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Brut Quotes

Brut Quotes

Thursday, July 2, 2015

All Dogs Go To Heaven

It is two weeks ago today that I let go of my beloved heart dog, canine soulmate to the other side.  His beautiful body may be gone but his heart and spirit live on inside and around me.  There will never be another boy like Brut and I will feel this for years to come. But one thing Brut was all about was love, no matter how he was he did everything out of love, if for no one else than me.  While I was teaching him to control his anger, he in turn did the same for me.  After 30 years of abuse I had some inner rage.  Some days I was walking dynamite and lashed out at my husband for what seemed no reason at all  I didn't understand what I was feeling and didn't know what to do with so much anger.

That's where Brut came in. While at first I reacted in fear of his aggression once I started listening to him and responded instead, I began to grasp what I was dealing with internally.  Little by little we began to work out all the knots and kinks of our anger issues and when no one else understood, Brut did.  He just let my tiger come out until it was a purring kitten.  No judgement.  No expectations.  No questions.  No answers.  He just let me be me.  Where ever I was at in my journey and I did my best to do the same for him.  We were so alike in that way.

And now two weeks since we buried Brut, my anger at losing him has cropped up several times through the course of my loss.  Anger that he's gone. Anger that he left us so early in his life.  Anger at the cancer that ate at his body and I could not stop.  Anger at how short life can be.

And as I sat in chair with this anger stirring around my head, a love song by the group YES, began to play through my head. I wanted to fuel the anger.  I was angry, but the song continued to play and I gave into it. I felt Brut's spirit right there in the song, teaching me another life lessons of turning my anger into something positive.  Love.

The song is Love Will Find A Way.  How fitting, right?  :)  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Has it been 5 years already?

Our first header

Well, it 5 years ago today that we started the 24 Paws of Love blog.  I can not believe it has been that long ago.  So much has changed.  So much has remained the same.  There is not a day that goes by when I don't feel the love that I felt right from the beginning.  The love that we have with the 24 Paws of Love just keeps getting stronger and more real and I am so grateful for our family of paws.  I know they were all sent from heave above.  There is no doubt about it.  

We decided to repost our first post (below), at this time it is the thing to do.  With Daddy Dog Brut passing away in the last two weeks, I am still beside myself and words don't come easy.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Life after Brut

By Patty

Sitting here, wondering if anything will transform from my thoughts to feelings that I can write down.  I've been having a hard time, but I will try.

Since Brut passing, I have struggled just to journal my feelings.  They just seem frozen in my head.  My body and mind are still going through shock at his loss.  Last night after everyone went to bed, I sat in my chair thinking about him.  I dozed on and off for about an hour before it became eerie being in the room without him.  The vastness and emptiness were overpowering and scary.

Being a highly visual person, Brut's spirit isn't far when I can envision him next to me or at my feet.  His peaceful spirit is strong, like he always was, and I find myself comforted in a way I can't explain.  It just is.

There have been many times I thought Brut was just "in the bedroom," or "outside," with his presence being so strong at times.

I cried at his grave a few nights ago, because I didn't know how to talk to him now.  We always spoke with little words, mostly with body language and eyes.  We knew each other inside and out.  And now it feels like our communication has been cut off except when I am able to envision him.  And it isn't the same.

The week anniversary of Brut's death, was one of the most difficult.  That's when I felt and began to realize, Brut was gone and wasn't coming back.

The rest of the 24 Paws are struggling as we are.  They are all mourning, sad, sleepy.  We are taking walks every day and I'm playing treat games with them.  But they are still quiet and don't quite know what to do with their leader being gone.  We are trying to get through it one day at a time and together.

And so the last 10 days have been a blur or tears, sorrow, sadness, peace, anger, and love.

So while this gives you a run down of what has happened since Brut died, I don't think I express any feelings out of it.  Maybe it is just too fresh and hurts so deep it will be a while until I reach them.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and prayers.  It has truly helped us going through this difficult time.       

P.S My Wife Patty does most of the writing on our Blog.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Brut Thank You

Hello to all our friends out there.  It has been a really long, long week for us since we laid Daddy Dog Brut to rest last Thursday evening.  We want to really thank you for all the comments that everyone has shared with us.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart and soul.  You will never ever know what your thoughts and prayers of love have meant to us.  Each and everyone has helped us make it through another day without our  Bruter Boy by my side.  It still feels so unreal that he is really gone.  I really can not say much at this time.  It just seems our whole world has been turned upside down.  It is not just us that it has effected, it has really effected Brut's kids.  Most of the time they just seem lost and without their leader around anyomore.  We have walked them almost every day when I get home from work, but I can really tell it is not just the same thing.  Hopefully in time.  Well my eyes are starting to rain again.  Before I stop I have to let you all know that I found a video of Daddy Dog and his kids playing when the puppies were only weeks old.  I wanted to post it on Father's Day but it was too early.  But I will post it for this Sunday on FB.  I have this idea that all dogs that are fathers should have their own Father's Day.  It is a really good video of why I called him Daddy Dog Brut.

God bless you  all and thank you again for being our friends.

Love, Mark, Patty and the Paws

P.S.  Please say a special pryer for our puppies, Zappa, Fiona, Chance and Blaze and Momma Dog Silver.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brut: Oct. 11 2006- June 18, 2015

Until we meet again...

Daddy Dog Brut passed away in our arms last Thursday night.  He was laid to rest next to Alex and across from Luigi (our duck).
We made cast of his paw prints and snipped the tip of his tail.
Heaven has a new warrior in town.  :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015


The Last time I Updated was written on thursday and posted Friday morning.That day was Bruts worst day so far.I did not go to work until late morning cus I did'nt know if I should.
He had a hard time walking,he would not eat or drink any water.I knew i would have to be at work late because of my late start.Patty kept very close watch on him,and stayed by his side all day.We talked on the phone,it seeed like hour on the hour,her giving me updates.We thought this could be the end.but we kept on Praying and doing everything we could to helped brut.Before I forget Thank You Theresa in Arizona for your sugg,
I read the comments that I got before I went to Work,which helped me get going.So the whole day was just one hour at a time.I decided that I would get all my work that night,So I would not have to leave the whole week-end.So I would be able to spend the Whole week-end with Brut.At 10 that night Patty said for me to get some Pedialyle for Brut(Thanks again Theresa in Arizona)and get some Gatorade.
Shortly before I got Home,He started to Perk up and he drank some water and he eat a little bit.First thing I did when I got home was went to see Brut and I gave him ( a bowl of Pedislye )and he dranked it all up.So I gave him almost all the rest of It.I also got his water bowl and put half water and half Gatorade in it.That night I walked with him outdoors to go pee pee,and we came back in and I slept with him in the Living Room.
On Sat morning he was more like himself,He drank his water and he ate has food in the morning and he was walking around like nothing happed the day before.I was able to spend the whole day at home and Brut was his old self for the most part.One thing I forget during all this is,My Vet,tolds us before that he would have his good days and his bad days,and Friday was really one of his Bad Days.
So I did sleep with Brut in the living room Sat night and we both slept in,with no alarm clocks.Thanks be to God.I will be spending another day,ALL day,Except for 3 hours that I have to finish my Job from last week.
THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU to all my Friends on Facebook,who have sent all their Prayers to DADDY DOG BRUT and Us.It has really made a differents,for everything we have been going Through,It Is really a GREAT FEELING to know that we are not alone and to know we are not the only ones who love their Dogs like we love ours.Thank You All Again mt Friends.
Mark,Patty and DADDY DOG BRUT
P.S.Thank You Again Theresa for the Pedialye.

Friday, June 12, 2015

One Day At A Time

Don't know how else to say it.My Bruter Boy is still alive.He is eating,drinking water and eating his nightly treats each night.As you can tell,I am having a hard time,writing this Update.A big part of me inside,just can not believe this past 3 months,has been happening.A nightmare that goes on,24 hours a day.
OK I will get to the point.X-rays show Brut has alot of his blood in his abdomen,some spots on his liver and they can not see the spleen because of all the blood.His one eye is getting worst.Putting drops in the bad eye 3 times a day,and once a day putting one drop in the good eye so it will not get bad.Specialist says because of the blood,eye and the up and down with the blood pressure,an operation would be a bad Idea.
So,sorry I did not update a couple days ago,We are just trying to make Bruter,as comfortable as we can.And even I have not giving up hope,it seems that it is only a matter of time,before Daddy Dog Brut will be with us.So far he doesn't seem to be in any pain,but I do not know what I will do,when I see he IS in pain.
I can not write no more,sorry,I just want to Thank You all for all your Prayers and Thoughts that you have giving us.This is getting really hard,my Friends.I still have not Given Up,All I can do,is put it in Gods hands and Pray that we do the right think.I am praying that Brut makes it another day.Thank You again for all the love that everyone has shown.