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Monday, May 27, 2013

One Person

I used to think the value of my blog was by the number of comments I received.  I rated my success by how many people may or may not of commented.  And I remember in the beginning how I was happy just to reach one person.  A good friend of mine named, Mart the Fart.  Who stuck through that quiet time when we were just starting to roll along.  Oh, how time changes many things.  Mart seldom comments now but I know he's still out there listening to the tales.  

I remember how I couldn't wait to get followers and counted them as the numbers slowing grew.  We lost some then gained more.  Yet I found myself still counting comments to know where my blog stood.  Some days were astronomical and others it was like everyone left town.  But I continued to plod through trying to find our purpose.  I knew what the 24 Paws of Love stood for and the message I was trying to convey, but I was obsessed with the numbers, not fully grasping the meaning of those that did comment.  I was stuck by the ones that didn't.  

Then it just struck me tonight that all that obsessing was for nothing.  We may not be the biggest dog blog on the web, we don't stand for any one cause, and we're just a couple of kids out here on our own with our six dogs that we love more than anything in the world.  (besides each other)  Whom we share our relationship with everyday and with you, our dear readers.  And if you asked me today what the goal of our success is measured by, I would say, to reach one person.  Just one person.  To say I invite you into our world and if you feel the need to share back, then please do so.  To make a difference in one life, that is our goal and if we can do that, we have all that we need.  It's when I stop fighting for that one person that I am letting everyone down.

I've tried it both ways, blogging for everyone, blogging for myself, and now I find myself here.  Because one person can make the difference between so many things in life.  Like you do for me.  When I need a lift, I find it from one of you.  When I need a laugh or a good dose of sarcasm, I look for one of you.  When I just need to hang out and have some girl talk, I look for my dog blogging friends and when I need a dose of reality or a shoulder to cry I, I don't have to look too far.  Someone out there has just want I need for that day and I hope to aspire to that.  To be what someone else needs for that day.  Just by being me, just by being you, we come together through cyberspace and connect.  What an awesome gift.  A gift that keeps giving and a gift I hope to be to at least one person out there.  

Thank you to all of the "one persons" out there that have made a difference everyday in my life.  For changing my mind when needing it and for helping me feel a part of something bigger.  I hope all my friends in the US have a safe and happy Memorial Day and the friends across the way also have a safe and happy day.  

Life is just too short.  Be kind in your thoughts, for everyone is going through something today.   



Unknown said...

We agree with what you have said. Blogville is a great place and we have been so lucky to have made some fabulous furends. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Pamela said...

Blogging can cause a roller coaster of emotions, can't it.

But I'm so thankful for each connection I've made with a special person.

One of the things I love the most is becoming friends with people I would never otherwise meet if not for our love for dogs.

I hope you and your special person have a great weekend with your very special family.

acd6pack said...

I can SO relate to what you wrote about! Being new to the blogging thing, I too would wonder if there was anyone out there reading. Does anyone like it? Does anyone care? The most important thing to me is to show how normal a pack of special needs dogs really are. If it changes one person's perception and maybe gives a special needs a chance at a home, then it is so worth it.

Val said...

This post really hit home with me today as I often feel this same way. I am always grateful for that "one person" so I will continue to post and give thanks for the opportunity to share a little piece of my world with others.
Thanks for the reality check:)

Kat said...

Loved this post and couldn't agree more. I blog for myself, for a release, for a creative outlet. The fact that people read and comment on my blog is great, but I don't think I'd stop even if nobody commented and I didn't get followers.

And for the record, we love your blog and pack of pups :)

How Sam Sees It said...

We found we have the most success when we are just ourselves. We don't count numbers, but we are always so thankful for that very first person who commented and gave us the courage to keep blogging.


White Dog Blog said...

Amazing that we have all made such similar journeys of discovery on how best to find fulfillment through our blogs. But you are right, it comes down to just connecting...being yourself and having just one other person understand and truly share a moment from your life.

I feel so blessed to have found such bonds here in our blog family, especially with you and your pack.

jen said...

I hear you loud and clear on this one! Comments use to matter a lot to me but not so much anymore since I discovered there are a lot of people reading who don't comment! Certain people read but if they don't have anything to say that's fine. I get that now.

Unknown said...

Love your blog and today's post. I do not have a blog but love to read others. Your dogs and their antics amuse me. Keep up the good job.