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Brut Quote

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Chance's pH results!

After three weeks of practicing (with clicker training), I was able to get a sample of Chance's urine to be tested for his pH levels.

See, when we used to try and get Chance's urine, he would just stop peeing.  He wanted to mark, but a glance at hubby, Mark and I behind him would make him clam up.

So I used clicker training when we were walking and would just bend down like I was going to collect.  Click and reward.  Did that for a while and then started doing it while he was going.  Click and reward.  Then I finally added the collection tub.  Bingo!  Piece of cake.

Took in the sample, had it tested and I am proud to say that Chance's pH level is at a 6!!  To compare it was at an 8 about three months ago.  All our hard work paid off.

Now that we are out of the danger zone, we can slowly add items back into his diet to see if they upset the balance of his pH levels.  This also means that Chance's pH levels were high because of the food he was eating and not something more serious.  GOOD NEWS!!

We won't do anything for a while.  I think for safety reason we will keep things as is, but when we feel he's ready we can try a piece of chicken of something.

It may not seem like much, but we have been worrying about this since late fall or so of last year.  It is a relief and a great weight lifted off our minds.

Thanks for cheering us on with Chance's diet and keeping us strong!

Monday, March 18, 2019

mommy's corner-being an animal caregiver

I'm exhausted tonight.  I love everything about pets; especially the bonding relationship that continues to thrive and grow.  Taking you to places of love you never knew existed.  I wouldn't trade them for the world.  For the most part, I do not mind caring for them, but there are times when I really feel like I need some me time. It is during this time I don't want to be touched or nuzzled or rubbed against.  I need some time to myself to recuperate from taking care of everyone.

That's what I'm doing right now.

Getting away from the dogs and cats and taking a much needed break. 

Are there others out there that struggle sometimes with being a caregiver?

I mean, pets are not like children.  They don't eventually leave home and start their own lives.

So caring for them can be kind of exhausting.  And I guess that's where I am tonight. 

It isn't necessary good or bad, it is just part of the love and commitment of caring for animals.

I'll be OK.  Just need a little down time. 

Thanks for listening!
Yes, that's how I feel...

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Here's Where We Are Now with Chance's Diet

Our dog Chance had a high pH urine reading and has been put on a special dry food, treats and can only have vegetables for anything extra.  We are three months in and it has been a difficult transition for everybody.  Here's where we are at now.

You mean I still can't lick your plate??

It's becoming more routine now dealing with Chance's limited diet.  It is still hard to resist not giving him some goodie I know he loves, but 99% if the time I refrain.

My husband, Mark has been doing much better than me since this diet started 3 months ago.  He has stuck to Chance's diet and given him the approved foods he can have.  It took some time for me to come around and I think it was more of a challenge for me because it was about the sharing and bonding Chance and I were doing when we ate together.

And how has Chance been handling it?

Once Chance learned he wasn't getting any food, he goes to his bed and hangs out there while we eat.  Which is great.  Takes the pressure off of everybody.  He's allowed vegetables for treats and we always share some with him after we are done eating.

Chance is a counter surfer and always has been, but now he is doing it all the time.  He even picks up odd ball stuff off the counters and table that are not edible, just to hoard. It is really starting to bother me because he's never touched any of these things before and is getting a bit obnoxious about it.  We have a camera in the kitchen to keep an eye on him, which has helped out greatly catching him in the act.

Hopefully this phase of his diet will be over soon.  In the meantime we are doing the best we can with Chance and hoping to get some answers with his next urine test, that in itself is a whole different ballgame.  More later!