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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Front Dogs vs. Back Dogs-Gratitude

One of the biggest differences between the Front and Back Dogs, is the Front  Dogs permeate gratitude.  Being that they were part of our litter and were returned to us abused and neglected, gratitude seems to radiate from them.  It is constant even two years later and is like a special gift they carry around always full of thanks.

The Back Dogs whom we have had since they were all puppies, have never went without anything.  They have never known what it is like on the "other side."  Their needs have always been met, they have never suffered a blow or been locked up for extended periods of time.  They have always been cared for and have never known what it is like to be unloved.

The Front Dogs are very patient.  They never ask for anything , but wait until one of us comes in the room to let us know their needs, including to go out.  They are more affectionate than the Back Dogs and lap up any attention they are given.  They are understanding and forgiving and always seem to know just what we need.  They are very compassionate and loving souls who are just happy to be here.

The Back Dogs on the other hand would be considered spoiled next to the Front Dogs.  They are more demanding and forthcoming with their needs.  They have never known any different life than asking for what they want and do so without any fear.  The Back Dogs have lived in a stable and secure environment and have no concept of being hurt for days, weeks or months at a time like the Front Dogs were.  They have never missed a meal unless it was of their own choosing or they were sick.  All the Back Dogs have ever known is being loved and cared for and being treated as such.

The Front Dogs gratitude still blows my mind until this day.  They seem to appreciate us just being here and accept our time between the two packs.  Their gratitude seems to always be flowing, like they have sunshine in their hearts.  It is a quiet magic that makes them have this twinkle in their eye and shimmers through their body, somehow knowing how very lucky they are to be home.  There is just something different about Chance and Blaze that still catches my breath and brings tears to my eyes.   There is nothing more beautiful than sharing in the little bit of heaven that glimmers in these two dogs who have overcome odds that the Back Dogs will never have to know.

I don't know if the consensus is true with all rescue dogs, but I have found through forums and other blogs that other dog owners have discovered the gratitude ringing through with their rescue or shelter dogs.  Have any of you found the same thing?



Pamela said...

I'll just say that it's a beautiful thing for the back dogs to be able to take such good treatment for granted. I wish every dog could do that.

houndstooth said...

Well, we've had five adopted Greyhounds, four of whom knew life at the track and one of whom finished life at the track and went back to the farm to be a brood mama. We also have a German Shepherd who came to us from another rescue type of situation. The degree of gratitude has varied. Lilac was the one who lived the longest before becoming a pet, and man is she a bossypants! lol She keeps us dancing to her tune all the time, but she is also extremely affectionate. The Shepherd is going through a teenage stage right now and gratitude doesn't seem to be a part of that, either. Most of the time, though, I think they know they've got it good, or at least better than they had it before!

White Dog Blog said...

What you have expressed so beautiful is the same thing momma says on those afternoons when the WDA is sleeping scattered across the room and I am sitting on the arm of her chair. All of the others, all the rescues, sleep with such amazing trust and faith in us and our home. momma and I are reminded of the safe sanctuary our home...something, we, the back line as you say, often forget.

Thanks for the much needed words of encouragement. Humans sometimes lose perspective and think of months as being a long time when in fact it is merely a blink.

Cheryl and Kirby said...

I would agree with you. Rescue dogs I think are so grateful. Kirby would be a "front" dog. I know Kirby has experienced abuse in his past, plus living in a small cage at a shelter, so when a loving person comes their way I feel they are so grateful, because they know it could be so different. Nice post, I always wondered what made your front dogs and back dogs different from each other.

Kirby's mom