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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, May 27, 2013

One Person

I used to think the value of my blog was by the number of comments I received.  I rated my success by how many people may or may not of commented.  And I remember in the beginning how I was happy just to reach one person.  A good friend of mine named, Mart the Fart.  Who stuck through that quiet time when we were just starting to roll along.  Oh, how time changes many things.  Mart seldom comments now but I know he's still out there listening to the tales.  

I remember how I couldn't wait to get followers and counted them as the numbers slowing grew.  We lost some then gained more.  Yet I found myself still counting comments to know where my blog stood.  Some days were astronomical and others it was like everyone left town.  But I continued to plod through trying to find our purpose.  I knew what the 24 Paws of Love stood for and the message I was trying to convey, but I was obsessed with the numbers, not fully grasping the meaning of those that did comment.  I was stuck by the ones that didn't.  

Then it just struck me tonight that all that obsessing was for nothing.  We may not be the biggest dog blog on the web, we don't stand for any one cause, and we're just a couple of kids out here on our own with our six dogs that we love more than anything in the world.  (besides each other)  Whom we share our relationship with everyday and with you, our dear readers.  And if you asked me today what the goal of our success is measured by, I would say, to reach one person.  Just one person.  To say I invite you into our world and if you feel the need to share back, then please do so.  To make a difference in one life, that is our goal and if we can do that, we have all that we need.  It's when I stop fighting for that one person that I am letting everyone down.

I've tried it both ways, blogging for everyone, blogging for myself, and now I find myself here.  Because one person can make the difference between so many things in life.  Like you do for me.  When I need a lift, I find it from one of you.  When I need a laugh or a good dose of sarcasm, I look for one of you.  When I just need to hang out and have some girl talk, I look for my dog blogging friends and when I need a dose of reality or a shoulder to cry I, I don't have to look too far.  Someone out there has just want I need for that day and I hope to aspire to that.  To be what someone else needs for that day.  Just by being me, just by being you, we come together through cyberspace and connect.  What an awesome gift.  A gift that keeps giving and a gift I hope to be to at least one person out there.  

Thank you to all of the "one persons" out there that have made a difference everyday in my life.  For changing my mind when needing it and for helping me feel a part of something bigger.  I hope all my friends in the US have a safe and happy Memorial Day and the friends across the way also have a safe and happy day.  

Life is just too short.  Be kind in your thoughts, for everyone is going through something today.   


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Keeping Regular

Mom says I need to keep a regular schedule...
Whatever that means!

 I just like chewing on the bottle!

**and for those of you wondering, no, I don't give Brut prune juice.  It just makes for a good chew toy and a good funny! **


Friday, May 24, 2013

I disagree...

about the aggressiveness in a Alpha Rollover.   Now before you all start throwing darts at me or click off in disgust give me a minute to explain myself.

It is a natural response and reaction for dogs to use this on one another.  I've never seen a dog do it with an aggressive intent.  Not even my own dogs.  In fact I have only seen it done during playing and rough housing.

That's one of the main reasons I like it, because it is part of their language and they easily understand it.

I don't believe in the alpha rollover should be used as part of every day training.  I rarely use it but I believe it can be used as an effect tool during a dog fight.

Positive reinforcement isn't going to break up a fight.  But an alpha rollover is like a kill switch.

I've been through enough dog fights with my own dogs over the years that a calm steady hand with only pressure of my two fingers squeezing just above the shoulder blades can bring a fight to halt instantly.  I don't push or shove the dog to ground, I let him submit on his own.

And some of you might think YEARS of DOG FIGHTS using the ALPHA ROLLOVER???  Well no wonder you have so many fights, you are encouraging aggression.

If that were true, I'd have dog fights every day, instead of months and months of remissions.

I have one aggressive dog, that I manage every day with prevention and none of it involves an alpha rollover.  But since I can't change Brut's entire nature or be with him constantly or I don't move as quickly when an attack is imminent, fights do happen. At this moment I can't think of the last one that happened.  And I don't believe using the alpha rollover on such rare occasions creates a more aggressive dog.  In fact, in the case of Brut he has become less aggressive with his pack mates as time goes on.  Do I think that is because of using alpha rollovers?  No.  They are a last resort in an out of control situation that I only reserve for that purpose and even then I don't always use it.

I know many don't agree with it regardless of what I share from my experience.  The alpha rollover has been deemed an aggressive technique.  Since all I can share is what has worked for me, my experience with the technique and hope I don't lose all my readers who have made it this far through the post, all I'm saying that in some contexts I find the technique appropriate.

What do you think about the Alpha Rollover tool?  Do you have thoughts one way or the other?  Have you ever used it or would you never use it?         


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Water off a Duck's Back

Have you ever witnessed the grace and ease of a duck in his element?  It is like a ballet.  Smooth and flowing like the water he plays in.

It soothes and calms my spirit and is one of the many pleasures I am able to enjoy in my own backyard.

My only regret is that I don't a have a bigger and real pond for Luigi to splash and swim about.

It's so easy on the eyes, quiets the mind and caresses the soul every time I watch his graceful moves.

And I never tire of it.

I love my little ducky and the good feels he gives.

(or watch on YouTube)

Luigi, the king of swim

Monday, May 20, 2013

Breaking Our Wills

Brut is aggressive.  It as simple as that.  And while he we have less and less incidences with him lashing out on the other dogs, he will always be aggressive.  It is his nature.

As painful and scary this demeanor is, I also love it about him.  When he uses his dominance in a way that is productive, it is an awesome sight, that only takes the power of his death glare to make the room his own.  

I love that fight.  I love that spirit in him.  And I wouldn't break him of it if I was paid to.  

It is what makes Brut, Brut.

In my life I've been pressed to the ultimate limits of my will being broken and it is that last scream of innocence that has kept me alive another day.  And I could never force that onto Brut to contend to my will or anyone elses.  I have live too long that way, I could never put those screws to his head.

In fact it is his aggression that I understand the most.  The feeling of being boxed in corners you can never get out of, but you fight because you have to.  Somehow, someway you must fight.  That is what I see in Brut.  That's what I see in myself.  And that is what has caused me to think way outside of the box, especially with Brut.  Brut's uniqueness is just that.  He forced me to make that tiny crack and peek outside the box.  Then we worked constantly on breaking it down, even the ones I built back up because it was scary and awkward, we broke those down too.  And we are still cracking and crashing through walls due to our very nature of fighting for what is right.

 When I harness his energy, I harness mine as well.  

They wanted to break our wills, but they couldn't.

This time around I've got a partner and so does Brut.   

Friday, May 17, 2013

I Gotcha Your Back

Have no fear, Brut is here!

Have you ever had your dog help you in a way that you never thought was possible?  All my dogs are my personal therapy dogs, but Brut and I are like twins, and we usually always know what the other needs.

Mark is walking Brut and I'm following behind on the trail getting ready to hit the open field.  I have a huge fear of people so when I saw there are a couple of people out there walking, a little shot of fear rushes to my brain.  Brut who is always in tune with me knows this and our surroundings turns around and drags Daddy back a little ways, sniffing this way and that, stalling a bit, before finally moving forward.

We take the next length of the field with the woman slightly ahead of us and far out of any threat zone.  And when we turn down the path back into the woods.  Brut made a big, long paw scrap looking right at me as he pumped each leg back, as if to say "and that's how we do it!"  I gave him a bite of my apple that he had no interest in the entire walk, but took my gift of thanks willingly.

He has done this with my fear of people before when I've been walking him.  When a car, people or bikes go by he will pause and start sniffing around while looking at me out of the corner of his eye.  I keep my eyes on him and when said "threat" passes, he moves on.  I just have to follow his lead.

It's like a game and it works wonders.  And it's so cool to understand each other and play.  Where nobody knows or is watching or anything looks out of the ordinary.  I truly believe it is one of the many special ways Brut shows me he loves me and he is grateful for all I have done for him in dealing with him.  And he shows a special side of himself in those moments.  A very caring, cajole dog who saves me every day.  

He's taking care of me, like I take care of him.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thank you for asking

Several of you have asked how I am doing since the incident with Brut and vet and I am OK.

I finally got something that Brut has been trying to teach me.  Lord knows I'm a slow learner, BOL! but Brut is always a patient teacher.

He has been trying to show me when he doesn't want to do something and to trust him with the why.  It happened the day the vet came to our house for heartworm test and shots.  Brut paused quite dramatically while I dangled a leash in front of him.  Just the sight should have made him do cartwheels.  He made the pause noted and then came when I called him to go out to the driveway to see the vet. He growled, then made a grab for her face while she started to draw blood.

I remembered the pause that he gave me before coming when called later while relaying the story to hubby.  But it was what happened later that night when Brut wanted a head rub from hubby, hubby kept insisting he get on the couch next to him.  Brut refused, still vying for a head rub.  I told hubby, Brut doesn't want on couch, he wants his head rubbed."  I knew the position Brut was being put in was going to have a bad outcome.  But hubby didn't listen, kept coaxing him up and so Brut finally gave and within seconds was snarling and growling at Fiona across the room in the next chair.  All Brut wanted was some attention and then go to his room.  He had no intentions for wanting to stay.

It was this pause that made me see the light of the situation that happened with the vet that day.  I wasn't angry with Brut, but I was having a hard time hearing what he was trying to say.  And he taught me something very valuable that day.

I've even see him pause in the middle of dog fight, trying to get my attention and not to react in the same manner.  And of course I did and he kept on fighting.  Like OK, if this is what you want.

Brut is molding me to what he needs.  And I am doing the same with him.  And the more I realize he is listening to me, the more I'd better start listening to him.

We bonded a little bit more this past weekend.  Another secret into the world of Brut unlocked.  I am always awestruck when I realize he's trying to get my attention, and I finally "get it."

   Changing lives two at a time

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Memories down Puppy Lane...

 Feeling a bit nostalgic and thought I'd ease your Monday in with puppies.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Just chillin' with my ducky!

I'm a big boy, I can take myself for a walk!

Gotcha big brother!

Somebody save me, please...

And he flies through the air with the greatest of ease...

p.s. thank you for your comments this weekend about the incident with Brut and the vet.  It really helped.
       dog bloggers are still the best!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Still Shaken

I'm having a hard time trying to shake this whole thing with Brut and our vet.  Even looking back and analyzing every second, there was a one second window just before he went for her face if there was a moment to make a correction, that was the time.  And it wasn't enough time to do anything.  Other than not have gone through with the heartworm test and shot in the driveway of our home, Brut showed no signs of aggression, frustration, stress, or any crazies.  But my guard was also down.  Way down.  The rest of the dogs had went so well, I got caught up in the hope that Brut would too, instead of taking into account, it was Brut.  And normally I'm right in tune with him and can read him so well.  And he fooled both of us.  

And I'm so cautious, extra cautious in situations that involve Brut.  Always have been.  

Everyone at the vet clinic was saying, "It happened.  Don't worry about it.  Could have been a whole lot worse.( The vet had a mark on her nose and shoulder.)  Shit happens.  You guys are good."

And I'm just having a hard time letting go and believing that.  

Brut has been sticking right close to me as if in remorse and trying to help me come out of my shock and fear of what happen.  

It's still so hard to know everything is OK.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

The 5-1 Theory

So have you heard of the 9-1 theory?  It's when you have 9 good things happen and 1 bad, and that 1 bad blots out the 9 good.  It makes it difficult to see all the good things that have happened because of that one nagging thing that went wrong.

Well, I had the 5-1 theory happen yesterday when the vet made a "farm call" to our house for heartworm test and annual shots.  3 dogs did well, 1 did better than expected, 1 was an angel, and then there was the bad boy.  Can you guess who it was?

This was the first time our vet has come to our house for anything, The three I was worried about the most was Brut, Chance and Blaze, in that order.  Chance was my better than expected.  I've never seen him so relaxed and take so well to the procedure and the vet.  Blaze was an angel.  Just a perfect angel.  Didn't even fight when the needle went in to draw the blood.  I couldn't believe it.

So you know who that leaves...my bad boy Brut.  Everything was going so well, that I was hopeful if there was a chance and the circumstances were good, things with him would go well for him too.  Except I forgot the one main point.  The one main problem with Brut that was my greatest concern to begin with, the vet was on HIS turf.  He was OK at first but he is sneaky.  While I held his head and hugged his body, the vet held his leg to draw blood.  Then it happened quickly, Brut growled than snapped at her in the face.  He nicked her nose and got her shoulder, all while I held him.  And I've had a hard time letting go of it.  I knew better and I still tried.

We are taking him in the vet's office tomorrow to finish what never got started.  Brut has a healthy fear of the vet's office.  I've seen him run into Daddy's lap when a little dog got aggressive with him.  This is a much better atmosphere for him to be handle because he knows it.  He has to wear a muzzle though.  And I'm OK with that.  He's never tried to bite anyone before.  So this is our first time. It was all wrong time, wrong place and something I didn't even come close to expecting.

So this afternoon should be interesting to say the least.

Somebody, please tell me, I can't be alone in this...has your dog ever been a problem at the vet with you?  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Need Prayers! LOL!

In about an hour and a half the 24 Paws of Love will encounter an experience they have never had before.  A very first for all of them.  Please send prayers and good thoughts that all goes well.  Sp come back tomorrow and we'll tell you all about it on Friday!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What famous dog trainer would you hire?

If you could have a famous trainer, who would you hire to help you with your dog and why?

Mine would be Paul Owens.  Here's why:

Did you know there are more than one Dog Whisperers?  One who is the original and then Caesar Milan.  I had order two DVD's by the Dog Whisperer, thinking they were the same person.  To my surprise and later relief they were different.

I started with Caesar Milan, using a choke collar on Brut that I don't believe in and swore I would never use.  My husband was a bit more than worried about the road I was headed.  It didn't take long before I was in tears after a few times out and I never tried the method again.

That lead me to the second DVD by Paul Owens and the minute he started talking and going through the steps, I was in tears again, but good tears.  He was so kind, soft and gentle and I had a hard enough time being hard on myself.  My favorite motto from Paul is:  If it's good for you, it's good for your dog.

Finally I'd found a trainer who had the same beliefs as me and was teaching me how to be gentle and kind to me and my dog.  I didn't feel like I was using cruel and unusual punishments or domination to work with my dogs.  Following Paul Owens teachings lead to an inner healing and a learning of the basic principals that I still use today.

If I had all the money in the world I would hire Paul Owens to help us in uniting the two dog packs.  I would trust his expertise and experience in order to do that and do it in a way that we would be working together, so that Paul Owens, my husband, the dogs and I all felt comfortable.  I think that would be so awesome!  A dream come true.

So what famous trainer would you like to knock on your door to help you train your dogs?      

Monday, May 6, 2013


No you won't find it anywhere like in dog.  And it seems it is more than a lost idea or concept, when it comes to people.  It is almost nonexistent.  People are swayed by the way the wind blows, like shifting reeds in the fields.  They could learn a thing or two, if they were willing to open their mind to it and the beauty that exist when there is loyalty and trust between two beings.

A beaten dog keeps crawling to its master, why?  I believe they are trying to plead their loyalty.  Dogs will do ANYTHING to prove their loyalty to said human.  Dogs are here for them no matter what, if they would just turn and look into those merciful eyes.  Dogs will forgive if they will just let them.  And no matter what dogs will always love them.  

Dogs will stand by your side, through the thick and thin of life, emotions, mistakes and even the a misguided deliberate action.  It is more than just counting on them, they are engaged 120%.  To walk by your side, next to you until the very end of time.  Devoted like no other creature on this earth.  Devotion that never gives up on you and that never dies.  Devotion like that I have seen in Chance, Blaze and Brut who still forgive their abusers and will carry their loyalty to the grave for them.  Loyalty that stakes a claim in your heart and seals your fate with them, whether you want it or not.  Whether you accept it or not.  Whether you like it or not.  It is there.

And when you embrace that special moral quality that makes a dog a dog, you will open your senses to the ways and wonders of a love that is like no other.  One that sings in the rain, howls at the moon, and runs like the wind, setting your spirit free.  It rings though your soul and grounds you to your very being.  For there is nothing like that devotion, that loyalty or love that brings the heart of humans to the ground, if you let it.  If you will take the chance and are willing, you will find the real meaning of true, honest to goodness, pure hearted loyalty.  


Friday, May 3, 2013

Silver Sparkles

I don't usually attribute a single factor to what makes a happy dog but I became very aware how much food plays a part in that when I switch Silver over from a hypoallergenic food to our current kibble of 4Health from our local Tractor Supply Company. 

It was about a year ago that I finally talked my husband into letting Silver trade foods.  She'd been on the previous one for what was assumed to be a food allergy.  She was constantly licking her paws and having ear infections.  There was some improvement, but Silver was still getting regular ear infections.

I saw such good results with the rest of the dogs, I figured it couldn't hurt to try.  I started noticing a difference with mopey, moody Silver who never wanted to do anything was getting up and going outside with Brut and staying out for a longer time.  She was playful and happy.  Her energy increased and she has a noticeable pizzazz, it's like she has suddenly come to life out a long slumber.  I don't think she would have enjoyed the dog sledding as much as she did this year and with the zest she had if I'd kept her on her other food.  Most sled dogs retire around her age and she handled it like a champ!!  And if that's not enough her ears have cleared up!

I do believe their are many other factors involved, but the difference with this new food just can't be denied.  She has finally awoke from her coma it seems and is actually living and enjoying life again.

What a difference!

Have you made a food or dietary change where there was a noticeable impact on your dogs mood or behavior?