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Monday, June 30, 2014

Dog Life Lessons-The Art of Letting Go

You all know the phrase, "Like a dog with a bone."  How a dog is when given something precious will not let go of it and usually has to be taught to let go.  And it is tough lesson for a dog to learn because they just want to hang on and keep it forever.

One of Chance's favorite games is jumping and chasing for a toy that is on a rope or line.  He also enjoys this with the water hose when I swing it around.  He is quite good at it and loves testing his skills.  Chance learned early that in order for the game to continue, he had to let go of the toy or hose so that I can swing it around again.  He learned how to have fun by letting go and not holding on.  Sure we play some tug-a-war but he knows that in order to get the game moving again, he has to let go of the toy.  Something I didn't teach him, at least with any command or signal, he seemed to figure it out on his own.

I wish it were that easy.

I've been trying to let go of something I've held onto for a long time.  I am like that dog with a bone, hanging on with that clamping grip.  I have a long ways to get to Chance's level but every day we play together he reminds me that it can be done.  Little by little I've been able to unclench my fist and begin to let go.  Thankfully Chance is quite patient with me and is more than willing to show how he does it!  He knows the secret.  When you let go, that's when you really get to play!

How is your dog at letting go of things?  How are you?


Unknown said...

Truthfully, none of us is very good at it. I hope all is well with you.

Pamela said...

Honey does a mix of holding on and letting go. Letting go is hard for all of us.

I find that when I'm holding on to something, it's because I think having it benefits me in someway. Sometimes, like in the case of bad feelings, it can be hard to find the benefit. But it's usually there hiding somewhere.

White Dog Blog said...

Sometimes White Dog is so wrapped up in the holding on that she would rather just keep the thing and end the game. I always get special joy during those times when she fiercely guards her "treasure" for awhile and then just suddenly stands up and walks away leaving it behind. I guess I am kind of like that too.