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Brut Quote

Friday, June 3, 2011


 Just another day on the Funny Farm!

Have you ever found people to be offended by how much you love you dog?  We have found time and time again that people find our love for our dogs to be a form of insanity.  They can't seem to fathom any understanding as to why our hearts have fallen over these mangy mutts or why our entire life encompasses these crazy canines. I know some that are appalled at the fact that we don't have children but instead devote our love to these furry lives, who's unconditional love can not be measured against.  The shock alone of stating we have six dogs is enough to wrinkle brows and stir doubt about our state of mind, but once the door has been opened, my husband is filling them in on our doggy madness that we live by and you can see the silent horror begin to fill their eyes.  They shake their heads as though to love an animal is the most absurd thing they have ever heard. 

Some will never understand the devotion and care that comes from loving a dog that loves with no strings or judgement attached.  That no matter how you love your dog, they will always love you more or the  unconditional love that pierces your heart and is so lost to this world.  What they see as illogical or ridiculous is the very reason us dog lovers exist.  And if loving my dog makes me a little whacky, so be it.  I'll take being dog crazy any day and love every minute of it!

What about you?  Has anyone ever been offended by how much you love your dog?  Do you consider yourself dog crazy?         


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Yes, I'm definitely dog crazy and most of my friends have dogs, although I only have one friend who is as crazy as me:) And I do know people who agree that I'm crazy for preferring to stay home alone with my 2 kids most times rather than go out with people. If I can go out with people and take my 2 with me then that's great:) And I know people who just can't understand the concept of loving dogs/pets, and I can't understand why they can't understand me! But I guess if we were all cut from the same cloth life would be boring. Although wouldn't it be wonderful if no-one was cruel to animals.

Linda Harding said...

I am 100% guilty of being dog crazy. My puppy, Romeo, was everything to me. He has been gone for over 2 months now and I still miss him like mad every single day. I have a huge picture of him in my office. I love every single one of our family dogs and cuddle them for ages when I go home to visit. I am a dog nut!!!

jen said...

Some people just don't get and that is fine by me. I am a dog crazy person and proud of it!

Anonymous said...

I've had three boyfriends give me the, "me or the dog," ultimatum. Guess who's still here?

Yeah, that's right the dog who gives no ultimatums and just loves me.

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me

Sage said...

I have one friend that changes the subject whenever I talk about my dogs, except it's to talk about his motorcycle. Whatever.....

ForPetsSake said...

Where do I start? Everyday I field comments about my crazy dog ladyness. I willingly share my heart with dogs and I'm proud of who I am. Dogs embody what it means to live life well. Can we all say that of our own lives?

Julia Williams said...

I can relate. Well, you know I am the Crazy Cat Lady, but the same principles apply. I do have people in my life that don't understand this kind of love, but I don't care because I know how special it is. And I will take animal love over human kids any day of the week. That doesn't make me very popular at family gatherings, LOL. Please come by and comment on "what you love most" about your dogs.

Boondocks said...

I am proud to be a crazy dog loving fanatic!!! I do not have many friends that understand my dedication to my pets, and that's ok... I don't understand a lot about their lives either. Wendy Francisco's song "GoD and DoG' sums it up for me!!

Boondocks' mom

Anonymous said...

The Army and our peeps stand paw and arm linked with you! The folks who don't understand the love between us furchildren and our pawrents, are the same ones that are often intolerant of other alternative forms of love as well. We say love and trust are such rare and incredible treasures in this world that we should celebrate and honor those relationships and thank the Universe for the gift...and not judge.

White Dog and The White Dog Army

houndstooth said...

I'd definitely consider us dog crazy, but I haven't had anyone be offended by how we feel for our dogs. I guess I don't seek out people who feel that much differently than we do.

House of Carnivores said...

Yeah, I've had friends get offended or impatient with us for how much we dote on both our dog and our cats. The implication is always that we're crazy, something that I will just never understand.