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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brut Thursday- I Was Never Disillusioned

The first time Brut ever came face to face with another dog was with our part-time neighbor's dog.  Brut was just six months old, full speed into puberty when the chocolate lab ran up to the road to greet us.  Brut became fully charged.  Barking, lunging, pulling like the devil to get at this dog.  I wasn't too shocked, but I didn't know what to do but stand and hold Brut away from this dog who all but just stood there.  Finally, someone called the dog's name and he took off.  I was shaken, but OK.  Brut on the other hand was on ready to take on the world and anybody else that got in our way.  I don't know if he ever did settle down as we continued on our walk, but I was glad when it was over.  At the time I didn't think anything of it really, Brut had already shown me with Silver that he had a problem with dogs, I just knew I'd have to be very cautious on our walks from now on.

Brut never gave me the option to be disillusioned that he might be friendly with another dog outside of his pack.  Heck, he had enough issues within his pack, he wasn't going to take kindly to any dogs outside of it.  There was no guess work when it came to Brut.  He wasn't kind of friendly then not, or friendly with some and not with others, he disliked them all and he made no bones about it.  Brut wasn't afraid to show how he felt and his intentions and reacted as such.  As much as I didn't like this 'quality' Brut made it quite clear and for that I am grateful.

Why am I grateful that my dog aggressive dog made his actions loud and clear?
 I think the most important thing I learned was that Brut didn't lie.  Brut went over the top with every emotion he was feeling from day one, in a language I could understand.  He never faked it. Whatever he did he was real with it and was big with it.  He really felt and expressed himself in such a huge way that it couldn't be missed.  And I really miss that about him.  I really do, including his ornery ways that made him really stand out from any dog I have ever known.  


Collie222 said...

Some of that can be prevented if you socialize a puppy before he/she is 16 weeks old. (I don't know what age you got Brut) If you ever get another husky puppy, a puppy socialization class may help. (But not always)

Pamela said...

Not everyone appreciates a dog's honesty the way you do. Brut was lucky you understood him so well.

I've also appreciated dog honesty when it comes to meeting other people or dogs.

Humans can make an excuse when they don't want to do something. Or tell a little white lie. But dogs have to endure things they don't like or make their feelings known like Brut did.