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Brut Quotes

Brut Quotes

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dog Sledding Lesson- Don't Let Go of Sled!

Our winter has been warmer than normal and that makes for heavy, wet snow which is difficult to sled through with our two dog teams.  We haven't got out once this year...

So instead we wanted to show you one from last year with Chance and Blaze pulling Mark through the wooded area across from our street.  Mark isn't very good at controlling the dogs, as you'll see he almost panics when he takes off.  And today's lesson is, don't let go of the sled!

The video's about 7 minutes long and you can watch here on YouTube 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Did you get Puppy Fever when your dog died?

I did.  About a month after Brut died, that gaping hole in my heart was crying for someone to love.  This was after learning of someone my husband knew had a litter of Great Dane puppies that were all black.  My favorite color mixed with a dog I'd always wanted to have.  I was excited just thinking about it and it distracted me from the pain of losing Brut, but when I thought it through completely, I had to face the fact that I wasn't ready for another dog in our lives.  Six dogs had tipped the scales and even after most of the fear and misery that came with Brut was gone, five dogs was enough.  Five dogs were plenty and we had to take into consideration our living arrangement with two packs.  It didn't seem fair to bring in a puppy into that mess.  No we had our hands full with the two packs we had.  Getting through losing Brut was just the tip of the iceberg.

The Dane puppies were available about the time Brut's three month anniversary rolled around...puppy fever struck again.  I went through the usual excitement  and hot flashes of insanity, while trying to convince myself and hubby that this was the right move for us.  I mean, a Great Dane couldn't be more different from a Husky and I've always been attracted to large dogs and I always wanted one since I was a kid.  How much more perfect could this be?  Then the truth struck like a blow to the stomach and head, I couldn't do this to my Brut.  The dog that gave me my soul back.  The dog that saved my life and could read me like a book.  I wasn't ready.  I just wanted my Brut back.

I finally read up on Great Danes and discovered we were not a good match.  End of story.

My husband, Mark has a Christmas gift still to give me.  I immediately thought it might be a puppy.  And I got excited again.  Then I felt that blow in the pit of my stomach and felt guilty that I couldn't just get on with my life and get another dog.  Mark has got messages on FB about people asking if we have gotten another dog yet.  And I felt guilty that I was even thinking about getting a puppy.  It triggered off a wave of nostalgia for Brut.

Grief and timing are going to be everything when we come to that point in our lives to get another dog.  We both believe we will be lead by Brut to the right dog for us.  For now that will be a while.  Not to mention we have 'Mission Impossible' with the dogs we have now and meshing the two packs together. One thing made easier since Brut is gone, but will still be a huge challenge in itself.

So I'm sure I'll have bouts of puppy fever again and again, but for now that's all it will be.

What about you?  Do you have or did you get puppy fever when you lost your dog?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Birthday again!!

Well since mom can't always get herself together on time, we took it upon ourselves to help her get our Birthday video out.  After all, we are now 8 years and 1 month old!  And there's cake and ice cream, so better hurry if you want any!! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Thanks Googel...!

for making us cry all over again over Brut!
A little ditty that Google put together for us.  If you want to find out more about the 24 Paws of Love, 
Watch this:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brut Thursday- The Snow King

The night was still and quiet.  Not a sound could be heard but our own.  The bitter cold air seem to freeze our breath in front of us and the snow beneath us was crystallized.

The snow piles Brut and I sat on were the result of raking the deep snow off the garage roof.  I had to knock them down for fear of one of the dogs getting on the garage roof, they were that high.

It seemed as if the world had just stopped moving that frigid night.  Brut sat erect and elongated listening for the faintest sound.  Ears slowly moving with bat radar this way and that.  The rest of the dogs had gone in, but not Brut, my winter die hard, he climbed the top the snow pile and smiled.  He was in his element.  We both were and I climbed to the top to sit next to him.

I carefully followed the ears and head of this magnificent snow beast.   Keeping a  close eye of that little twitch of alertness when he connected with a resonance.  I shifted my eyes to his line of sight and turned my head with his.  And we sat that way for some time.  Syncing in alignment we were mindful of each other and the world around us.  So simple and true we sat close together, his bristled fur just whispering across my jacket.  This was us, the two snow dogs of the household that left me with a memory as clear as the stars that chilly night and a friend that lays in my heart, forever.