bad experience with the only behaviorist for miles and a trainer on the phone who automatically claimed our situation hopeless and deemed getting rid of one or more dogs was our only solution.
These were our "options."

So we did the best we could, with what we knew, with the circumstances we were given.

Countless times I have beaten myself over because we had two packs of dogs and not being able to change the past.  For those first few years, I was in a panic about fixing what I thought was a problem and wanted to change everything that was wrong with it.  We "had" to.  As if it were part of some unbreakable law.  There was a must, an urgency that the dogs needed to come together, or else.  There was an internal pressure of  pushing an imaginary deadline over my head, as I tried to force things in my mind to come up with a solution that I could never find.  All the while managing the best I could while my husband worked to feed our two packs and so we could have a place to sleep.

About six months ago, I noticed a settling down of the dogs.  After all of the uproar of changes that occurred over such a short period of time, things had finally plateaued and begun to even out.  As this shift took place, I found myself breathing again.  We had made it through the worst of all the changes and problems and I suddenly found myself comfortable with our home and the living arrangements of the dogs.  I found for the first time, that I was OK with having two packs and felt secure in our reasons for it.  I was content with the progress that was happening within each of the packs and was enjoying it.  Most importantly, I found I was happy with our arrangement and that I loved the diversity and uniqueness of it. The dogs were really beginning to thrive and I realized that having two packs of dogs was a pretty cool set up.

While I still find myself with twinges of jealousy at other homes that have multiple dogs that get along and have never had to consider or would consider separating as an option, when I come home and look in my dogs eyes, I know we made the right decision. I have no desire to make any drastic changes or moves in uniting them, another decision I am finding myself quite comfortable with.  It has brought a peace of mind and the ability to relax and quit forcing something to happen that isn't necessary for the well being of our dogs.  No one is hurting due to being separated, there is no suffering on anyone's part because they are not all together, and if anything there is less suffering because they are not together.  All of their needs are met.  And I can live with that.  It is more than OK because I would rather have our home be set up under these conditions than get rid of some or all of the dogs.  It is more important than the fact that our household doesn't fit what is considered to be standard and normal.  For so long I thought having two packs was a horrible, unjustifiable problem that needed to be rendered or our household would never survive and because of this I have suffered these years of guilt for feeling like less of a dog owner who should loose her dog owning privileges. If it wasn't for the dogs themselves, I would have never made it through in following our beliefs and what was best for them.  It has been a painful road, but a rewarding one as we had to break our own ground in order to follow our hearts and trust in the will of the dogs.

And if I had it all over to do again?  I would make the same choices but with a clear conscious.

So we may never fit in at the kennel club, we found our solution for our six dogs and have found a way to have a happy and healthy home.  Every choice we made has been based on their well being and out of love for them.  What I thought was so awful and shameful, has turned out to be a gift that I appreciate and enjoy.  By letting go of all of the things I thought "should" be, I have been given a chance to revel and marvel in the life of having two packs of dogs, guilt free, and that my friends is a wonderful blessing I treasure.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Barking Fairly

My dogs are equal opportunist.  They do not judge nor play favorites.  They treat everyone the same.  Anyone who passes by or comes to our house is barked at equally.  No special treatment here.  How's that for playing fair?  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Predatory animals have attitude.  It is something that stands out among them and one of the reasons they are my favorite regardless of species.  I am particularly fond of the large wild cats as their power and grace is astounding and they are nothing short of attitude.

As I have observed my male dogs over the last few years, I find they have more of this cat-like intensity than that of a wolf.  They have a warrior-like attitude that holds true not only in their stance and exquisite energy, but with the fierceness of a quick thinking mind.  They are agile and fluid in both their movements and thinking.  There is a stealth in each of them that is lightning fast and powerful, yet tamed with discipline that magnifies their grace and beauty.  I have come to cherish this wildness as I experience this inter-species of behaviors and the freedom of this wild cat/dog attitude that draws me in even closer to them.

Brut I associate with a tiger.  I remember during those early days when I brought him home and the wild craze in his eyes and feeling like I was among a Bengal tiger.  His cut throat dominance and seemingly unpredictability with which he throws his power around brought me to this conclusion at a very early age.  And though it has tamed, the fire in his eyes still roars.

Zappa has been referred to as a lion by many because of his coat and short mane.  Zappa is king in is his castle.  While he knows he must wait under his father Brut to claim the throne, he roars in protest and challenge, not one to go quietly.  He does not back down easy and will stand his ground, but not without proclaiming what is his first. I can picture him lying in a grassy field, shaking his mane with a loud, grumbling roar warning all that come near, he is king.

Chance's stealth is the quieter than the other two.  He is sleek and sly and calmer with his power.  Crouched in the grass this white panther is ready for the pounce.  Always on the look out, every muscle is taunt and ready to protect.  His low key posture keeps him alert and ready for his patrols, aware of every potential intruder that may cross his path, hiding like a thief in the night.

 While they don't exhibit these wild cat attitudes all the time, there is a sense of covertness that I can not deny.  The roars that come forth have power and strength that is beyond that of what I know of dogs.  There is a grace and intensity that I attribute to this cat-like attitude that I don't find in the females.  Whatever it is, I have come to love and respect it.  For I have always wanted to live among the wild cats and crazy as it might sound, now I am.             

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Memories-This is a Little Strange

 Mommy  Silver helping Zappa potty

Newborn puppies are not able to eliminate themselves on their own and the mother needs to stimulates this process by licking their glands in order to relieve themselves.  Silver had ten puppies and as a new mom was having a hard time keeping up.  The pups made a high pitched cry when they needed to go potty that was different than their other cries.  I had read that the mother may need help and to take a slightly moisten tissue or cotton ball and rub their genitals until the could relieve themselves.  It was a very awkward situation for me, but the puppies could die if they were not able to go potty, so as uncomfortable as it was, I did my best to help.  The puppies would give a cry of relief when they were able to alleviate themselves which was very rewarding and helped in what was a bit strange situation.

By day four Silver gave me a little growl letting me know she could handle it from here.  No argument there!  She had no problem taking over at that point and soon Brut would also assist with the services.

How strange and beautiful nature works.  As awkward as it was I didn't mind in the assistance.  I was glad I was prepared and was able to help and be part of such an experience.  I was also glad when Silver was able to take over, as I prefer for nature to take its course whenever possible.  Sometimes what we find to be the most uncomfortable for us, brings the greatest help to someone else. Like a newborn puppy.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy Zen

The more I understand about dogs, the less I understand about people.

 Thanks to Life with Dogs, The Two Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Best Part is Giving...

While I am not very comfortable at accepting awards, I was given one to me by Just Ramblin'  that made me take a minute and think.  That someone felt our blog was worth noting and I take a quiet bow in thanks to enjoy the small limelight of this special award.

Now for the best part.  While I am not obligated to pass it on, I can not help myself.  For the best part of receiving this award is the giving it to someone else.  I am passing this award to someone who I think is a genuine blogger and think anyone who knows her would agree.  The first post I read by her I was hooked.  Her ideas are fresh and real and there something about the way she relays her stories and thoughts that will make you laugh and cry.  A first time dog owner with challenging, high spirit pooch who is a mixed bag of quirks and desires that gives her a reason to blog almost every day.

This blogger doesn't shy away from the tough questions, believes in the causes and isn't afraid laugh at herself or her crazy dog's antics.  I don't know how many times I have read one of post and found I was thinking the same thing..  Her writing beautifully flows with a strong passion about the injustices that are inflicted on animals and is done so with heart.  She has style and grace and appreciate her honesty and genuine care that radiates through.

I would like to pass this award to:

I think the name says it all.  :)  If you haven't visited Kristine please stopped by and say hello!

For anyone who would like to give this award to someone you think is a Genuine Blogger, please visit Just Ramblin'-Genuine Blogger Award.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can Your Relationship Stand?

Writing about my dogs is my passion, but lately I've been having some difficulties being able to express myself.  What if I came to point where I couldn't write anymore and had one last chance to write for a post for 24 Paws of Love?  If I had one last message of what I value most during this journey with my dogs, what would I say that would make the biggest impact for another dog lover who happened to stumble on that forever post?  What has been impressed upon me the most if I had one last word to say that I could share about my experience, strength and hope of my lives adventure of living with dogs?


Everything from the time I was born has been about the beautiful woven relationship I have had with all of the dogs I have been blessed with in my life.  Take away all the training, behavior modification and all the things a dog can do and the foundation is this incredible friendship is deep and rich with a love matched in heaven.

One of the most beautiful gifts I have been given over and over is this inter-connection between these loving creatures and the two way street that exist.  I have known and received the gifts of love that dogs give, but it was when I realized what they received from me that open channels of energy that were beyond my comprehension.  They needed me, not for food, water and shelter, but they needed me to be me.  A concept that is beyond measure and still sends shivers of love through my soul.  How can there be anything more beautiful?  Our exchanges of communication are so pure they have pierced my heart in places I never knew existed.  When I look into the eyes of the beast, I see they are staring back at me just as deeply and as intently as we become enveloped with each other.

What if everything you ever taught your dog was striped away, do you believe you would still have a relationship with your dog that would stand the test of time?  If your dog was never able to do anything right ever again, would you still have the friendship between the two of you as a solid foundation?  Is your relationship strong enough to withstand the raw and wild?  When all you have is each other is it enough to hold you together?  

In my humble experience, if you have a relationship, you have everything you need with your dog and what more could you ask for?  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Front Dogs vs. Back Dogs-Gratitude

One of the biggest differences between the Front and Back Dogs, is the Front  Dogs permeate gratitude.  Being that they were part of our litter and were returned to us abused and neglected, gratitude seems to radiate from them.  It is constant even two years later and is like a special gift they carry around always full of thanks.

The Back Dogs whom we have had since they were all puppies, have never went without anything.  They have never known what it is like on the "other side."  Their needs have always been met, they have never suffered a blow or been locked up for extended periods of time.  They have always been cared for and have never known what it is like to be unloved.

The Front Dogs are very patient.  They never ask for anything , but wait until one of us comes in the room to let us know their needs, including to go out.  They are more affectionate than the Back Dogs and lap up any attention they are given.  They are understanding and forgiving and always seem to know just what we need.  They are very compassionate and loving souls who are just happy to be here.

The Back Dogs on the other hand would be considered spoiled next to the Front Dogs.  They are more demanding and forthcoming with their needs.  They have never known any different life than asking for what they want and do so without any fear.  The Back Dogs have lived in a stable and secure environment and have no concept of being hurt for days, weeks or months at a time like the Front Dogs were.  They have never missed a meal unless it was of their own choosing or they were sick.  All the Back Dogs have ever known is being loved and cared for and being treated as such.

The Front Dogs gratitude still blows my mind until this day.  They seem to appreciate us just being here and accept our time between the two packs.  Their gratitude seems to always be flowing, like they have sunshine in their hearts.  It is a quiet magic that makes them have this twinkle in their eye and shimmers through their body, somehow knowing how very lucky they are to be home.  There is just something different about Chance and Blaze that still catches my breath and brings tears to my eyes.   There is nothing more beautiful than sharing in the little bit of heaven that glimmers in these two dogs who have overcome odds that the Back Dogs will never have to know.

I don't know if the consensus is true with all rescue dogs, but I have found through forums and other blogs that other dog owners have discovered the gratitude ringing through with their rescue or shelter dogs.  Have any of you found the same thing?


Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Memories-Mommy??

How can you not feel like a Mommy with all of these precious little ones?

Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes, had a post a while back about what name your dog refers to you as.  I remember cringing when someone refer to me as "Mom" in reference to my dogs.  I never thought of my dogs as kids and I communicated with them on an animal level.  And to be honest, I found the name a bit perverse. 

Then when Silver got pregnant and had those ten puppies something in my heart changed.  There was something to being a new Grandma and it seemed appropriate to be called Mommy to all of these new lives that we were so blessed with.  Now I find the name to be full of love and honor and will gladly be called Mommy any day.  I mean really, how could I not with that love bursting through ten little hearts?  :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BOW WOW Trivia for Free Kibble

 Did someone say free kibble?

Mike K. from Best Pet Blog has a wonderful new blog with updated pet stories of the day.  Mike wanted to let all our readers know of a site called Free Kibble.  Mimi Ausland was 11 years old when she felt a need to help feed hungry dogs and cats at her local shelters.  You can read about her story here and the awesome work she is doing.  

At the site of Free Kibble there is BOW WOW and MEOW trivia and whether your answer is right or wrong, Mimi's sponsors donate for every hit she gets.

So take a minute and check out Free Kibble, click and help out a good cause.  And please stop over and visit Mike K. at Best Pet Blog, for his great links to pet related articles and thank him for making us aware of this wonderful free opportunity to help out shelter dog and cats. Let him know 24 Paws of Love sent you.

Thank you Mike K for passing on this great info.

Paw Prayers that all doggies and kitties are fed tonight.


 p.s. for those of you that are having problems commenting, I am working on problem.  If you are still having problems let me know by emailing me:  24pawsoflove@gmail.com  Thanks.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oldest Child Syndrome

Does anyone else do this?  My husband and I have such a bad habit with Silver and treating her with "oldest child syndrome."  Being that she is the oldest I find myself expecting more out of her and for her to "know better" than to act the way she does.  It is horrible, because I find myself more aggravated at her than the others for doing the same things.  It doesn't help that since we kept the puppies, Zappa and Fiona, she has picked up on their bad habits and is doing things that she's never done before, because she's watched them get away with it.   

Having so many dogs, sort of loosened up the discipline around here and Silver must have started realizing, if they can do it, I can do it too!  You can't always catch everything that they do, but when I would catch Silver in these acts, I find myself disappointed with her because I think she should know better.  For example I took her out to one of her favorite beaches and she has always had excellent recall, but due to not practicing it as much in the last three years, she wouldn't come when called and I found myself quite frustrated with her.  I had specifically took her to this beach so she could run free and we could have some quality time together at our old hangout.  I felt let down and hurt as I will brag to anyone that she is my best well behaved dog.  HA!  I know, I know, it's my fault for not keeping up with training, but sometimes with her I think that once she had it down she should still have it.

It's funny how when you have a pack of dogs how you treat them differently and think about them in different ways.  Things you put up with one that you wouldn't tolerate with the other.  I know the way I perceive Silver isn't fair, but it just sort of happened after she had her puppies.  I find myself requiring more of her than I do of the others, as if I taught her better than that.  BOL!  That dog has just as much of an independent mind as the others, I don't know why I expect so much more out her.  Stubborn and moody, each trait increasing with age.  No matter how much she aggravates me, she's still my Silver, I still love her and really wouldn't want her any other way.    

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yeah, it's been one of those hair days!

p.s.  What do you think of the new header Mommy made??  She said the snow picture had to go!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Memories-Brut Makes the First Move

If you've ever owned a Husky puppy, you know the sounds they can make can scare the bejeezes out of you.  They sound like they are being strangled.  Well, every night I put Brut in his child's playpen (my husband's idea, don't ask) and then he would carry on with these gut wrenching screams and screeches that I would swear to the heavens he was hurt.  I knew he was trying to get my attention but his voice was so wrangle that I would end up getting up and checking on him, which of course only lead me to a wagging tail and a smiling face.

It became so intense that I was stayed up all night growling at him every time he started to make a sound.  A book I'd read that insisted that acting like a mother dog who was disciplining her kids was the trick to correcting your dog on their bad behaviors.  Yeah, right.  Not this pup!  What I didn't know through this whole mothering process, was that Brut was taken from his mother before she would have begun to discipline him.  So not only was it not working, my throat was wearing out from growling all night, I was getting delirious from lack of sleep, and highly frustrated with no progress.

So after being up half of the night growling, I finally gave up and went to bed.  Brut shrieked and screamed as I tried to ignore the horror that sounded like he was dying.  Then suddenly, dead silence.  QUIET!  I was so exhausted, I passed out in seconds flat.  When I awoke, I heart melted, there was Brut, laying next to my side of the bed, curled up on a pile of my clothes.  I just laid there in amazement at this little puffball sleeping so peacefully next to me.  I never heard Brut get out of the play pen, I thought he had finally given up and fallen asleep in it.  There was something so precious about the way this little puppy sought me out and wanting to be so close.  He never tried to wake me and make any fuss, he just needed to be nearby.    

After that night he would wait for me to lay down and then he would crawl out and cuddle in my clothes and fall asleep.  Why I kept putting him in that playpen was beyond me, but it was like a game to see how long it would take him to get out of it before we would both be snoozing into a quiet slumber.

I can never really describe that morning when I awoke to find him next to me, just that it touched me deep down in my soul.   Brut was such a difficult puppy and there were so many things I didn't know about him yet that would determine so much of his behavior, but this one little step held many keys to the bond we have and has helped him to become the dog he is today.  It is more than a memory, it is the foundation for our relationship that I hold so dear to my heart. Brut made the first move to bond.  A bond that will last forever and stand the test of time.  Who says a dog is just a dog?


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canine Marriage Counselors

The Doctors are in!!
I wonder how many marriages are saved by dogs?  I mean really, isn't the dog the first one you turn to after an argument with your spouse?  Maybe take off on a walk or explain to the dog what it seems your spouse obviously missed in the "conversation."  Who better to understand you than someone who agrees with everything you say and knows you are always right?  Isn't it the dog who looks at you with those compassionate eyes letting you know they get it?  Who better to vent your frustrations to than the one being who listens with an open heart and never talks back?  And isn't it your dog's unconditional love that gently reminds you to forgive and forget?  To start over with a clean slate?  Who always throws in a couple of puppy kisses to teach you to kiss and make up.  Who knew that dogs were such good marriage counselors and will only cost you a couple of bones for the services.  Aren't dogs great?

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Friday, June 3, 2011


 Just another day on the Funny Farm!

Have you ever found people to be offended by how much you love you dog?  We have found time and time again that people find our love for our dogs to be a form of insanity.  They can't seem to fathom any understanding as to why our hearts have fallen over these mangy mutts or why our entire life encompasses these crazy canines. I know some that are appalled at the fact that we don't have children but instead devote our love to these furry lives, who's unconditional love can not be measured against.  The shock alone of stating we have six dogs is enough to wrinkle brows and stir doubt about our state of mind, but once the door has been opened, my husband is filling them in on our doggy madness that we live by and you can see the silent horror begin to fill their eyes.  They shake their heads as though to love an animal is the most absurd thing they have ever heard. 

Some will never understand the devotion and care that comes from loving a dog that loves with no strings or judgement attached.  That no matter how you love your dog, they will always love you more or the  unconditional love that pierces your heart and is so lost to this world.  What they see as illogical or ridiculous is the very reason us dog lovers exist.  And if loving my dog makes me a little whacky, so be it.  I'll take being dog crazy any day and love every minute of it!

What about you?  Has anyone ever been offended by how much you love your dog?  Do you consider yourself dog crazy?         

Thursday, June 2, 2011


There is something about walking a dog that unclenches the brain.  Falling into the ease of step, finding a rhythm that suits both of you that it becomes more natural to walk with a dog than without.  There is something that is just simple about striding along with our furry friends that somehow melts the entire world away.  And I wish they never had to end.

Sorry we missed everybody the last couple of days as we had two power outages and hopefully it will be the last for a while.  :)