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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have found myself in rather deep, hypnotic thought over Pamela's post: The Puppiness Project-It Doesn't Matter How You Learn; Just Learn from her blog Something Wagging This Way Comes.  It talk about how we all, dogs included learn differently, pace, style etc., at a point when I am looking back at why we have gone so slowly in meshing the dogs together.  And when I play it in my head and see my two packs of dogs it sounds of the hushed, quiet sounds of a symphony that has barely begun the crescendo. 

I remember feeling the pressure cap on my head twisting tighter and tighter.  I HAVE TO, I HAVE TO, I HAVE TO, the chant pounding through my head.  Our dog Blaze, a puppy from our litter, was returned and I felt driven to blend her with our four other dogs, because that is what you do.  What other way was there?

After one introductory meeting with each dog individually, I was crushed.  All five dogs had lurched and lounge, baring teeth with menacing growls at each other.  NOW what was I suppose to do?  With everything I knew and read, there was no book or instructions informing us what we suppose to from this point on.  The failure in me prevailed.

The four dogs had formed a pack within themselves.  Blaze's mother, father and two siblings wanted nothing to do with her except keep her away.  We did the only thing we could do, we put up a door to divide the house and kept the dogs separated until we figured something out.

The pressure was daunting.  The need to get the four dogs, together with this little girl was drilled into me like breath.  What other way was there to do it?

Four months later, Chance, another puppy from our litter was also returned.  Another state of chaos took over our household, but there within the craziness was a thread of calm I could not explain that from Chance's unexpected homecoming.  Chance and Blaze were best friends because they grew up with a related family.  Having them together felt like they home for them.  Suddenly like the pieces of a large puzzle it all made sense.  Blaze had Chance.  Chance had Blaze and neither of them had to be alone again.  But it was more than that, it was through Chance coming home that the old beating demands of integrating the dogs began to loosen their grip and we found some relief.  Chance was like the angel of peace silhouetting through our home for Blaze and for us.  He showed us that laws were meant to be broken and the hope of a new way for us.  Why couldn't we live as a two dog pack household?  Why couldn't we take our time as we started all over with our new found lives with each other?  Who says we can't do it that way?

And as we take each baby step in blending together what is now known as the Front and Back Dogs, this is where I realize that it has taken the thousand earlier baby steps to be able to take this one.  It is this gift of learning at our own pace, in our own ways what works for us that I find shining deep within my soul and spirit of who we are as the 24 Paws of Love.  And why it may be a little complicated to explain our situation that thread of peace has grown into a strong rope that anchors us together.  The communication that transpires is a beautifully orchestrated 6-part harmony that keeps us in tune to watch for the miracles that blossom in our lives.   The key for us is not to rush or feel obligated to do something we and the dogs aren't ready for and follow our hearts for the love of our dogs. Chance brought that hope and heart and peace when he came home and gave us the trust to follow all three.
And the miracle continues...


Unknown said...

Nice post. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Talking-Dogs said...

Beautiful post. These are lessons we can all use - in life in general! (or at least I can :-) )

Pamela said...

I am so honored that my post led you to reflect so beautifully on your situation.

It takes a lot of wisdom to stop listening to those "should, should, should" voices and pay attention to what's right in front of you. And you've made so much progress once you stopped listening to those awful demands. :)

It's a pleasure to accompany you on this journey.

Daisy's Mom said...

Even though I don't often get the chance to comment. I always read your posts is my email. This time I decided I needed to say something.no matter what.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

White Dog Blog said...

Love this post! It is wonderful to see you sorting out just how far you have come and just how close you are. Love and patience...the main ingredients of miracles!

FiveSibesMom said...

What a wonderful post. And so good for others who are trying to blend a canine family - sometimes there are no time limits, sometimes you just have to take those baby steps and know they are indeed triumphs.

Anonymous said...

WOw! That looks wonderful! I am SO impressed!

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