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Brut Quote

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New Boss Isn't Going to Like That...

No, no, no, you can't take it from that angle!
Ever have one of those days when because you are (tired, stressed, busy, etc.), you start playing "boss" with your dogs.  Yeah, me too.  Those times when your dogs normal, everyday behaviors suddenly seem so obscure and unreasonable because you are so (tired, stressed, busy, etc.) and you begin an instant overhaul of these seemingly out of control behaviors.

Been there.  Done that.

 That's not right either!
Like this morning, after staying up late catching up on blogs, Blaze woke me by scratching my face because Daddy started walks early this morning.  It was bad enough having claws scraping down my cheek in a dead sleep, but the fact that the dogs were in a manic stage of excitement with walk time happening meant I wasn't getting back to sleep ever again.

So there I was in the midst of this pre-walk madness, after being awoken by the grace of Blaze's paw, and have I mentioned that mornings are my worst time of the day?  Suddenly the reasonable doesn't look so reasonable any more.  What are normal and justifiable dog behaviors suddenly make no sense at all.  Like the low man on the totem pole asking for the supervisor's position.  And my thoughts start going like this:  WHAT?!?  You want to go outside??  When I'm sitting down??  Are you crazy!  What do you think this is, the country club?? 

 Why are you doing it like that??

In no time my thoughts escalate into that of a new manager with a whole new set of rules who took over for the old boss that everyone loved for years.

You can't do that!   That's not following the rules!  I don't care that you used to be able to do that before, you can't do it now!  Who gave you permission to bark like that!  You are all getting written up!  No, you don't get treats for your howling sessions!  Do I look like charity??  From now on choir practice is after hours.  I'm in charge now, the old rules don't apply anymore!

When I finally began to wake up, I was able to fire the new boss and resume my old position.  WHEW!!  (Always good when the original manager comes back and realizes her mistake for leaving in the first place.  :)

Ahhh...so much better.  Glad you're back!
Yeah, some days it is like that when I'm too (tired, stressed, busy, etc).  Thank goodness it all stays in my head.  BOL!!
Ever have those, "I'm taking over moments??"   


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Those photos are clever:)

Sometimes after a long, hard day of standing on my feet all day at work the last thing I want to do is take the dogs for a walk. And I'll usually find that I've also forgotten to take any meat out to defrost for them for tea on those days too. Then I wish I could just open the door and let them run around the streets and exercise themselves while I defrost their food etc and then collapse in a chair and wait for them to come home. But I don't get cross, I'm usually too exhausted for that emotion!

I'm lucky in that I'm more of a morning person than Frankie and Beryl are. They lie in bed much longer than I do on days off. It might be a totally different story if the routine was an early morning walk though:)

You could never be the 'bad boss', only the 'good boss'!

Gail said...

Having one right now!

Kari in Alaska said...

I have those days and then feel guilty!

Stop by for a visit

Sarah said...

I have days like that on a regular basis. Glad, as always, to have you confirm that I'm not alone!

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Yep, my Human occasionally has those days! I give her "the look" "UNFAIR!" and watch her take a deep breath and we start over together.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

White Dog Blog said...

you pups are lucky YOUR mom keeps it all inside her head. OURS sometimes lets that crabby attitude out...we know it is one of those times when she starts the conversations with...PLEASE! will you...

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

I think everyone has one of those days!

But OMD, those are soo furry cute!

Brandon's Raiser

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh yeah! Those moments definitely happen here!

Shane Kent Louis said...

Totally cute puppies, and you look lots fun on your pictures Woof!

It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

Pup Fan said...

Aw, I totally have those days too!