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Brut Quotes

Brut Quotes

Monday, May 4, 2015

Daddy's words on Brut

To all my Friends on Facebook, I am very sorry,I have not posted and reposted,as much in the last 4 weeks.I was in a car accident on March 26.The van was totalled out,but I was not hurt.Thank God I did not have one of my Dogs in the car,at the time.
We have been having health problems with Daddy Dog Brut.The Father of the 24Pawsoflove.First with one Eye,which was due to high Blood pressure.The Vet gave us some drops for him.Then we went to a Specialists,Which found out he had High Blood Pressure.The Specialist,Had our Vet at home do range of Bloodwork,etc.The bloodwork came back neg,last thursday,and the Vet wanted us to get a stool sample to check some other things out.Which we gave her Friday.Suddenly After Brut ate,late afternoon He threw out all his food.He became weak and had a hard time walking.The only thing Different than the other days was,we gave him,his Blood Pressure pill,something for the pain in his legs and his Heart worm preventive.It seem like by sat that his Blood Pressure was to low.
We took him to a Specialist over 200 miles away.We had to borrow a suv,from a friend,because he could not lay down in the Truck.I am trying to make this short.
When we took him in to the Specialist,They said he had a growth on his spleen they thought,that had to be removed or he was going to not live long.My heart stopped for a moment,I just stated breaking down crying.I told them we would do the operation.Any thing for a Family Member.When they told me the cost,I really started feeling helpless and hopeless.We filled out a Credit Appication,and was denied.My Heart and my Mind just went numb.
We barely had the money,for this trip to the Specialist,so I told the people I would just take Brut Home.He was feeling beter after they did the few things they did on this Visted.And he was walking alot better.He even eat when he got home.We still have to talk to our Vet of the last few hours,he is alot better.
But in my mind,it is just so unfair,that if you do not have the income and good credit.The ones you love,have to suffer for it.Well that is all I can write now.Here comes Daddydog Brut coming to sit next to me.I just wish someone could tell me,How to Explain to him,That I can't help him,with whats wrong with Him.
Please Pray for Brut and say a Prayer for me.I love all my Friends on Facebook and I will keep you Update on my best Friend DaddyDog Brut.
P.S.I am sorry for Rambling to you all.I will still keep up on my Happy Birthday to you,and I will do better with all my Poking Friends in the world.
Mark and DaddyDog Brut

Friday, May 1, 2015

Good News and Questions

Taking Brut to the vet in an experience in itself.  Taking Brut to the vet several times in a month is exhausting!  After the visit to the eye specialist and then back to our regualar vet for blood work and blood pressure monitoring, I think we have all had it with going to the vet.  I love my vet, but not that much.  lol  In fact I took a nap after our last appointment and went to bed early that night.  Hubby, Mark and I were whipped.

The good news is that Brut's blood pressure is back to normal AND his blood test showed everything is normal.  We are still trying to find the cause of the high blood pressure and that means the last test, a stool sample to try and determine what is the cause.

So a lot of good news and still some questions.

I think Brut has had enough of vets as well.  And who could blame him?  He was a bit growly having his blood pressure taken and couldn't wait to get out of his muzzle that he had to wear for almost an hour because vet was running behind.

Say it with me..."Poor baby!"

So Brut had a rough day too, but did really well under the circumstances.  Poor guy.

Well that's about all I got for today.  All of the rest of the dogs are doing well.  Can't complain.

Thanks for sticking with us through this.  24 Paws Crossed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank you for your prayers and a Brut update.

Since we last left you:  Brut's eye cleared up and the color was back, but there was fear of blood still in the back of the eye.

We took Brut to the doggie eye specialist last Friday and came home with the diagnosis of high blood pressure/hypertension.  We were both quite shocked at the results of the eye test the doctor did.  By the way Brut did fantastic with this doctor.  Although after the about the fifth test, Brut had had enough and gave a warning growl and bark. lol  Which was fine the doctor had gotten the info he needed.  I was truly impressed with this specialist and would recommend him.  He was very professional and caring with Brut.  We didn't even need to sedate Brut like we thought we might have to do.  

So the appt. went well and the doc sent us home with some medicine for the high blood pressure and told us to continue the eye drops. Today we are taking Brut to our regular vet to get blood work done, urinalysis, and get his blood pressure checked to find the cause.  The doctor thinks Brut may be having kidney problems, which is a common cause of hypertension in dogs.

So what we were seeing in Brut's eye was hemorrhaging caused by the high blood pressure and isn't an eye issue at all.

The diagnosis would explain a lot of Brut's behaviors when he gets so worked up and very touchy.  He's probably had it for a while.  I don't think it explains his aggression, but it would explain the extreme of it and what I could never put my finger on.  Thank goodness he's calmed down so much over the years and his aggression isn't as much of an issue.

We've been in shock for the last couple of days digesting the news and what it means for our boy.  But all in all, I think we caught it early enough to get him the help that he needs.

We will know more in the next few days and will let you know the progress.
Thank you again for your prayers and well wishes.  We needed them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wednesday Weirdness

Why do dogs drink out of the toilet and puddles of stagnant water....

but expect their water bowls to be clean before drinking out of them?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Peace with Luigi's death

Remember our little ducky Luigi who past this last winter?  Well, I was in Luigi's pen cleaning out his pool that was nasty from sitting all winter long.  In fact it still had ice in it!  After I emptied the pool and lifted it out of the dirt, I found quite a few feathers where the rim of the pool was.  I was so surprised and grateful to find them.  Since Luigi died in December he had already gone through his molting season in September, so to find any feathers was a gift.

I have some from over the years, but this was special because they would be the last ones.  And I found peace in them.  I'd been sort of dreading spring because that's when all the water fun happened for Luigi and I was afraid that it would be too difficult for me without him here.  But honestly I've found peace being in his pen and cleaning up.  I didn't expect it and it was a nice feeling.

I also found these little rubber duckies, one was in his pen and the Santa one was in the house.  Something about it touched me.  They were dog toys I bought several years ago and I don't know how the one got in the pen and I didn't see it before.  Such a sweet gift to find.

Something I didn't expect either was that as much as I missed my little buddy, I did not miss the responsibility of taking care of him through the winter.  In fact, it was the first winter that I didn't have to go outside when it was bitter cold.  I enjoyed staying in quite thoroughly for an entire day when it was too frigid to bear and the dogs could only go out for their business.  I hadn't realized how trying it was always having to trudge through the cold, snow and ice, with a bucket of water and food, until I didn't have to do it anymore.  And I never really thought about it at the time, it was just what I had to do to take care of Luigi, but I must say I enjoyed the break!  It was like a luxury that I'd earned.

OH! And not having to worry all winter long whether he was safe or not, warm enough, protected enough on those nights when it got -25 to 30F below zero.  That was heaven!  Just to know he was safe with God and in the best hands possible was such a blessing.

And so friends, we turn another chapter in our book.  I still hear Luigi squaking at me and I still will get a glimpse of him here and there.  Happy and free and probably learning to fly because he never could in this life!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Update: Brut's eye, our next step

We will be taking Brut to an eye specialist next week.  We were in luck as this doctor only makes a trip up our way once a month and we were able to get an appointment.  It will save a trip downstate which would have been a 4 hour drive and this way we will only have an hour drive (one way) to see the doc, making it convienent for everyone.  Brut doesn't like riding in the car very much, but does eventually settle down some as we drive on.   So it will be just long enough to calm him down so he won't be so hyper seeing this eye doctor.  The whole experience will be nerve racking enough.

Our vet had a look at Brut's eye this past Wednesday and did all she could do with an anxious Brut in a muzzle.  The last thing she could do was measure his eye pressure, but with the difficulty of just trying to keep Brut still so she could look in his eye with a light was about the limited of it.  And I appreciated her honesty.  Brut is not the easiest patient.  She said the eye specialist will know how to sedate him and get a good eye reading.

This specialist is someone our vet knows well and trust, and we trust her judgement.  I also received another confirmation from a friend who knows another vet, who also gave her stamp of approval.  Thanks Friend! ☺

So it sounds like Brut is in the best hands possible.  Now we just have to wait out this week, continue with the eye drops and hope we will find out what the problem is with Brut's eye and a solution to go with it.

Thank you so much everybody for your prayers, well wishes and good thoughts.  We can not thank you enough for being part of our doggie family.  Please keep them coming!

We will keep you up to date.

Thank you again.