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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze, Fiona and Zappa who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm a stay-at-home-"mom" and other than a few errands here and there I am home most of the day.  The dogs are around me all day and though I may not realize it, I sometimes take for granted that they are there.  After being gone for the last couple of days and the BS I had to put up with, I couldn't get home fast enough to see each and every one of them.  As always I was greeted with many kisses and hugs and more  unconditional love than I could handle.  They made all my stress and tension just vanish like magic.  We cuddled, played and just enjoyed being together.  I couldn't get enough of them tonight and I didn't realized until I got home, how much I had been missing them.

I have a luxury that most don't have, being home all day with my wonderful animals and tonight I recognized I don't appreciate that gift often enough.       

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat Crazed Blaze

Blaze isn't allowed around the cats because she becomes crazy around them.  She wasn't taught how to be around cats.  She waits by their door throughout the day and night waiting for the chance to play with them.
I see kitty paws...

Here kitty, kitty...I just want to play with you...

I even save my doggie biscuit for you...

I'm going to wait right here for you until you come out and play with me.

Mommy, I think I hear them calling my name, hurry and open the door.
I promise to be good this time.  (paws crossed)

Monday Memories-Snow Day

The puppies were born in January and we live in a Northern Climate that had a bitter cold winter that year.  The puppies could go outside at four weeks old, but due to the frigid temperatures, we weren't able to take them out until they were seven weeks old.

We had just gotten back from the vet's office for their first round of vaccinations and dewormers and had transported all ten of them in a large cardboard box.  We slid the box outside into a fenced in area made just for them where they had their first taste of pact frozen snow. 

The puppies loved every minute of being outside. 

Like chasing Mommy Silver and trying to grab a teat.


Chasing Daddy until he rolled over.

even on the opposite side of the fence.


 Digging out the leftover birdseed frozen in the ground.

After about ten or fifteen minutes they started to get cold and it was time to go back in the box and head inside.

10 puppies in one TV box? 
What kind of deal is this??


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cool Video and Saturday Blog Hop

This video is about as true as it gets:

"GoD and Dog"
(click on title for link)
by Wendy J Francisco

It says it all.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank you for our Award

We are honored by all the awards we have received and then to receive another one from The Blab Labs well, we just had take a play bow at the wonderfulness of this dog blogging community.  We don't feel we are any more special than any of the other dog blogs out there, but we appreciate the award. 

Dog blogging has become a wonderful resource in helping my with my depression.  The love, care, and joy from writing and reading other animal blogs is contagious and lifts my spirits because we are not alone in our crazy, insane love for our animals. Sometimes my animals and blogging are the only highlight of my day and this experience has given me has become a valuable tool in coping with my disorder.

I think that all of you rock when it comes to blogging and I love this "little" animal community.  This has been such a wonderful adventure and I would like to share my thanks for it. 

With that, Here are the rules (copied from The Blab Labs):

1.Please thank the dog who gave this to you, and link to them.

2.Name 10 things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.

3.Then, award 15 doggie bloggers. It doesn't matter whether they are old or new. All furends deserve this.

4.Comment on the new receivers of this award's blog to let them know of the love.

5.And the most important: HAVE FUN!!!
Thank you The Blab Labs for this wonderful award.
10 things you may not know about us:
1.Brut reminds Silver every chance he gets that he wants to make more puppies.

2.  Silver lets Brut know every chance she gets that labor with 10 kids was enough.

3.  Fiona and Chance would make excellant food detectives.

4.  Despite the terror that Brut is,  Fiona is the only dog who can scare the beegeezes out of him.

5.  All the dogs put on their best show to be chosen for a ride with Daddy.

6.  We think it is adorable that Blaze is mothering three different squeaky toys during the last weeks of her false pregnancy.

7.  Blaze is obsessed with the cats and isn't allowed in the same room with them yet.

8.  Brut and Zappa like to act out their own version of  "Whose the Boss?"

9.  Chance and Blaze could get a job at a restuarant clearing tables, plates, silverware...

10.  Silver never gave us kisses until she watched all her puppies give them.

We believe all the dog blogs deserve this award, but we are working real hard on following the rules.  BOL 
Here are some of our picks:

(A playbow exit.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mole Problem

Looks like we have quite a mole problem...

Look at this tunnel!

I think they are trying to find a way out

Look!  There's one now!  It's one of those GIANT moles.
They are sneaky little devils that travel in twos.  I wonder where the other one is?


Now if I just had a great big dog to catch them rascals...

We are also participating in the THANKFUL FUR 3 BLOG HOP.
Find out more info at Brian's Home.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Zappa is the loudest and mouthiest dog of all the dogs and is never afraid to use his voice for what he wants.  His whiny, sharp bark could shatter eardrums.  He is vocal and persistent when he feels the need to come in or out and drives me crazy all day long.  He barks throwing his head to and fro demanding my attention with his sassy voice and attitude.  The only exception is when we ask him to "SPEAK"...then he is amazingly speechless.

It is snack/TV time at the 24 Paws of Love and Zappa is asked to SPEAK for his treat.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Memories-Alex and Brut

Brut at six weeks and Alex
Alex was about 15 years old when we brought Brut home.  Brut took a strong liking to Alex.  He always wanted to be as close to Alex as possible.  Since most of the time Alex was sleeping, Brut always took his naps with next to "Grandpa Alex."

Alex never seemed to mind.  He knew his time was short.  I can just imagine all of the secrets Alex was sharing with the soon-to-be pack leader. 

Your on my tail kid! 

I love you Grandpa Alex.

Alex died when Brut was eight months old as Brut took over his leader position.  Things have never been the same since! 
You can read Alex's story here. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boo-Boo Socks are COOL!! and Sat blog hop

Blaze:  Chance...I've got to show you something!

Chance:  Oh no Blaze! Does your leg have a boo-boo too?

Blaze:  My leg is fine.  Chance, you've started a fashion trend.

Chance:  My Boo-Boo Sock is a Fashion Trend?

Blaze:  Yep.  The Back  Dogs are doing it.
Chance:  The Back Dogs?  More like the Back-ward Dogs!

We love Boo-Boo Socks!

Chance:  Even Brut?
Blaze:  Even Brut.

Brut:  Boo-Boo Socks are COOL!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We got our Blaze back!

Look at this happy girl!  I had to capture some great playtime with her and Chance.  She's been in quite a funk since her last heat, depressed, moody and clingy.  She wouldn't even go outdoors half the time.  This is normal behavior for some dogs, to go through a "mourning period" if they don't get pregnant.  Also called a false pregnancy.  Mommy Silver went through them also and it is claimed to be genetic.  Some claim that it is a natural state every female that has a heat goes through.  Some dogs may show mild symptoms, like Blaze, while other dogs may be more severe with teats swelling up and producing milk.  Hoarding toys to replace "puppies" during a false pregnancy is also not uncommon. 
A false pregnancy usually last about as long as a dog's gestation period, about two months. 

So we were thrilled when Blaze started to perking up at about six weeks.  Not to mention Chance was one happy camper to have his best friend back!

YEAH!  This is SO great!!

Give me more!  Give me more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Squirrel Patrol Experience

It was squirrel patrol with the Back Dogs all day today.  While Brut was out by himself at one point, he caught a squirrel.  I grab a handful of treats, my bucket and proceeded to try and lure him away from the squirrel and capture the squirrel.  This event can take any where from half and hour or more, depending how long it takes to get Brut away from the squirrel so I can cover it with the bucket. 

Brut ran around the yard with it a couple of times then I let him settle down.  I threw a treat to the side.  No go.  That's when Brut must have noticed the fistful of treats I had and began to walk over to me, leaving the squirrel.  I was in complete shock.  Brut WILLINGLY abandoned his prize possession and let me cover his catch without trying to stop me.  I was flabbergasted. 

I grabbed him by the collar, not sure of my next move.  The rest of the troops had witnessed what happened and were waiting at the door.  I usually put Brut in the house at this point in order to take the little critter to the squirrel cemetery at the woods across the street, but I was also trying to avoid a fight with the rest of the Back Dogs right at the door.  So I took a chance with Brut right there and quickly scoop his find into the bucket. I have been working on Brut's possessiveness by claiming his star items as "Mine" and thumping them against my chest.   So I claimed the bucket as "Mine" and proceed with the rest of the funeral arrangements.

When I got back, Brut was sniffing the spot where the squirrel had been, I stood on the spot and claimed "Mine" then made him sit and lay down.  Click and reward.  By then another squirrel had caught his attention and I let the rest of the dogs out.  I didn't let Brut guard The Spot, I took it.  Then made him lay down again.  I kept his interest, while keeping an eye on the other dogs.  There were no fights, not even a hint of starting one.  I couldn't believe my eyes.

Today's operation last maybe ten minutes with about a twenty minute follow up when the other dogs were brought in.  Usually I'm a nervous wreck because I'm in fear of the dogs eating their prey.  Brut usually runs with his catch at every step I take and I will have to start over trying to get close to him.  This was simple and clean cut.  If that's all it takes is a fistful of treats to make him leave the squirrel so easy, than so be it.  I'll take it.  It was such a great positive experience with Brut and all the dogs that I feel ready for the next time.  Since the squirrels are busy packing for winter, there will be plenty of them next times.        

I'm watching you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pedigree Adoption Drive

We all know that Dogs Rule, so let's help them out.

Write a post by September 19 about the Pedigree Adoption Drive and Pedigree will donate a 20-pound bag of dog food to local shelters.

Then become a fan on www.facebook.com/Pedigree

That's it.

Help homeless dogs and shelters, just by writing a post by September 19.   


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dog Behaviorist experience with Brut

This was playtime and isn't as awful as it looks, but I just love this picture of Brut on the attack!

When Brut was about a year and half old we took him to a dog behaviorist for his aggression.  This was before Blaze and  Chance came back and we only had the Back Dogs at this time.  The conflicts between Brut and the puppies, Zappa and Fiona had been increasing and I found myself not knowing what to do. 

This behaviorist was the only one within 100 mile radius.  After checking out her website, I didn't have a good feeling about her.  I wasn't sure what it was, just a gut feeling, but with our options limited, I tried to keep an open mind and went to the appointment anyways. 

For someone who deals with aggressive and problematic dogs she was extremely flighty and very nervous.  She practiced in "holistic healing."  None of this was specified on any of her forms or her website.  When my husband left to check on the puppies in the car, she started spraying Brut with a "calming" spray, without my permission.  Then she tried a different spray when my husband had to take a call, again trying to calm Brut.  This added to my suspicion about her motives.  She was trying desperately to convince my husband when actually it was me who was uncomfortable with her.

She also used the art of Reiche, which is a form of controlling the energy in a room and the people or animals in it.  She was trying to show Brut she was the one in control while trying to calm him down.  I have some knowledge of the art and did not approve of her using it on Brut.  Another method she used without my permission and almost without my knowledge.   

She went through the process of demonstrating "clicker training," and then discuss "Pack Leadership Training."  It was at this point that Brut was laying at our feet asleep when she kicked him on purpose to get his reaction.  This was the final straw.  I don't care what your practice or treatments are but kicking him for any reason was not acceptable to us.  I don't care how great she was or that she was the only one if the area.  We were never coming back. 

This is what we received for our time and money.   "Clicker Training" which I'd already been using on Brut since he was eight weeks old.  Pack Leadership Training which I'd also been using with the "Clicker Training"  A bottle of calming spray I've only used a couple of times with no results.

Brut handled the entire episode like a trooper.  He's never had any aggression with people, only dogs. She talked of a FOUR hour session to break his aggression with dogs.  We just let her talk.  We were still in utter shock at the fact she had kicked our dog.  A dog that had a rough beginning.  He didn't need that and we definitely didn't need her.  This is how we found ourselves on our own in helping Brut and the rest of the Back Dogs. 

I am now very cautious with any dog trainer/behaviorist.  I had to fill out pages and pages of questions before going to see this "specialist" and yet she didn't seem to take any of this information into consideration.  She didn't clarify her methods and did not ask for my permission to spray Brut or using the art of Reiche on him.  The fact that she kicked a previous abused dog was cruel, inhumane and beyond comprehension.  We are still shocked that it happened.  Just because someone claims to be a dog trainer or behaviorist does not mean they are the right one for you and your dog.  Test them out, ask them questions.  Don't assume that what is on their website or brochure has everything that is part of their training and evaluation.  Trust your gut.  If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.  When I saw her website, I knew something wasn't right.  If anything I should have investigated further.  We learned a valuable lesson from our experience.  No one knows our dogs better than we do and we've learned to trust our gut when it comes to them.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Memories-A Day in the Life of a Puppy

The puppies were at 4 weeks old in these pictures and this was my favorite age.  Their eyes and ears were open, they were walking and starting to run and jump.  They were miniature versions of the puppy you pick up at 8 weeks or so, yet they were still tiny enough not to be overwhelmed by having 10 of them. 
We were just starting to wean them a meal a day and Mommy Silver still had the job the rest of the time.

Did I just hear food?

Nom, nom, nom...

Potty Time!

Can we all just snuggle a little closer, please?


Full belly...can't...move.


Everybody smile!