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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Sunday, June 14, 2015


The Last time I Updated was written on thursday and posted Friday morning.That day was Bruts worst day so far.I did not go to work until late morning cus I did'nt know if I should.
He had a hard time walking,he would not eat or drink any water.I knew i would have to be at work late because of my late start.Patty kept very close watch on him,and stayed by his side all day.We talked on the phone,it seeed like hour on the hour,her giving me updates.We thought this could be the end.but we kept on Praying and doing everything we could to helped brut.Before I forget Thank You Theresa in Arizona for your sugg,
I read the comments that I got before I went to Work,which helped me get going.So the whole day was just one hour at a time.I decided that I would get all my work that night,So I would not have to leave the whole week-end.So I would be able to spend the Whole week-end with Brut.At 10 that night Patty said for me to get some Pedialyle for Brut(Thanks again Theresa in Arizona)and get some Gatorade.
Shortly before I got Home,He started to Perk up and he drank some water and he eat a little bit.First thing I did when I got home was went to see Brut and I gave him ( a bowl of Pedislye )and he dranked it all up.So I gave him almost all the rest of It.I also got his water bowl and put half water and half Gatorade in it.That night I walked with him outdoors to go pee pee,and we came back in and I slept with him in the Living Room.
On Sat morning he was more like himself,He drank his water and he ate has food in the morning and he was walking around like nothing happed the day before.I was able to spend the whole day at home and Brut was his old self for the most part.One thing I forget during all this is,My Vet,tolds us before that he would have his good days and his bad days,and Friday was really one of his Bad Days.
So I did sleep with Brut in the living room Sat night and we both slept in,with no alarm clocks.Thanks be to God.I will be spending another day,ALL day,Except for 3 hours that I have to finish my Job from last week.
THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU to all my Friends on Facebook,who have sent all their Prayers to DADDY DOG BRUT and Us.It has really made a differents,for everything we have been going Through,It Is really a GREAT FEELING to know that we are not alone and to know we are not the only ones who love their Dogs like we love ours.Thank You All Again mt Friends.
Mark,Patty and DADDY DOG BRUT
P.S.Thank You Again Theresa for the Pedialye.

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siku marie said...

Feel our paws and arms around you all during this difficult time. We send our strongest healing energies and positive thoughts.