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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, June 24, 2013

The vacation from hell

Come on Dad, let's move!

We must have signed up for the EXTRAVAGANT package deal for our two week vacation.  I'm telling you folks it was a vacation that couldn't be beat-our stay at home vacation consisted of ten, count them TEN days of working on our truck!  Doesn't it sound like a dream getaway?! I'll spare you the gory details, but it went something like this:  transmission, battery, alternator, wiring.  We were actually charging the battery with a charger in between driving it, trying to keep it alive.  We had our own custom made electric truck!!  LOL!

We finally got everything figured out this past weekend.  Thank goodness!  We actually got stuck about half way coming back from an appointment 85 miles from home.  We stopped to "charge up" and tried heading out again, not getting too far only to have a friend tow us home, in the dark at what felt like warped roller coaster ride.  What was suppose to be a 5 hour trip at the most, getting home by the dogs dinnertime, turned into us pulling in at 11pm.  The dogs survived but someone had an upset system the next day due to the stress of being off schedule.  Poor Brut.  :(

The dogs lost out on some quality time as well.  Due to the stress of the vehicle being under maintenance and uncertainty, they went through the whole thing with us.  I was to exhausted to blog or even get on the computer most of the time.  It seem to take all of our strength just to get through the day.  Nothing like depending on one vehicle.

So while there were some scary times (once hubby almost didn't make it home in a downpour and not being able to use the wipers or lights because it would drain juice) and some very frustrating and disappointing times trying to figure out the actual problem we all made it through.  That is all except for a squirrel, a chipmunk and a mouse who made it to critter heaven thanks to our mighty hunters.

 Despite all the "fun" we had I don't think I'll be going back to that travel agent again.  :)  I think they owe us.  LOL!    

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