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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's your favorite part?

We love everything about our dogs, but Daddy and I have a few different opinions on which part of a dog's body is our favorite.

One of Daddy's favorites are the ears.
Brut's pointy ones and...

all the lab-looking ones.

One of my favorites is their eyes.

But we both agree, there is nothing like a Husky tail that wins our vote!

We love how it just seems to float and bobble as if suspended in air.

We love that half moon curve.

  And how soft and fluffy they are. 

There's just something about their tails that give you the warm, fuzzy feeling with that silly bounce that means  fun.  

So how about you?  What part of your dog's body do you love the most? 


jet said...

I like their tongues~! So expressive... and how they curl them when they yawn.

The Daily Pip said...

Oh gosh, that's a tough question, but probably his eyes and ears and his funny little walk (more like a waddle).

Kristin (Pip's mom)

Unknown said...

I love their eyes! They melt my heart!

Unknown said...

I am an ear girl :) There is nothing like a labs ear - they are sooooo soft.

Hahah i love the husky tail :)

Thank you for the well wishes on the test! We are going to keep trying till we pass hopefully :)

Corbin said...

Ears, Cheeks & eyes!!! And his little wiggle body when he gets really excited :o)
-Corbin's momma, Jenn

Kristine said...

I love my dog Shiva's little white paws. Sure her spotted face is very cute, but it's the paws that get me every time.

Levi said...

I love Levi's cute ears. They bounce when he walks. And I like his froggy legs- he lays out like a frog. It's the cutest:)

Jackie- Levi's mom

jen said...

I love their paws the best:)

Jack & Moo said...

oh yeah, husky ears! and husky eyes! and husky tails! We really can't decide on which one is our favorite, we're pretty fond of the whole package.

~jack & moo's biped, Pat

Peanut said...

For Peanut -everything. It's just his huge eyes, ears, long body, short legs, etc. that catches me.

Pyroclasm Jones said...

I have greyhounds, and I could stare into their eyes for hours -- if their eyes were ever open that long. ;) They also, if I may chance being kind of weird, have nice butts. :D

Huskies do have awesome tails.

Wyatt said...

Nothing beats a dogs smile!!


Anonymous said...

The Husky eyes. See 'em, over there on the left? Katya's are golden brown, liquid and intelligent and always somehow a little sad. The way she'll stare at you like she's got a question she wants to ask. That's what I like best.
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