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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wanted, Unwanted

There is a foster dog named Oreo, on Corbin's blog that for some reason has touched my heart.  I don't know if it is the name or the jet black fur or if I just see something special about her on my computer screen.  I was almost sad to see that she had found a new furever home.  If I wasn't tapped out in my own home, I might have scooped her up.  Something didn't work out and she came back to stay with Corbin.  While I was glad she was safe, I found myself wondering, what is Oreo thinking about the situation?  Wanted and unwanted.  An all too familiar cycle in fosters dogs.

When I saw that Oreo was back, it truly broke my heart.  Oreo isn't the only story I've read, there are plenty of others and they too have had me wondering the same thing.  How do dogs feel being bounced back and forth between people and homes?    What do they think about shifting from place to place?  How do they handle being loved, wanted and needed and then not.  Turned off like a switch.  And for some foster dogs it happens countless times.  Over and over.  Do you think they ever give up hope?

Yes, I could easily rant about people that return adopted dogs at their convenience and those that are not willing to take on the responsibility of owning a dog, but the question burning in my mind is...  What do dogs think about being "returnable?"


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

It is very sad, and even sadder when you stop to think about how many Oreos are out there. We hope a wonderful and truly furever home is found soon for sweet Oreo.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Kristine said...

That's a heavy question. It's really impossible to say what exactly they think but I know they can't be happy. I believe dogs experience a lot more emotion than scientists have traditionally believed. It may not be as complex as our experience, but they are smart enough to understand displacement. Dogs thrive on routine. A life of bouncing from one home to another, a different set of rules to another, different people, different smells, can be nothing but stressful.

I hope Oreo finds his permanent home very soon full of people that understand him.

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by to check on Fred it means the world to us.

In regards to this issue im torn. My ex and I tossed back Fred and Haylie seperatly every other week or on weekends or for a month. They were always going back and forth - we each had seperate rules and so forth but mine seemed to be ok but they did go through seperation after they had been with one of us, Haylie was the worse with that. It would take her a few days to adjust without him being around when I would get her and vice versa. They also say dogs move forward and arent emotional and I feel that is true when I would see Freds behavior but Haylie was diffrent and more sensitive. so im torn :)

The Daily Pip said...

I agree it so sad. I think they do understand when they are returned over and over again. It's like being abandoned over and over again. We have a couple of animals at the shelter where I volunteer who have been returned multiple times. It is SO SAD and each time they come back more of the light has disappeared from their eyes.

Your pal, Pip

jen said...

I have wondered this too. It breaks my heart because I feel that they feel they are unwanted and they did something wrong. It has to play on them mentally somehow.

FiveSibesMom said...

What a good, introspective question. And that nagging "why?" I just read a story where two beautiful white wolf hybrid pups were adopted, only to be brought back because the owners "lost sleep." For lack of a better word, "Duh." Why would someone bring puppies into their home and not think about that? They are p-u-p-p-i-e-s. And so, sadly they were returned. We raised three at one time, and know you raised (how many??!!) at one time...they are puppies for such a short period of time. Can you imagine these people with a baby? "Oh, I can't sleep, so here, take my baby back?" I don't understand people sometimes. I have to believe that there's bigger and better things in store for the pups and for Oreo... Hopefully, their next home will be an honest, loving forever home - with no "returns."

Sage said...

I just know how Toby was after we adopted him. We know he had been taken to the shelter, adopted and returned after 3 weeks before we took him home. Who knows what else, but after 11 years, he still keeps me in sight. It breaks my heart to see some of these dogs, knowing they don't forget.....

Corbin said...

I started responding to this, and my response was longer than most blog posts... so I decided I'm going to respon to your post in our blog. I hope you don't mind! Oreo has broken my heart so many times...

Lavinia said...

I think foster dogs and foster children are similar, only foster dogs don't "grow up" and become able to take care for themselves.
I'm sure being secondhand dogs all the time must really affect them. I've seen dogs on the street though, trusting and sweet. I do think that some never really lose hope.

Wyatt said...

The crazy thing is, that dogs are so forgiving. They are all about THIS moment and just want to be loved. We hope for the best for Oreo too!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I think it will vary with each individual dog. And it breaks my heart to read stories like Oreo's. I hate to think of my kids being with anyone but me and as long as I'm around that's where they stay. People infuriate me so much. I see so many needy dogs, abused dogs, broken dogs on blogs and Facebook. I want to help and heal them all. Thankfully there are people around who are in a position to help a lot of the time.

Frankie is a rescue and I'm very, very lucky that he appears to have totally blanked out the first 10 months of his life. It's like as far as he's concerned his life began the day I got him:)

Anakin Man said...

We came across your blog from reading Cobin's.

We have been ketchin' up lately so we just learned of Oreo's story.

We are sorry for Oreo and hope he gets settled too.

We are thankful for everyone who fosters as well.

Your new furiends,
IzZY, TriXie, and Anakin Man

Yas said...

It makes us sad to hear of so many stories like that..
We pray and hope for Oreo to have a loving permanent home soon.

Maxx and mommy

Cheryl and Kirby said...

It is so sad. So many dogs at our shelter are returned or owner surrendered for many reasons. Things like, well, he has too much energy, or he has separation anxiety or we just had a new baby, or the big one lately...we are moving! I don't think dogs ever think they will have more than one family. Dogs live in their packs forever, so why should their human packs change? Packs go through changes, moving etc... Why would their dog not be a part of it?

It's just truly sad.

Road Dog Tales said...

We've been following along with Oreo, too. And it breaks our hearts a little every time she is returned. Must be so confusing for her. But Oreo is luckier than some in that she has a wonderful place to be returned to while waiting for her perfect family. We hope that will come really soon!

The Road Dogs