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Current blog look inspired by and dedicated to Chance, Blaze, Fiona and Zappa who all kicked ass against cancer and liver disease.

Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Memories-A Look Back

 The Back Dogs

Our lives have been in heartache, pain and joy for the past three years.  When  Alex died we were devastated, then six months later Silver gave birth to ten healthy puppies.  In three months all of the puppies found homes, and we were left with what we now call the Back Dogs, Daddy Dog Brut, Mommy Dog Silver, and their two puppies, Zappa and Fiona.  Things were just starting to simmer down, when four months later one of our puppies from our litter, Blaze came back home from an abusive owner.  Suddenly our home was in chaos again as we had to separate Blaze from the others because the Back Dogs wouldn't accept her.  Thankfully Chance, another puppy from our litter came back home four months after Blaze and they would be known as the Front Dogs.  What a blessing as Chance and Blaze's owners were related and Chance and Blaze practically grew up together.

  The Front Dogs

The experience was overwhelming and painful as we did our best to help in healing the Front Dogs wounds from their previous owners as well as heal Brut and his aggressions.  It was a rocky and winding road with many twist and turns.  It was a difficult time and we struggled with knowing what to do sometimes.  Then there were days when everything seem to fall in place and there was peace that let us know everything was alright and that we were doing the right thing.

Looking back it was a stressful time but a wonderful time of growth and healing for all of us and what seemed so strange in the beginning has become our normal.  Six dogs divided into two packs, a divided house and yard have become a natural way of life.  Our family is beginning to settle into our routines and we are finding stability and grounding in our home that has been in upheaval since Alex died.  We have been able to really sit back, relax and enjoy our time with our two packs.  I don't know if they will ever be integrated but we are OK with that because for now we are enjoying our family right where they are at. We are really beginning to savor this new stable period and enjoy the progress everyone has made.  It's like finally being able to breathe a quiet sigh of relief, soak in the happiness and take some time to enjoy our odd family.  And isn't that what family is all about?  


jen said...

It is wonderful when all the hard work you have done begins to pay off! Congrats to you!
Enjoying family is the single most important thing in life!

Yas said...

What a wonderful journey! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Maxx and mommy

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

It is a never ending journey. Just glad that you all were able to enjoy it together. I too have had to separate my four dogs into to pack. But only when they are playing out in the back yard. The two brothers get too excited and fights break out between them if I do not separate them. I try to rotate Buddy and Buzzy between them to ensure socialization for the puppies. It has been an education for me, I hope to be better at this so I can improve their lives.

Anonymous said...

Glad you get to reap the reward of your generous heart and patience.

Your Pal,

KB said...

What a journey. I'm glad that you've made to a place where you are happy and content.

Pamela said...

As touched as I have been reading about your struggle with providing a happy home for all your dogs, my weird sense of humor keeps popping up.

Have you ever thought of filming a Brady Bunch type video which features the front and back packs?

24 Paws of Love said...

Can't say that I have Pamela, but your not the first person to mention the Brady Bunch resemblance! BOL! That would be too funny!!

Pup Fan said...

Pamela's right, you totally need to do some sort of Brady Bunch thing!