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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Always Nice to Talk and Walk with Friends!

With hubby Mark in recovery after his hernia surgery, my life has gotten a little bit busier taking care of him and the things he can't do for now.

For instance, Mark usually walks all the dogs on a short walk every other day and even though I walk with him, it is really his time with the dogs.  On my walks with the dogs I take one or two dogs and take a longer walk, rotating dogs on walk day.

So now I'm trying to do both walk schedules.  It isn't easy.  I missed the last few days since hubby has been home and needed to give all the dogs a walk.  It was 6pm, dark, and cold and we had just come home from running in town.  Walking the dogs was the last thing I wanted to do after starting a fire and sitting down for a "few" minutes.  But I'd already made the committment and the dogs really needed to get out of the house, so I buttoned up my coat, put on my hat, grabbed my favorite leather leash and out the door Silver and I went.

Silver is my easy walk.  She is a good warm up dog to start with and I tend to daydream when I am with her.  Once we got going I could feel the tension melt from muscles as we found a synchronizing pace.  I realized my own pent up energy as we moved swiftly down the street.  I was glad I told Mark I was going to walk the dogs, otherwise I wouldn't have followed through with it and I was feeling pretty good doing it.  

Now I don't know much about horses, but there is one on the corner of our block, and when I was in sight of her, she whinnied at me.  She's never done that before.  I've spoken to Sugar several times on my outings with the dogs, but just met her for the first time a couple of nights ago.  She belongs to my friend and her dog Callie who I have mentioned before who is helping us learn how to socialize.  Sugar is a beautiful girl and has never spoken to me before, but tonight she couldn't stop.

As I walked the dogs one by one we passed Sugar then turned around and past again and every time with the exception of Silver she whinnied at us after we turned the corner, just before passing out of her sight.  Even though I expected it by dog 5 and 6, she scared the crap out of me walking in the dark.

It was an awesome experience to share and I can see some interesting things happening between Sugar and our dogs.  My friend and I have already talked about some ideas.  It's going to be an interesting winter.  :)

p.s. Thank you for all your well wishing and prayers for Mark.  He is taking it easy, which is EXTREMEMLY hard for him, but he is maganaging quite well.  He will get his staples out this coming Monday and then will have 5 more weeks of taking it easy.  He just had a scare after hearing about someone having the same surgery, not resting and having to go back for surgery again.  Believe me that's the last thing he wants, so even though he may go stir crazy for a while, I don't think I'll have to worry about him overdoing it.



Unknown said...

Sounds like you and the dogs have made a new friend. Praying Mark will be fine. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Jen said...

Ouch, I do hope Mark feels better soon! Nice for your walk routine, though ;) Sugar sounds like fun. I miss being around horses. I used to take riding lessons for a couple of weeks every summer...not nearly enough contact for the horse crazy kid I was, but better than nothing!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to hear Mark is recovering nicely. Taking it easy is hard, but so important!

It sounds like you've got a new friend in Sugar. It'll be fun to see how that progresses!

Pamela said...

It's hard to be a caregiver. I hope that Mark gives you some wonderful time off when he's back to his regular routine.

Glad to hear you're finding the walks a blessing, even if it's tempting to stay by the fire instead.