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Brut Quote

Friday, February 24, 2012

What size dog fits you best?

 Our BIG dog Fiona at 84 lbs. (38kg)

Well the mutt lovers have spoken for Wednesday's question:  Do you prefer Purebreds or Mutts?  Although many have/had owned both and some just love dogs no matter what they are.  :)

So today we want to know what size dog do you like?  Small, Medium, Large or X-Large.      

No question about, we are a big dog family.  While there are many reasons, if I had to narrow it to one, I think it would be the security and comfort I feel from their size, especially as a small child in a troubled home.  There was nothing more tangible than being able to hold on to our large Golden mix to feel safe and protected.   Even today,  I still hold this belief as I draw on the dogs strength with the knowledge they can handle anything that comes our way.

 Our 'little' dog Blaze coming in at 67lbs (30.4kg)

I have nothing against smaller breeds, I just don't have a desire to own one.  My husband came up with a theory when the our litter of pups were still young, that he could understand the desire to own a smaller dog, thinking along the lines of  it would be like having an adult puppy.  And I'm curious how many small dog owners find that true for themselves

And I know many of you have a mix of different sized dogs, what do you find that you like or dislike when it comes to size issues in your home?

So what size dog fits you best?  


Yas said...

Yup! Mom's the same too, she's got nothing against smaller breeds but she prefers having big size dogs. :)
She's just worried that the smaller ones are a lot quicker in movement and hard to catch once they play hide and go seek! :-) LOL!

Maxx and mommy

Anonymous said...

Hello All! :D

I have missed you too :)

Mom says she really doesn't have a size preference except she prefers they be big enough not to fit in her purse. Says she has enough stuff in there without adding a dog ;) Hardy Har Har

Waggin at ya,

jen said...

I am a large dog fan...:))) There isn't much that I dislike about large dogs, maybe just the fact that they can knock me down the steps if they want too, and they always seem to lay right in the middle of where you walk!

Sarah said...

We always say there's plenty of time for small dogs in our old age when we might not be able to handle the physical demands of the big ones.

It's funny though - my perception of what constitutes a big dog is changing. I thought 50-60 lbs qualified as big but now that we've got 75lbs and still growing, I'm reclassifying the 50lb range to medium. So I guess I have to say medium, large & extra-large. Can I get fries with that?

Anonymous said...

I prefer big dogs. I currently share my abode with two pibbles, one is about 65-70 lbs and the other is around 80lbs. But I also have a puggle pal who I adore. I think he weighs in at around 20lbs.

Talking-Dogs said...

Bigger is better at our house. both our boys are over 90 pounds (and both are lean playing machines.) We sometimes think about a small lap dog... but, truthfully, both our big boys think that they're lap dogs!

The Daily Pip said...

Well, until recently we lived in an apartment and so a small dog (like Pip) seemed best. Now, that we have a large yard we would love to have a larger dog - unfortunately, Pip would never share his space with another dog. He likes living with cats, but other dogs in the house stress him out.

Bassetmomma said...

We love small dogs too, but we are large dog people! Bassets are big dogs with short legs. :)

Sarah Loves to Bake said...

I love large dogs but right now we are a medium dog family. They are perfect for apartment living. We hope to add a large dog to our family soon!

Kristine said...

Great question! It's tough to say. I am most drawn to medium to large dogs but that doesn't mean I would never adopt a small one. Shiva is about 40 pounds, which is a good size, especially for our little space.

The thing with smaller dogs is that they are much easier to travel with. I could even take a little dog with me on the bus - something I can't do right now. They've never been my favourite breeds but if the right little wee guy comes along with a personality bigger than his size, it may be hard to say no.

Emily said...

Our female is about 45 pounds and our male is about 55 pounds. They are solid and low to the ground. I love their "medium large" size. I can still pick them up if I have to, and they can even sit in my lap. I think their size is perfect for me, all the advantages of a big dog in a size that is still a bit more portable. I'm sure one day we will have one a bit bigger.

Linda said...

I've always been partial to medium and larger dogs for the same reason you stated. I like the secure feeling of big dogs that can seem more intimidating than a smaller dog. However, for the last 16 years, I've had a mix of sizes from 30 pounds up to 95 pounds and love the diversity of the different sizes.

White Dog Blog said...

All of the White Dog Army is between 20 and 30 lbs...so medium? Dad wants a dog he can pick up and carry if something happens while hiking or if he needs to protect the dog from an attacker.

Momma loves that we are all lap dogs but she also likes the strength and solidness of a big dog as well. She is always afraid of stepping on a little dog.

houndstooth said...

I'm just not a little dog person. I know some people like them for different reasons, but they just aren't for me. Give me a big dog any day and I'm a happy girl!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm all about some big dogs. They're so large and cuddle size. They're also big enough to dance with successfully. I love small dogs, Portia's buddy Brutus is a miniature poodle. But I have to say there seems to be a bit of a different quality to big dogs, to their personalities, that I really love. However, I can't say that Portia doesn't think she's small. She enjoys sitting in laps :P