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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, August 5, 2016

We are happy with our new flea and tick preventative!


We've always hated the topical flea preventatives.  They are messy, oily, and they smell.  The dogs always freak out when it is time to put it on and we humans dread doing it.  So when they came out with a soft chewable "treat" called Nexguard for flea and tick,we thought this might be our answer.

We had a few concerns about this new product that we discuss with our vet.  One of the biggest was price.  It was pretty pricey for our two packs and then we had to worry if it didn't work, or worse the dogs had side effects.  We also give Heartguard, a heart worm preventive made by the same company as Nexguard, and were scared there would too much insecticide in their systems.  Unlike the topical that would get absorbed into the dogs skin, making us think they weren't getting as much into their system.

No oozy messes or freaking out.  This stuff is great!

We went back and forth with our options and questions.  Price was a big factor, it was out of our price range for what we had been paying for the topical, but our vet was able to give us a good deal on both the Heartguard and Nexguard and we took the plunge.

The dogs loved it!  They gobbled them right up.  No leaving these boxes out and about or we would have sick dogs.  The "treats" are a soft chew treats about an inch long rectangular cube and are liver flavor.  They are taken once a month and it was such a relief not to deal with frumpy, greasy, smelly dogs each month.  I still can't believe just giving this treat takes care of fleas and ticks without the mess.

And the beds and couches just smell like dog!

Now, you ask, how does it work?  It seems to be working well  No fleas or ticks,  except for a dead tick I found on the bed.  A good sign it is working. And the dogs and I couldn't be happier!

Would I say it is worth the extra cash?  Yes.  Definitely.  We will be doing it again next year for certain.  It used to take two of us to put the topical on the dogs and it was awful.  Now, either of us can give them a chew and they are good to go.

What do you use for flea and tick medicine? Are you happy with it?

Disclaimer:  This is our personal experience and just wanted to share that we are happy with Nexguard.  The Nexguard people do not know we exist and we are not being compensated for anything.  

Tune in for our next post to see what Boxer the cat is taking for his flea and tick prevention!

I don't know what it is, but my fur is so luscious and soft!


Collie222 said...

We have to be so careful when we choose any medications or flea products. Collies are so sensitive to drugs. We've been thinking of trying the Seresto collars.

24 Paws of Love said...

I have heard good things about the Seresto collars. We thought about using them ourselves.

2 Punk Dogs said...

Glad to hear the Nexguard is working for you, we were curious about it. Our vet recommended the Seresto collars, she's used them on her dogs for a few years. They're good so far,we'll see if they really last for 8 months.