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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunting Season Warning

Rifle and Muzzle loader season for Whitetail Deer is fast approaching in our area. While I do not hunt, I once lived with an avid hunting family. They warned me of one thing:

Hunters have been known to shoot loose dogs while hunting. Whether it be by accident or from chasing and scaring off their game.

This is a subject that I feel very strongly about. I have not ever experienced a tragedy of this nature, but I'm so thankful I was made aware of this and would like to share this with others who may not know.

Prevention is key:

The most important precaution is to avoid hunting areas, forest, fields and swamps during these times. Go to a park or other secure area.

Find out when local hunting seasons are from your DNR or other local source.

Keep your dogs secure in your home and yard.

If you walk through hunting areas:

Have you and your dog wear Hunter Orange.

Keep your dog leashed. It only takes a second to loose sight of your dog and it may be too late.

Stay on a designated path.

It is unfortunate, but sadly it happens. I've heard several stories of hunters shooting themselves or another by being startled, because they have fallen asleep or have an itchy trigger finger. I have nothing against hunters and I know this does not pertain to every hunter, but I would like let others know it can happen.

Lets keep every one safe this season and most of all our furry friends.

Is this enough Hunter's Orange, Mom?


How Sam Sees It said...

We had a close encounter years ago when we had great danes. Hunters took a pot shot at one of our fawn great danes. It was quite scary. We've also been shot at on our horses during hunting season! We always have bells and wear bright clothing, but it doesn't always seem to matter.


24 Paws of Love said...

So sorry to hear of what happened Sam. Some hunters are just crazy. What a scary experience that must have been for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the tips! It's really important for pet owners to make sure they have followed everything right before they walk their dogs near the hunting area.

Peanut said...

Thanks for telling that! That never even went across my mind.

Peggy Frezon said...

Oh wow thanks for warning us. We live in the city but there is a forever-wild area behind our house, and I've heard hunter's gunshots back there. Thanks for the tips for keeping Kelly safe!

KB said...

Good reminder. We are the orange family at this time of year because our house is surrounded by national forest. It's amazing how many people don't wear orange - and wearing it can make you so much safer!

Ruffwear makes a great blaze orange vest for dogs.

Kristine said...

This is a great reminder. We don't normally travel through too many forests where hunting is allowed but with my province's current coyote ban I don't think I will be anyway, just in case. If we do by chance, orange is a great idea.

Pup Fan said...

Really great post and a very important reminder - thanks!