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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze, Fiona and Zappa who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Walking with the Wise Dog.

The weather was gorgeous and was close to 70!  Quite rare around these parts, especially in November!

Despite the sunshine and warm temps, today was exasperating.  I awoke from a nightmare I couldn't shake.  Hasn't happened in a long time, but my day started off very slowly and not so great.  I had to scold Fiona for pouncing on Boxer (our cat) when they were outside and for the fact she wasn't listening to me at all when she was doing it.  I went to put her in her crate for a time out and she wouldn't go in it.  Then she made a lunge after Zappa when I went to give him his treat.  Yes, Fiona is a chip off her ol' dad, Brut.  She is not as fierce as her dad, but some treats under the right conditions can get her fired up.  And I yelled at her again.


Then it was walk time and the last thing I wanted to do.  I was tired and just didn't feel like doing it.  Eventually I talked myself into 5 short walks with each dog.  Zappa was first.

Oh, I wish I knew how to describe Zappa and our walk.  He was so gentle and light footed.  Not pulling or rushing, like he was tiptoeing through the trees. The whole walk was in the woods at sunset.  I let him guide me and I felt the stress of my night and day trickle down my fingers into the crunchy leaves and moist Earth.

We followed many deer paths and scared up quite a few that were just on the outskirts of the trees.  The walk got longer and longer and I forgot all my cares and worries of the other dogs.  It was just me and Zappa right now.

Do you what it like to have your hair tied up and let it down with the wind?  That's what it was like.  I could almost feel the breeze blowing through my soul.  It was so beautiful.

Those were the kind of walks I used to have with Brut when I was tense and I just wanted to runaway with him into the woods and forget everything.

Wonder if Brut was with us today?

Zappa is our old soul dog and the wisest of all five.  We have been tuning into each other and he must have known what I needed.  No doubt.  It was a wonderful walk and shared time together.  Brut would have been proud of his son taking such good care of me.  :)


Saved by Dogs said...

Sounds very lovely. Glad that Zappa is a reflection of Brut's good qualities.

White Dog Blog said...

Your kids will always be there for you. The right one at the right time. When you feel it start to happen just open yourself and let things flow. You will know the miracle of living with so many connected souls. There are no words for describe the healing.

Ruth said...

You've made me a little teary. Dogs are wonderful. :)

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh,yes, I believe Brut absolutely was with you. When you had that sense of the "wind blowing in your hair," it was Brut, letting you know to let go of the nightmare and day's woes, and enjoy your walk with Zappa. Sometimes that reconnection with the world around us we sometimes miss in our busy every day lives is just what we need to ground us. I'm going through a journey with my mom, and each day I try to push the tears away with a wonderful memory. Of course I cry, but after the tears the memory warms and fills the heart. <3 As Siku says, it truly is a miracle of life to be so connected. And Brut will always be with you in on your walks, in the faces of his pups, in your heart... Such a beautiful post.

Wyatt said...

Dogs have a way to make you let go of the bad and just see all the good. Most of the stuff we worry about, we can't do anything about it anyway. Dogs just live in the moment. Glad you 2 had such a nice walk :)

Wyatt's Mom