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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze, Fiona and Zappa who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What 2013 has taught me.

Where has the time gone?  One minute it is the build up to Christmas and next the New Year is upon us.  Just hours away. 

If I could sum up what I have learned this past year with the dogs, it would be body language.  Using mine and learning theirs.

I can guide the dogs into any position, change their behavior or help through something by the communication of body language.  Theirs and mine.  It speaks louder than my voice and it is gentle and more effective than teaching a command.  In turn it helps me to study them and their body language and what they are trying to convey to me.  Especially when dealing with more than one dog.

It's like being in a dance with your partner and letting the rhythm move you instead of memorized steps. 
Or like swaying with the wind and letting blow through you, instead of resisting it.  It becomes a deeper and more beautiful connection to be one with it.  And somehow I understand that.

And so my dear friends as we bid farewell to 2013, I wish many blessing and givings  for the upcoming year.  May we all engage a closer with the ones we love, especially the furry ones.  :)

Thank you for making our year a better and happier place in blogville.  We can't thank  you enough for your support.

Take care my friends and we'll see  you on the other side.  

And always remember...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Christmas Update

Hello!  Hope everyone's holiday was good.  We had a simple but wonderful Christmas together and enjoyed Christmas dinner with new friends.  Which was delicious!  We had a great time talking about animals of all sorts and how they are a part of our lives.  Great conversation on such a special day.

We got dumped with snow over the last two weeks.  It's a good foot and half deep and the dogs have come out of their summer hibernation.  They are having the time of their lives chasing and hunting and eating lots of snow, when we are not in a deep freeze, that is.  The temperatures have been frigid, below zero.  We had quite a "warm up" the last few days and it actually reached above freezing, about 35F degrees.

The times during the Arctic blast are tough.  The dogs can barely go out to do their business before their paws freeze up.  So there is no playing outside or going for walks and that makes it hard for everybody.  Talk about early cabin fever!   And it's only December!  So we are working on learning new tricks, indoor games and resting up for the for when we can go dog sledding.

For those of you new to our blog, we dog sled in the winter.   We only do it for recreation and for something different for the dogs and I to learn.  They all love it, though each has their little quirks with it, but since they are all part Husky and come from race lines, there's nothing more they love to do than pull!!  I've found myself a little more hesitant this year getting started than in previous years.  The extreme amount of snow and cold temperatures this December were like a shock to my system.  Usually we are unable to sled until the beginning of January.  Then with the holidays and all, my heart hasn't been in it just yet.  Although hubby was saying that if the roads are good we are thinking about going today.  The road was great until it warmed up and now it is a bit splotchy with bare road showing right where the dogs run, but we are suppose to get more snow tonight.  So we'll see.  I'll only go if the road is safe and the dogs are up to doing it.  Safety first.

So that's our little headline for to catch you up since Christmas.  And just like that it's time to get ready for the New Year.  Amazing how time flies, isn't it?        

Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Make Reindeers

A few of you asked how I got the dogs to sit still.  There's about a five second span when that happened and I had to have the camera ready to shoot.  In real time here's how long it took to to get those pictures of Chance and Blaze with those darn antlers we humans think are so cute, just to have a cute Christmas Card for the holidays.

Or watch on YouTube

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Bloopers

   Your antlers are killing my excellent view!

Silver:  Why does it look like I am wearing the Burger King crown??

 Santa High Five!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Chance-Gotcha Back Day

Chance was the fourth born of the litter of Silver and Brut.  He found a home with a boy, I don't think he's ever forgotten about when he was given back to us at almost a year old.  This is his story of when he came back.

The day he walked back in house, it was familiar and it wasn't.  He knew these people, but they weren't his people.  Where was his boy?

He paced.  For a split second he was going to rest, his rear started to go down, but his anxiety made him pace. 

He was confused.  His eyes were lost.  Where was his boy?  The one who set it right.  The one he'd lay his life down for and the one who would take him home.  He will come.  He'd be ready for him. In the corner of the fence he waited.  Constantly searching for his boy.

Minutes turned into hours
           which turned into days
                                  then weeks
                                       and then into five years...

The boy never came back.

He still listens for him every now and then in the still of the night.

He began to remember his parents more and more and the undying they had for him.  He grew to accept as the months slipped away with no sign of his boy.

Fears that encroached him bled through his veins.  He's been hurt one too many times.  They understood and comforted him.  It was the only way he could tell them what he'd been through and saw. The fears still surface now and again, but he is taken care of. 

He learned new things.  His world expanded.  And his best friend and counterpart was there to experience this new life with him.  For they'd both know the same life together before they met again and had been saved. 

There was his mom whom never forgot.  His dad, brother and sister in the next room.  He found his life complete and whole instead of broken and shattered.  He was finally home.

Today, 5 years ago, Chance was freed to heal and grow into the dog his is today-
A Mighty Champion of the Heart.  

Happy Gotcha Back Day Chance!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Treat Time!!

Every night Daddy get special treats ready so we can all have a snack together while we watch TV.  
Here is Fiona, Silver and Zappa of the Back Dogs with their rendition of Treat Time!!

(or see on YouTube)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Answered Prayer

 What do we have here?
This bag of bones sits on top of the fridge...

Chance!  Blaze!  
Have you been praying again to the Big Dog in the sky again?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Following Your Heart

 Silver and her pups.
Jan. 2, 2008

It might surprise you that I wasn't 100% on board with my husband, Mark and having puppies.  I'd been part of the dog world for some time and Mark met me with pure innocence when it came to dogs and other pets.  It was natural in his world for dogs to reproduce, which truly by all of nature's laws, it is.  He couldn't imagine anyone not loving or wanting a dog as he pined most of his life to have a furry friend.  And it never crossed his mind that anyone could be cruel or unloving to a puppy and that every puppy would find a loving home. 

But I'd grown up in a different world.  Spaying and neutering were the natural way for me.  Irresponsible breeders created a constant flow of unwanted pets that were being put to their deaths in shelters all around the country.  Unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence against dogs and cats were going unpunished.  I learned early that the world was harsh when it came to animals and those thoughts hadn't seem to change any when Mark wanted to breed Silver.

It was almost a 50/50 split for me when it came to breeding Silver.  My feelings were still strongly tied to the knowledge I had learned over the years.  While embracing this young innocence of Mark and the hope that could aspire from it.  When it came time to breed Brut and Silver I had an inner peace that we were doing the right thing.  Once Silver was pregnant, I didn't have time to think about all those laws and statutes I was breaking.  There were tiny lives depending on me and what guilt I did have seem to slowly fade away.

Then those ten miracles of life were born.  And it didn't take long for the fear of a new dog mom to feeling the normal fear and anxieties that come with new life.  It wasn't much longer than that the fears of all I knew made me part of my own reality.  Suddenly I was the "breeder" with ten puppies, whom I did not trust to anyone, but knowing that I couldn't keep them all.  They could end up in shelters or dead.  Suddenly I was the cause to the dog overpopulation.  And the reason some may not get spayed or neuter.  They were harsh terms that I took literally.  There was the fear of not finding homes for them all of them and the fear of having to keep the ones that were left.  Suddenly, I was exactly what I read and heard about all my life.

I will never get over the miracle of Chance and Blaze coming back.  Being returned to us as a total surrender.  That the owners thought that much or at least gave us a thought to bring them home, must say something.  Because it was the miracle of these two dogs that I sit here today and write this.  Were we just lucky?  I don't think so.  For it was just this morning that Chance and Blaze literally woke me up out a bad dream that was about to get worse.  Another example of them being part of our lives.  And that there is purpose and reason as to why we are divided into two packs.  I've heard them sing together several times throughout the day in accordance to what I am doing.  I saw Fiona playbow to Chance from across the fence line when Chance and Blaze were playing.  That was exciting!

No one can tell me that those puppies weren't meant to be.  Even when Angel and Grumpy died.  No one can say I did the "wrong" thing or that I did it for my own selfish pleasures or gain.  I've always done everything in my life for the dogs.  And if there is anything I learned out of that harsh reality of thoughts I grew to live by, trusting my dogs has always saved my life.  Every. Time.

Haven't you ever felt that deep inner desire to do what your heart and gut says is right, despite what others think or the world's standards?

 Just who says I can't be here??


Friday, December 6, 2013

Brut "My Rock"

The Dog you have all been waiting for...

This was filmed on Brut's Gotcha Day of Nov. 22. (7 years)
I talk like a mouse so may want to turn up the volume.  (EH?)
Still working on my camera voice.


Video not working?  Watch on YouTube

NOTE**  Luigi (the duck) was sporting a wet feather mustache stuck to his nostril.  Ducks don't slobber or have snot.  But it did make for a good laugh!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Meet Mommy Paws

(If video doesn't work go to YouTube)

You may be seeing more of these video post along with written ones as I slowly work the kinks out of my writer's block.

So tell me, what do you think?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

To All Our Friends-Happy Thanksgiving

May we all have a furry someone to be thankful for.

Pee.S.  Look for us back in Blogville, Mon. Dec. 2, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I've got a little secret...

 We are going to take a little blogging break...
everything is OK and we will be back real soon.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What does Brut think about his kids?

I wonder what Brut thinks of his kids?  I wonder what thoughts run through his mind when he sees and interacts with them.

Does he see any of his qualities or traits?

Does he see the possibilities in each of them?

And what he needs them to be as part of pack?

He shows both affection and discipline that he is not afraid to use.  Sometimes it is harsh and other times it is with just a look of his eyes.

I have watched both Brut and Silver shape and mold Fiona and Zappa as they have evolved and grown over the years, yet I can't tell you one thought that crosses their mind between their blood relationships.

I can examine their body language and actions but this only tells me of their behaviors.  What does Brut think of his personal relationships with his son and daughter?  I don't think it's any less than what any parent thinks of their child, I just think it is different.  It can't be based on a human scale.  It is something that that only a dog would know and understand.

But wouldn't it be so cool to understand it?  And to really cross that barrier and grasp that line of thinking?

Like what Silver was thinking as she watched her eight puppies leave out of her care and never come back   again.  There had to be some powerful communication to each of them, that we'll never know.

Or what she thinks about Chance and Blaze coming back?  Does she still know they are her children and what does she think about them and her relationship to them?

I do believe they all know they are related, but it is at a higher level of communication.  I also believe there is a great understanding in the separation and they all know that things have changed.

Always just curious to get inside the mind of a dog.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Flashback Friday-He once was a puppy...

 Mom, is this all the toys I have?

 The sleeping prince.

Yeah, what do you want?

My heart dog Brut at 8 weeks old.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you look at this photo?

Write it in the comment box.  Whatever you think of first.
(and no, we don't have snow yet :(  Pic from last winter.)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Our "Darling" little Blaze

We had a pretty dreary weekend with lots of rainy skies.  It would downpour for several hours and then the sun would come out for a couple.  Well, it was during one of those breaks that decided to walk Blaze as she was next on the walking list.  Well, we weren't the only ones ones who decided to take advantage of the sunny skies, it seemed like the whole neighborhood was out walking their dogs and Blaze isn't good with other dogs.  I thought she was going to jump right out of her skin!  And I completely caught off guard.  Who would have thought in the middle of the afternoon people would be out dog walking??  A rare sight in this neighborhood. 

I tried my best not to get frustrated and trying to stay as calm as I could.  I kept correcting her not to pull but it was difficult because she was wound up like top.  Blaze is so hard to control once she gets that high strung, so actually we did pretty good together under the circumstances.  The worse part is she doesn't seem to calm down once she gets razzed up like that.  So the walk really becomes a challenge.  At one point two dogs were behind us and once she knew that I had to cut into the woods and get them out her sight path.  Then I made the mistake of coming back out to the street, where the dogs had just walked, because I didn't want to walk in the drenched grass and she still went bananas sniffing their path.  It was a no win situation and I was just glad to finally make it home.

There were no more walks after that.  The rest would have to wait.  One crazy walk with Blaze did me in for the day.  Yep, I was all done.  And sometimes that's just how it rolls here at the 24 Paws of Love.  We pack up the leashes and save them for another day.     

When Momma can't take no more, she means it!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thanks for not Being Like Them.

Before I started dog blogging, I started out on dog forums.  It was an eye opening experience.  People who claimed to be dog lovers, were quite ruthless with their believes and would attack anyone who differed from them.

One example:  If you didn't feed a raw diet you were practically considered evil to your dog.

Another:  When I was struggling with Brut's aggression on a daily basis, I asked for help, suggestions, or how to cope and I was chastised for making him a father and bringing more aggressive dogs into this world (in their minds).

It was pretty ugly.  My thin skin couldn't handle all of the abuse and self-righteousness that was being flung around, so I quit going to the forums.  And because of it, I almost didn't blog at all.  I just didn't think I could handle being judged so harshly.  What I did with my dogs was my business, just like what someone else does with theirs, is there own.  And how did that give anyone the right to knife me, if no real harm was being done?

Looking back now, I learned a few things from going on those forums.  I didn't want to act or be anything like them to someone else.  I'm a big believer in everyone having their own freedom and choices, even if I don't agree with them.  I think everyone has the right to be who they are and do what they feel they must do for their dogs.  I loved the post I did on Brut (HERE) where I spoke of my choice to keep him intact.  And several readers commented that it wouldn't be their choice but respected my decision to do so.  I found that very cool!!  That's the kind of stuff, I would like more of, agree to disagree.  I think sometimes people are afraid to state their opinions, like myself, because it isn't nice or they are afraid of starting controversy.  Unless you are trying to tell me how to do my job with my dogs or my life, I am open to different opinions and ideas.

I appreciate the support and understanding I have gotten on our blog.  It has made such a difference in our lives to know there is a place to go and just be ourselves.  It has helped in untangling this web of Brut's aggressions, Chance and Blaze's anxiety, and any other problem we've come across with our dogs and ourselves.  We are able to share and get feedback that encourages us.  I've spoken before about the chastising we've gotten about our dogs, having so many, from people who really don't care about animals like we do.  You can only blow off so much of before it starts to get to you.  And now we always have this wonderful place in the dog blog world to come and be apart of other crazy bloggers who really understand. And we would like to thank you again and again for making our lives and our dogs better for knowing this great land of dog blog world.        


Monday, October 14, 2013

Liquid Bandage for Zappa

 That darn Brut!!
You may remember our trip to the pet store with Zappa, who actually went inside the store.  We were in there to get a fitting for a cone of shame for Zappa.  This after Brut and Zappa got into a scuffle in an over excited rush to get a critter that was outside the fence.

Well, I had some concerns about the using the cone, because Brut would view it as a threat.  Anything that is extreme or changes his sense of order and knowing becomes an issue he will feel the need to address.  And not very nicely.

 Pbffffffffffffttt to boo-boo's

We had one last shot at an idea that hubby came up with before resorting to the cone and having to separate the boys.  We thought we would try a liquid bandage spray that we had.  Since the scrape was on top of his muzzle and he couldn't lick it, we thought it might be a good option.

It said to apply 1-3 times a day, but since it took two of us to do it, we only did it once at night, hoping for the best results.  I would cover Zappa's eyes with a washcloth, while hubby held and covered the top of his nose while he sprayed.

It worked like a charm.  Zappa left the site alone the entire next day and eventually the raw skin began to turn pink.

 Mommy how much longer until it's healed?

We used this liquid bandage for about 5 or 6 days before we thought the sore was healing enough on it's own.  Zappa did still rub it a bit with his paws but the covering of the "bandage" helped to keep it protected enough to start healing. 

We are so glad that this solution worked for us, because just a few minutes of the cone of shame on and we instantly had a problem with Brut.  This way we were able to avoid another aggravated mess and keep Brut in good spirits without ever knowing there was a problem.  And that made it all worth it for everyone!

  10 days from start of Liquid Bandage.
Looking Good!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Perfect Brut Walk

Flowing together 
with a rhythm and a beat
makes us an unstoppable unit.

Jiving at the same octave
in a melodic song
that only we know.

Like sunshine in our hearts
mixed with a cool summer's eve
we walk the perfect walk together
Brut and me

Happy Birthday Brut!  Thank you for 7 years of perfect and not-so-perfect walks and everything in between.  Thank you for being my one and only Boothead.  Don't ever stop being you.  Love you forever.

Not-so-perfect walks?
She'll get it sooner or later.  ;)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Angel Jan.2 2008-Oct. 9, 2012

Never stop loving you.

A year ago today we lost one of our sweet pups from our litter and a couple lost their sweet girl when Angel was hit by a car.  We were so blessed to be part of the burial and see our darling winged girl one more time so we could say goodbye.  We still say good night to her every night before bed and know she's having a great time with Grumpy.  And many others we have lost over the years, waiting for the day we will see her again.  

Forever, Angel.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Problem with Comment link?

I've learned that for some readers there is not a "comment" link at the bottom of the post and so some bloggers are unable to comment.

At the end of the post it should read:

All barking by 24 Paws of Love
(share buttons)
# Howling Comments  

If you do not see the Howling Comments link to comment.  Could you please let me know by emailing Patty at 24pawsoflove(at)gmail(dot)com

And if you can let me know what browser(s) you are using.  Once I have this information, I will do what I can to fix the problem.  

My apologies to anyone who wanted to comment and hasn't been able to. 

Thanks so much for your help.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Zappa Zingers-Familiar Feeling

You know Mom, there's something familiar about this...

kind of reminds me of the first time I saw you.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Mom Cone of Shame

I am a horrible blogger and an even worse dog mom.

We went to Pet Supplies Plus to buy a cone of shame for Zappa who got a scrap on his nose from Brut after they went crazy over a critter.  And that's not the bad part.

The bad part is Zappa went into a store for the first time and I didn't have one photographic device on me to the capture the awesome moment!

I know, I know, what century am I living in?  Minus two points for mother of the year award.

Zappa even wore the cone of shame around the store.  (It was a good blocker for grabbing treats.)  bol! He did really great for his first time, like he'd been doing in all along.  I don't think his nose knew what to do being surrounded by so much food!!  In fact he thought he hit the mother load when he found some spilled food on one of the shelves.  Talk about a bonus!

We were basically the only ones in the store and Zappa was the only dog.  Which was a great first time advantage.  He was digging it.

I've only had to use the cone a few times.  We decided to try one last thing that we hoped would work first and got the cone for a backup.  We used a liquid bandage.  It's a spray on protective and is working really good.  Zappa is finally starting to scab.

So while I don't have photos of Mr. Boo-Boo or our first in-store experience, just imagine a happy dog surrounded by stacks and stacks of dog food, aisles of toys and goodies and being the calm, cool and collective dog that makes Zappa, Zappa.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Flashback-the white pups

With Fiona in the front and Chance in the back (laying down)

Sigh....I miss those days.  :(

Why do they have to grow up?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grieving Hearts Beat Alike

It was the last one.  He studied it while the garden associate came over.  He'd fallen in love with the three foot tree with the tropical red flowers.  Why not, he thought.  I can buy a plant for myself.

"This plant is so cool," he said to the associate.
"And it's marked down for our summer clearance," she replied.
"I'm buying it for myself, even though my wife will love it.  She has about 50 houseplants," he exaggerated.  "Well at least it feels that way," he laughed.  "She has plants all over the house.  What's one more?"

And with that he took his new friend, carefully placed it in the car to take it to it's new home.

Grumpy 2008-2012
For the past year she'd been contemplating an important decision.  Every so often she would scan the memorial garden in the side yard and try to picture what she could plant.  Her husband and her lost one of their pup from their litter, a little boy named Grumpy.  The owners had chose to put him down rather than give him back to 24 Paws.  And it still felt like an open wound.  Grumpy was her husband's favorite puppy and he was still hurting that he'd lost his special boy.  She wanted to plant something just as special.  Something that said Grumpy.  She always tried to plant something that bloomed around the the month of their death.  They didn't know exactly when Grumpy died, just a vague guess of late summer to early fall. 

She could only come up with two ideas for memorial plants for Grumpy.  One she didn't care for, as she had enough burning bushes and the other she was hesitant on.  It meant bringing the plant inside and the house was already full of large houseplants.  She wouldn't know where to put it.  So she was basically out of ideas.  
As summer started to close so did her hopes on finding the right plant for Grumpy.  
Maybe next year, she thought to herself. 


As her husband started to unpack the car, she noticed the red flower.  "Oh my gosh, you bought a Hibiscus!"  She exclaimed.

"Isn't it cool?  I thought I'd buy me a plant."  He grinned.

As she took it out and got the full sight of this exquisite plant, she felt a tingling at the top of her head.

"It's beautiful!  I can't believe you bought it."

As she re-potted the exotic plant and watched blooms open every day it, the tingling came back to her.  A Hibiscus.  A red Hibiscus She never told her husband that exact plant was her first choice for Grumpy's memorial plant (who wouldn't have known a Hibiscus from any other plant).  The plant that she would have to bring inside and make room for during the cold months that she didn't think was possible.  And yet here it was in her home symbolizing everything that Grumpy was.  Bold, beautiful and a pillar of strength.

The plant he bought for himself, was the one she wanted for Grumpy in the first place. 
  He brought our Grumpy home to rest.
Two hearts beating for one.
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy. 

Grumpy 4 weeks old