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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It Is Blaze's Turn!

When I started working with Chance on his leash training, I had Blaze in my thoughts all along to train her as well.  Blaze is cut from a completely different cloth than Chance.  Chance is a worker, very task oriented and is more stable minded than Blaze.  Blaze is higher strung, has a shorter attention span and is smart as a whip.  You can almost hear the gears winding in her head as she does everything in her power to outsmart me.  She gets bored easy and will often just do as she pleases.  We tend to have a bit more clashing between the two of us than I do with Chance.  Must be a female to female thing and that we are more alike than not.

I have done a couple of trial runs of leash training in the yard to get a feel of what I need to do differently with her in order to create success.  I've come to the conclusion that I need to use a no-pull halter for a while in order to help.  I would prefer not to use one, but Blaze's drive, being that she's in training for pulling sleds, is powerful.  Between her strength and wits she has more of an advantage than I do to get her attention and this is where the no-pull halter comes in.

I have used the no-pull head halters in the past and have gotten good results, the problem is I didn't really train her properly when using the tool.  I was under the impression that the tool did all the work and that I would just walk her while she wore it.  Although I didn't use the head halter with Chance, I got practice in teaching him commands and using consistency with him, that I feel I will help in my success with Blaze while she is using the head halter.  I am deeming Blaze my summer project.  I have already started the process with getting her used to the head halter, little by little.  I am taking my time and not rushing into it like I did before by just putting the halter on and taking her for a walk.  I'm am doing what I don't like to do, having to follow instructions and I'm already seeing results!  Imagine that!  :)

My confidence is up, thanks to the amazing strides that Chance has taken and my willingness not to give in.  My relationship with Blaze has improve immensely as recently our bond has grown deeper.  I have been training Blaze in other areas that have also taken our respect for each other to a stronger level and I am feeling rather hopeful in our success during this period of our lives.  Sometimes that's all it takes for a great accomplishment, is the right timing and this time I think Blaze and I have it!

I'll be posting our successes and challenges so please feel free to follow along!


That Girl said...

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Pamela said...

Blaze is "rockin" her head harness. They can be great tools when they're used properly. It's great that you're in tune with Blaze so you can see what she needs to move forward in her leash walking.

Can't wait to hear more about your progress.

Kristine said...

I've never used a head harness before. It was recommended to us once with Shiva but I never did try. Somehow we muddled through with a plain buckle collar. I would consider it in the future, though, depending on the dog.

Lots of luck! Your success with Chance proves you are a dog walking queen!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Blaze seems kind of like Stumpy, in that Stumpy seems to learn better if she thinks an idea/behavior is hers.

jen said...

Yay for you and Blaze! That is wonderful!

Bailey Be Good! said...

Yay, Blaze! I also have never used a head collar, so I'm not really sure what it does... ?

Woofs & hugs,


Budrow Wilson Spain said...

I am looking forward to hearing more. I too have a female in my pack that is highly intelligent and easily bored. Luckily she is only 55lbs and physically easier for me to correct than the 100lbs puppies I am training now. But I want our experiences to be fun not a test of wills. I have her in agility and she loves it! But our walks are not so fun for either of us! I tried the Halti but as soon as I put it on her she drops to the ground and starts rubbing her face on the ground to get the foreign object off her face. I currently us those nasty prong collars for walking and a slight correction is all that is needed to remind her not to pull but I hate using them! They look like a medieval torture devise! I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and trying them out on my sweet little girl, Buzzy Wuzzy. <3

White Dog Blog said...

Sounds like a calm consistent plan shaped by love and tempered with the idea that you are BOTH going to learn...a recipe for success and deeper bonding, for certain!

ForPetsSake said...

Timing is everything - truer words were never said in training dogs ;)
Keep up the positivity and you'll get it done!