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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, May 10, 2013

The 5-1 Theory

So have you heard of the 9-1 theory?  It's when you have 9 good things happen and 1 bad, and that 1 bad blots out the 9 good.  It makes it difficult to see all the good things that have happened because of that one nagging thing that went wrong.

Well, I had the 5-1 theory happen yesterday when the vet made a "farm call" to our house for heartworm test and annual shots.  3 dogs did well, 1 did better than expected, 1 was an angel, and then there was the bad boy.  Can you guess who it was?

This was the first time our vet has come to our house for anything, The three I was worried about the most was Brut, Chance and Blaze, in that order.  Chance was my better than expected.  I've never seen him so relaxed and take so well to the procedure and the vet.  Blaze was an angel.  Just a perfect angel.  Didn't even fight when the needle went in to draw the blood.  I couldn't believe it.

So you know who that leaves...my bad boy Brut.  Everything was going so well, that I was hopeful if there was a chance and the circumstances were good, things with him would go well for him too.  Except I forgot the one main point.  The one main problem with Brut that was my greatest concern to begin with, the vet was on HIS turf.  He was OK at first but he is sneaky.  While I held his head and hugged his body, the vet held his leg to draw blood.  Then it happened quickly, Brut growled than snapped at her in the face.  He nicked her nose and got her shoulder, all while I held him.  And I've had a hard time letting go of it.  I knew better and I still tried.

We are taking him in the vet's office tomorrow to finish what never got started.  Brut has a healthy fear of the vet's office.  I've seen him run into Daddy's lap when a little dog got aggressive with him.  This is a much better atmosphere for him to be handle because he knows it.  He has to wear a muzzle though.  And I'm OK with that.  He's never tried to bite anyone before.  So this is our first time. It was all wrong time, wrong place and something I didn't even come close to expecting.

So this afternoon should be interesting to say the least.

Somebody, please tell me, I can't be alone in this...has your dog ever been a problem at the vet with you?  


Unknown said...

We hate the dogtor and his torture chamber but we have never bitten. Brut you are a one. Good luck today. Have a fabulous Friday if possible.
Best wishes Molly

jen said...

Believe me you are not alone. We see many, many pets that don't do so well at the vet clinic. Most of them are all really wonderful dogs, just not at the vets and we know that. Best of luck today! Hopefully things will go fast and smooth!

How Sam Sees It said...

Our dogs have always been great at the vet, but we ended up with a problem cat. We weren't allowed to bring him into the vet without a muzzle on. He never clawed, but would lock onto the vet tech's with his teeth and not let go.


Saved by Dogs said...

Good luck with the office visit!

Julia Williams said...

It's too bad you have to go to the vet's to finish the job they came out to do. But at least you took care of five out of the six. I would love to find a vet who would come out -- in my experience, taking cats to the vet's office is a lot more stressful than it is for dogs. For them AND for me!! LOL.

bichonpawz said...

Neither one of my girls like the vet...and I do have a fabric muzzle that I can put on if I need to...but so far I have not had to use it. At times, when I am cutting their nails...which they both hate...I will use it. Or putting in ear medication.

You didn't do anything wrong, but I sure can understand how you would feel. I'd feel the same.

Try to enjoy your day today. Happy Mother's Day!

acd6pack said...

Out of our seven, only one has a problem with the vet. Our red girl Callie. The shelter that she was adopted from were very up front about it and said that she must be muzzled every time. So we do, regardless of how relaxed she appears. We also have the opposite - Hiker who LOVES the vet and wags her tail non-stop, even when the needles go in!

White Dog Blog said...

Not a problem with the vet, but our long trusted groomer. Quinn who went to Scot since he joined the WDA, always went with White Dog and Steve; it was the same the last time (yes, he has been banned). In the final minutes of drying, with Steve holding him and his arm around Quinn's ruff, my serenely gentle boy bit through Steve's watch crystal jerked further around and ripped a 4" gash in Scot's smock, missing her belly by an eyelash thickness. Probably 50 visits that went well out the window, replaced forever by this one incident.