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Brut Quote

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Silver's Deep Healing Prayer

Dear God,

It is me again, Silver and I want to thank you for my surgery going so well.  I didn't have to "go under" so I didn't get the sickies and while I am grateful that everything went so good, I have a few, what should I call them...complaints concerns. 

Do you know what Mom did to me?  First, she put me on a collar and leash and didn't even take me for a walk except in the backyard.  What in the world is that about?  I'm almost 11 years old and she's treating me like a puppy who doesn't know how pee outside.  I am a mother too you know, I'm pretty sure I can pee and poop all by myself.  So instead I made her worry and held it in for as long as possible!

Next she got me in this ridiculous outfit to wear when my bandage came off.  Mom thinks she pretty brilliant keeping my boo-boos cover with the long sleeves of one of grubby shirts.  Not even a nice one at that.  I don't think she even cares that it is two sizes too big, she just pulled the ends together and tied it with a rubber band.  So now I've got this flipping shirt tail sitting on my back.  Oh, the humiliation!

If that isn't bad enough she's making me eat at the kiddie table with Zappa and Fiona.  Now that's just down out rude!!  Brut and I enjoy our quiet meals together without the kids.  How long is this going to last?

And then to top everything I have to sleep with the kids too at night.  Which isn't the worse of it because I get to sleep in my favorite den under the bed, but still, a grown mother sleeping with her two rug rats every night.  I love them and all, but this is too much!! 

So my biggest prayer is to help me heal as fast as possible so that I can get my life back.

Thanks for listening God,


bichonpawz said...

Oh, sweet Silver, your mom just wants to make sure that you are healing properly...and quickly. Prayers for you and your family! It is difficult to go through this, but we are confident you will be just fine...just take your time.

Unknown said...

We send healing vibes and POTP and we so hope for a speedy recovery. Happy Farther's day to your daddy and have a lovely serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Brian's Home Blog said...

We are all sending your our best healing purrs sweetie.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Sending you Lots of Golden Healing thoughts.

White Dog Blog said...

Silver, we are so sorry we have been absent and missed so much! Thank goodness you are recovering well and seem to have everything under control. Still we send your White Dog healing energies and lots of love. Mommas, as you know are natural worriers when their babies are anything but perfectly healthy and normal. It is just a special way of showing how deeply they care. So if your mom seems a little overprotective, just lean into the love and soak up the flow. Ask for a few extra considerations. Make her feel like she is needed and is truly making you feel MUCH better. She'll feel great for being able to help her love and you will feel good because you know she loves you extra much.