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Friday, November 30, 2018

Update on Chance and Blaze post-fight

Since posting about the fight with Chance and Blaze and how they are being cautious with each other, they seem to be reconciling.  They are improving with each other every day.  They are hanging out in the same rooms and standing close for treats.  It has been a good week after the hard dog fight they had.  We are so happy.  

Here's something has given me something to chew on:  While talking to the vet about the fight, how they didn't stop, the length of it and how I had to really scream to get their attention; she said that Chance and Blaze could be responding to my screaming as if I was saying it was wrong for them to be together.  I've been pondering the information this evening and I can see that in the dogs actions that the vet could be right.  

For example:  I was eating a carrot.  Both dogs in front of me.  But after giving Blaze a bite, she left, letting Chance get the rest of the treat.  Blaze. Never. Leaves. If Food Is Present.  Never.  

So maybe what our vet said was true.  And that it is up to me to bring them together and let them know it is OK for them to be together.  

Interesting, huh?

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...
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Deb said...

The vet could be right. It's interesting but, like people, maybe they were just fighting for who know's what reason! haha! Since they aren't continuing to be aggressive towards each other that's how it seems to me - just my 2 cents. :) Glad there is peace again :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know all too well the emotions that surface after a dog fight. And afterwards the uncertainty between the dogs can cause just as much stress too. We used to have 2 girls that were canine-sisters by all means. But their fights were really bad ones, and one or both always ended up injured. It got so bad that I considered rehoming one of them. But we worked it out, by knowing what the triggers were and avoiding and separating them to avoid anything escalating. We also made all their interactions with one another very positive - Lots of good-pups and praise. Maybe taking them for walks together too, I found helps to rebuild that bond. And, as hard as it is, I agree with your vet. I know it's easier said than done, but they know you, and know when you're upset too. It's hard when they're fighting, which is a whole other topic, but at the moments of peace, live in those moments and enjoy and relish them, Chance and Blaze will pick up your vibe and be that way too. ***Lavender essential oil fluffed onto Chance and Blaze can help to relax them too.

I hope all is well! From my corner in Virginia, I'm sending peaceful and calming vibes.

KB said...

It does seem as if your worry since the fight could make them nervous about being together. Your vet is very insightful. I am sending calm thoughts - hoping that those two come back together with time.