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Brut Quote

Thursday, July 28, 2011


No one is getting by us!!

Feeling like Granny in her rocking chair, on the front porch, shotgun in hand, as the Front Dogs and I are protecting the property and each other.  OK, it may be a lawn chair, on a cement slab, minus the shotgun, but the rest is all true.  There is a rental unit next door to us and every summer there's at least one or two groups of college kids that come to party.  While I have nothing against either, it's a little different when they are next to your home.  I have never had any problems, but tonight as the gang pulled in, there were a couple of guys messing with Chance and Blaze.  Well, if there is one thing I have learned throughout my time in the dog world, not everyone likes dogs, and many can be mean and cruel or deadly.  So I keep a close lookout on the Chance and Blaze.  These are times I am extremely grateful they are such superb watch dogs.  They are excellent at giving off a warning and letting me know when someone is out there.  I appreciate the job they do.  All they do is bark.  That is it.  They are not attack dogs.  They just like to sound the alarm.  All I had to do was walk outside and the boys scattered.  Messing with my dogs is one thing I won't tolerate from anyone, I don't care who they are.

The warning signals aren't limited to just anyone in the rental unit and there are times during the day I can get a little aggravated at having to run to the front yard to see what all of the fuss is about, but I realize in situations like these, it is well worth it. Not just for my protection but for the dogs as well.  It helps us work together as a team and is one of those, "I'll watch your back if you watch mine."  I liked that idea.  I know many would disagree with this, but it is worth the protection that we have for each other and that's security I can live with.


Yas said...

Hear Hear! Great job guys!!
Look at those tails, all alert!


P.s - Yes i love swimming but these days hardly got the chance to swim in the sea, unless we go to Sentosa island very early and mom would put me on a loooong leash.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are not pups who bark much. Ciara can be a yapper when she wants TD to play. But for the most part we really are just wooers. So if Mom or Dad hear any kind of ruckus from us outside, they know something is amiss and come running. God didn't give us that bark ability for no good reason:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Peggy Frezon said...

We live in the city and Kelly does not bark when people walk by on the sidewalk (cats are a different story, however) but she barks whenever anyone comes to the door. I'm actually very grateful for that. The mailman isn't.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Frankie and Beryl don't have access to our front yard as it isn't fenced, although they can see what's happening from the side gates. They're not barkers either, thank goodness, but do sound the alarm if someone is coming to the house. And I'm pleased about that. It's just good to have some warning.

I hope your temporary neighbours don't cause you any trouble. Just because people don't like dogs doesn't give them the right to be rude, stupid or make a nuisance of themselves.

ForPetsSake said...

I agree - anyone with a dog on "patrol" like a forever watchful Nyxie knows how reliable a dog's sense of hearing and purpose can be. I am always grateful for my Nyxie's alarms (even though sometimes they're over the top)

White Dog Blog said...

Great job pups! and Momma salutes your mom for sending a loud and clear message that you are NOT to be the object of boy teasing or hazing or meanness! Sometimes it takes a human growl to deliver the words in a way that is understood!

Emily in Wonderland said...

A strange, scuffy looking man with a large sized day runner came to my door a couple weeks ago. He rang the bell, and then knocked, and then immediately, before I even had time to register the fact that he had both rang AND knocked back to back he knock-knock-knock-knock-knock'ed in a continuous obnoxious fashion. He just kept going until I got up and opened the door.

Usually when I go to the door I will either pick up and hold Charlie under my arm like a suitcase while he barks like a lunatic, or I will block my body with the door and use my leg to fill the gaps. This time, for whatever reason, I didn't. I just opened it. And OUT Charlie went. And he WENT FOR HIM. He went right for the pushy door knocker and frankly I could not have cared less! He ran right for him, snarling, barking, growling, lunging like a crazed attack dog. Mr. Clipboard got cornered by my EIGHTEEN POUND beagle on my porch and was cowering before Charlie ran off to go pee on some bushes (sufficiently satisfied he had scared the shit out of the trespasser) and I went to go get him. By the time I caught him and got back the man was gone. I have no idea what he wanted and he never came back.

I am so glad my dog is psycho.