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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Follow up

A follow up to yesterday's post:  Where are they?  I was so distraught writing this post, I referred to the "problem insect" as a moth, while it is actually the larvae or caterpillar of this moth that does the damage.  Their populations run in cycles, with some years being worse than others and last year we had an heavy infestation of these caterpillars that I believe are called "tent caterpillars." To my knowledge they are not an invasive species, just a real pest. The caterpillars/larvae devoured many of the tree's leaves and people were frightened.  While most of the trees came back by the middle of the summer after the caterpillars were eaten (the birds had quite a feast) or became moths.  Someone must have made a decision to spray this year in order to prevent another infestation, which was the first it had happened in our area since I have been here.   

We had a very cold June, which in hindsight would have taken care of these "problem" larvae and probably accounts for the lack of insects that were missing.  It is the lack of wildlife, particularly the tree dwelling animals and their diminish that to me makes think this is too much of a coincidence to loose that many all at once.  Which just happened to do be the same year they sprayed.  That is just a little spooky.  I do believe Mother Nature always has a way of working and balancing things out if our human fears would just stay out of the way.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am a particular fan of any creature that eats insects and rodents.  Which is why I was so struck when I realized I hadn't seen any bats all summer long and they are rather plentiful around here, yet I saw more of the regular moths than I can remember, which is one of bats favorite foods.

It is scary what we as humans do to upset such a balance and while I know it is rather common to use insecticides in many places, it is sad that we don't learn more how to coexist with nature and let the cycle of life take care of itself.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments.  Forgive me for not quoting you all.  :)  It is great to be among such wonderful nature lovers.  




Sage said...

It's still too bad the wildlife were killed or driven away. Hopefully they'll come back soon.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

I've been seeing tent caterpillars around this year, and I've heard too that they're cyclical. I hope the spraying doesn't become an annual event... and I agree with you, the disappearance of the bats is the saddest thing. The poor bats have enough to contend with:(

So great to see another environmentally conscious dog blogger!

White Dog Blog said...

Humans rush in and "help" Mother Nature thus upsetting the balance and the worst is that we often do not even know the damage we have done until years later. Patience and faith in the cycle of life are two things humans have a hard time with.

Kippy Marrie said...

Voces são lindos.
Amei o blog e estou seguindo.
Gostaria muito que voces me visitassem também e fossem meus amiguinhos. Será um prazer.
Sou a Kippy, e minha mamãe Lilly, que é Jornalista me ajuda a escrever, contar minhas histórias e muitas fotos.
Queremos levar alegria e coisas boas a todo o mundo.
Venham logo, espero que gostem.
Aus 1000 com amor da amiguinha brasileira...