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Friday, February 7, 2014

HELP! Teach us a new trick!

That's right we are asking you to teach us a new trick because Mommy really sucks at tricks.  We need something NEW!!  She's worked so hard at our behavior stuff that she has never really taught us any cute and fun tricks.  And hurry, because we need fun.  If you've been having the same snowy, paw-freezing, windy winter like we have then you know that cabin fever is close at hand.  It  seems to have frozen her brain and her creativity.  So help the Mom out and give us your best and easy to moderate tricks and we will show you the results when we mastered them.

And we thank you for helping out yet another victim of the winter blues crouching on the edge of cabin fever.  And nobody wants that! 

Here are a list of the tricks we already know:

stay (sort of)
turn around
roll over
find it
leave it (treat on paw)

Fiona-pick it up

So as you can tell we need some fun, crazy tricks to learn and bring Mommy out of the blues.  Won't you help us please?  


Unknown said...

Some of our pals have been doing nose work which we are having fun with. Hide treats etc in boxes or around the house and play go find. I love a good sniff and search. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

houndstooth said...

Küster and Morgan play a lot of nose work games. Mo's favorite is having my husband hide treats in several places in a room, then call her in and have her "check it" to find the treats. It makes her use her brain and her body and is very good for her.

Bunny and Flattery are learning "on it" to stand with their front feet on something, which I plan to use for nursing home and hospice visits, as well as for pictures.

We're also about to start working on some directionals, apparently with all of them, where they learn to go to a certain object and stand there. I'm going to enjoy watching hubby teach this...

Unknown said...

Toby recently learned to "spin" in a circle for a treat. Hey Sugar the Golden Retriever had a great post yesterday about a fun game and recently a tutorial on how to teach your dog to unroll a yoga mat...

Cocos Mommy said...

Coco has learned "Which Hand?" where I hide a treat in my hand behind my back and when I present both of my hands in front of me (closed fist, of course) she has to sniff and pick (with her paw) which one the treat is in. She loves doing this and it only took about 4 tries for her to pick up on what I wanted her to do!

Good for you for trying to keep them active and entertained!

White Dog Blog said...

Back up, back up, bow was one of the very first tricks I learned. Which then can become a chain command of back up, bow, down, crawl forward. We have been doing a lot of trick and training work here, too. The new kids, just the basics but Yo and I know lots of fun tricks.