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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, July 9, 2010

Night Riding with Daddy

Ready to ride with Daddy!

God, I can't wait until the weather cools down just a little bit.  It's not as hot here as it is on the East coast and I'm so grateful for that.  I really think I'm going through dog withdrawal.  I have only been able to take them a few times in the evening.  Yesterday I even got a small fan and let it run in the car while I was away from the car.  I think Fiona didn't care much for it, but it helped in keeping the temperature down. 

I took Momma Dog and Daddy Dog tonight for a couple of hours after the sun went down.  I don't think Brut was too happy as he lost the front seat to Silver, who jumped right in and stayed in it all night. 

It was nice having them in there.  I don't have as nice of a day when I am dogless.  When I'm by myself, I will turn on the music and go into that world.  Today it was Robin Trower and "The Bridge of Sighs" album.  Although I love the music and makes me feel I'm back as a teenager.  (which sometimes isn't a good idea :)  There is nothing that is more real than having your "dog partner" with you as you are driving along the road.  Sometimes we even make our own songs together.  Silver is the best singer, she can really belt out the jams when she sees another dog walking around.  Actually all she has to see are kids, people, people with dogs, cats, you name it.  Get anywhere near our van and she will let you know, don't get too close. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler so I will be able to take one with me during the day. 

Until next time,
Feeling blue without the 24 paws with me.

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