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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brut Follow up...

I'm really just having one big brain fart today for a post, but I wanted to thank you for your comments about my post on Brut Honesty.  I almost changed my mind because I didn't know if others could really understand the dynamics and the intensity of Brut's nature coinciding with the past dog fight I was remembering at the same time.  While I never took anything out on Brut, there times I couldn't look him in the eye with very much love after a fight.  It was such a struggle to understand what I had never dealt with on a first hand basis.  I thought all dogs loved other dogs.  I have wept many times as well and cried for help that no one could seem to give me.  It took so much to dig within and find the courage to really see what was happening and not be afraid of Brut or the fights.  Time played a big role in that and our own internal healing.  Our walks together were the best healer of all, where we found ourselves in tune with each other and we made our own rhythm.  We soothed each other as we grew and understood the places we had come from and we learned to work together because we knew we had to.  It seems almost like a lifetime ago and yet I remember it like it was yesterday.  I hated feeling like I did, but eventually love took over and I was able to see our truth in our situation and began working towards helping Brut.  Every little reward and mistake was a learning process that we continued to build on our already strong foundation.  I was willing and able to be teachable and Brut taught me just what I needed for him.  What better teacher could I have than Brut?

 Hey, when you're good, you're GOOD!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and support.  We love this dog blogging community! 


Anonymous said...

I think walks really are the best thing to help people bond with their dogs, especially if they're used to only one person of the household doing the walking.

Also, thank you getting back to me. I guess I did mean a tug line. What website do you buy your equipment from?

Pamela said...

Interesting you say that you thought all dogs got along with each other. I think that's a common belief.

But people don't like everyone. And we have the option of avoiding people. Or lying to keep from hurting someone's feelings. Dogs just have their growls and their teeth.

It looks awful. But most of the time it's harmless.

Oh, and the blogging community loves you right back.