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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, January 8, 2018

Chance, my soul, spirit and love dog

Chance is my second heart dog.  He is the son of my first heart dog Brut.  A heart dog is a dog that is like your canine soul mate.  You connect on a different  and more personal level.  Brut and I were like twins.  And it is not much different with Chance, though we don't reach the extremes that Brut and I did.

 Brut consumed so much of my time, attention and energies.  It was a wonder I could even take care of the rest of the packs.  He was a very complex dog with deep inner fears and had an aggression towards other dogs.  My entire being was based on his mood.  I never really swore or vowed consciously, but I didn't want to go through what I did with Brut again.  Thank God, there was only one Brut.

Since Brut died, for me, it has been about having equal time with each dog. Trying to make my time fair to each pack and each dog.  And while it has become the norm, to go back and forth, it can still be a challenge.  Especially when there is a special need to attend to, like a sick or hurt dog.  Or maybe someone just needs mom's touch and love.  Breaking it down two dogs in each pack helps and makes it more simple. 

Then there's Chance.  Chance seeks me out.  He goes out of his way to be close to me.  He doesn't demand attention like Brut did.  He is happy with every moment we have together.  It's our walks and playtime together that really bring it home for me.  There is just something about Chance that is special and full of heart.  Chance is a very quiet dog.  He only barks when he sees something outside and for that he's a very good watchdog.  He doesn't whine or snarl or cry, in fact he rarely "talks."  But he has this sing song woo-woo he always gives before a walk that just lifts my entire spirit.  He makes me want to sing with him.  There is something about that little woo-woo that tells me how he feels about what he wants and that he's ready to walk with me.

Chance isn't much for cuddling or very much petting, but he will get up on the couch with me when he needs me.  I never ask it of him, he comes up on his own free will.  The couch is small enough that we are always touching when he's up there and for him to even consider getting up on the couch with me, tells me he wants to be close.

Another way he shows me he cares is when he lets me hug him, something he will only partake in if he initiates it. Well, the other day I was so down about not being able to sled with him anymore, that I laid down next to him, put my arm around him and we just stayed there.  We stayed like that for some time.  Chance is so compassionate and forgiving that way.  He knew I was sad and he let me hold him in my time of need.

What make all of these acts so memorable is the vibe that is going on when we are together.  It is this vibe that is like music through my heart and soul that digs into a connection I've only had with Brut.  It is alive.  It is electric.  And it is real.  Just me and Chance.  Always.  All the time.  It is like unblocking a blood vessel and feeling the blood rush to your brain showering you with love and life.

I haven't a clue still what to call Chance, as I am reserving the name "heart dog" for Brut.  Soul dog, love dog, spirit dog, they all fit, but it is like naming a cloud, the form is in constant evolution.  As I believe our relationship will continue to change and grow like life.

I don't know where Chance is taking me, but hold on!  It is one wild dance!

What is your experience with your heart dog?


The Daily Pip said...

What a beautiful post. Well, you know Pip was my heart dog, we were really one in the same. Almost could finish each other's thoughts so very much alike in our personalities.

Ruby is very different than Pip and me in some ways, but she really is so tuned into my moods. Pip usually had the same moods as me. Ruby's moods are different but she is always aware of my moods. Like Chance for you, I'm not sure what to call her - maybe my healer dog? She definitely helped heal my heart after Pip died.

How Sam Sees It said...

I've loved a lot of dogs, and I'm lucky to have had two heart dogs in my life. Sam was my first and Harlow is my second.

Monty, Harlow, and Ramble