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Friday, August 10, 2012

What irks you the most about caring for your pet?


For me, that's easy.   Getting up and down to let 6 dogs in and out all day and night long. With two indoor cats, having a doggie door is out of the question and we can't afford the remote collar ones that just lets the dogs in and out.

It gets really irritating when I'm deeply immerse in something, especially my writing, and can have numerous 'interruptions' of having to go through the entire house to let a dog in or out.  Or when the dogs can't make up their minds if they want to go out and turn back around after I sit down only to scratching to be let in again.

 IN!  IN!  IN!

Most of time I'm pretty used to it and it's just part of the deal, but there are other times when it just grinds on me and I can start to lose my cool.  So I take a deep breath, tell myself it isn't the dog's fault, scratch their furry little heads and open the door for the umpteenth time that day.

So what gets you and how do you deal with it?


♥ Helen said...

I understand... it is a way of living... I have three dogs and I feel it is enough - and you have six. It reminds me of a sign my friend gave me , it says "Agenda for the day: Let dog in - Let dog out. Let dog in - Let dog out." ;)
Some people do not understand - but we do it because we love them :)
I have three cats as well, but they have a cat door and I can sleep all night.

Unknown said...

Bet it keeps you fit though? Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Charlene and Storm said...

you are a stronger person than me, i settle at just 1 dog and he still does things that make me have to grit my teeth so hard i think they will crack at times. but like you said then i look at his cute little face and then give his neck a good scratch xxx the worst thing that does my head in is stormys toys getting stuck in gaps, the frizbee always managed to get slid down the side of the fridge or under the oven and the mini tenis balls stormy thinks its highly amusing to stuff them under the sofa or chairs and then try and dig them out again so we have to end up getting up and lifting the sofa or getting a stick to poke under the oven to get the frizbees out. its all good fun tho eh :D

jen said...

Ha-ha! In/out I think dogs were made with that gene implanted in their mind!

Anonymous said...

I have that too but I only have to deal with three dogs. I just think of it as a bit of exercise, since I sit all day anyway.

The Daily Pip said...

Pip is pretty easy going, but the cats jumping up on the table during dinner drives me crazy.

Collie222 said...

With our collie crew growing to five collies, we feel your pain. But hey, at least they are asking to go out - could be worse right? :)

I just wasnted to say I enjoy reading your posts. Juggling a multidog home, work and cats is not easy...but so very rewarding...99.9% of the time. But what I currently find a bit aggravating is when we finally get our puppy girl, Scarlett, settled for the night...and then somecollie decides to bark at something outside!

Julia Williams said...

The "in/out" dance must be standard for every pet!! Sometimes I feel like the Cat Butler and yes, it can get annoying. But hands down what irks me most is that for those inevitable "moments of upchuck" they ALWAYS choose the carpet over the linoleum!!

BTW, you might want to take a peek at today's post -- it's about Psychogenic Alopecia aka kittehs with bald bellies.

Linda said...

There's not much that irks me about the dogs. When the weather is nice, the dogs spend most of their day outside in the dog pen, but since two of the dogs haven't been getting along and we have to keep them separated now, the moving each pack around so everyone has time outside can be a production, and when the weather isn't nice enough, those moving times have to be done more. (We have 3 in one pack and 4 in the other one.) And that means I have to stop working to make sure each transition goes smoothly and without incidents. It's annoying if I have a deadline I'm up against, but the irritation all goes away when they come over to say "Hi" after I go back to work. There's no way I can resist their happy faces. Plus, it's a good way to keep me from sitting too long in front of the computer working.

The biggest problem I have is one of my cats loves to race with one group of dogs and gets in among them as they go downstairs. My cats are all inside cats and if he makes it outside, he stands in the pen wondering how he got there and wants back inside right now. lol

haopee said...

I can totally understand. My brother in law wants to have 3 dogs in 3 different floors of the house. The one on the top most area has a potty spot with sand, while the two other should be replaced twice a day and I also have to let them out just incase they decide to do something crazy.

Dogs... you can't bear the responsibility but you can't bear life without them. LOL.

Huggies and Cheese,


Donna said...

I wants to go out a lot of times in a row, sometimes. Mom doesn't like that so much. :)

Pamela said...

Yep, I share the frustration. Especially when they want to go out "just because."

Of course I prefer to be outside to. So I try to do as much of my work outside on the porch as possible. Hooray for laptops!

Then we just stay outside all day and Honey and Cherie can go down to the yard as they wish.