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Brut Quote

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hope Prevails

No. My answer to Kristine's question, " Did you ever think they would be able to come so far a few years ago?"  I never would have thought I was going to get past the first few days when we started with two packs and coming this far in a couple of years was something that I could not have even imagined.

I remember feeling the need to be able to blend the two packs right now.  Ya know, like you see on the dog shows.  In an instant everybody was one happy family again.  And I couldn't do it.  I was expecting my husband and I to do this in a week or two.  All the internal pressure I felt and the failure that followed when I couldn't seem to push things along faster and fix this "problem" I thought I had.  If you would have told me back in the beginning it was going to take a couple years just to get to this point I would have lost my mind.

I remember things going well, when the fence tarp ripped open the first time.  It was OK, but things were still so unstable and then it got worse.  And my fears took over when I had to cover it back up.  There was just no way to be able to bring them together.  The dogs and I have changed since then and I can see and feel such a difference from that first time.  The dogs are more centered in themselves and their packs and I have a good feeling about them being able to see each other and that it's going to be OK.

My husband and I both agree that both packs are established enough that the dogs while they will reach a point (hopefully) of being able to be together (supervised, of course) and do things together, they will probably still have their separated side of house and yard.  Like they will be able to visit for a while and then go home.  This is our predication based on the dynamics of the two packs and their unique qualities.  I think it's an honest assessment and a reasonable goal to attain and one we would both be quite content with.

As I breathe with a sigh of relief.  We have found our peace.  :)

Correction:  My apologizes to Collie222 and savannahspawtracks for not adding their links to yesterday post.  If you get a chance check out both blogs, we really love them both.  :) 


Unknown said...

Have a fabulous peaceful Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Collie222 said...

I don't know how they are kept separated inside, but is it possible for them to be kept separated, but still able to see each other? I was thinking maybe two baby gates in a doorway, for extra height. So they can safely see each other, but can't make contact. This would only work under supervision. But in the evening, while you are watching tv, this would help them accept each other in their "space."

Collie222 said...

And help prepare them for the day where they can a be together in one room.

jen said...

and finding peace is most of the battle:)

Val said...

I admire your perseverance! :)

Peggy Frezon said...

I admire your work to find what is right for all the dogs. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, I never knew the whole story, not sure o totally understand yet, but I am sure you are hard at work making your furr family safe, loved and cared for... And now I have the 36aw of affection to learn about! Paw pats, Savannah

Pamela said...

And don't forget those dog shows on tv are all highly edited. :)