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Friday, December 30, 2011

animals to rescue

Does anyone else find this true in their own lives?

Mallard Duck eggs
My husband and I were tearing apart a deck we found for free in the paper.  One of those u-haul deals.  Our day started hitting one major snag after another and what should have taken a few hours turned into an all day disaster.  Halfway through I felt like I was ready to just lose it.  Just then the owners pulled up and out jumps two dogs, I felt instant relief.  Just like that I was able to breathe again at just the sight of those dogs.  I didn't need to touch them or have any major connection with them, their presence was enough to settle those frayed emotions.  And while our "free" deck continued to be a nightmare, I was able to carry on knowing that there was fur running around like crazy and was close to me.

Another time I found myself in a very troubling situation with someone I didn't know very well, when out of no where I was instantly calmed by the presence of a cat that had crawled into my lap.  And while it didn't change the circumstances there was a comfort in the warmth and love of this tiny being that helped me make it through what was a difficult situation at the time.

And then just last week, my husband and I were invited to a Christmas dinner where I didn't know a single soul, only to sit down in front of a gigantic fish tank!  I couldn't wipe the grin off my face at the discovery there were other creatures in the house and the feeling I wasn't alone.  I was instantly at ease.

 A furry comforter named Tiko

All it takes sometimes is a glimpse of an animal, whether it be wild or domesticated to feel back in touch with myself.  A chickadee in a tree, deer in the woods, someone walking their dog and there is a peace that comes over me even if just for that moment.  I have even felt this transcendence with insects and plants. Though out of all the beings of the world there is none that compares to when I see one of the canine varieties; who hold a special place in my heart for saving my life several times over and letting me know I am never alone.  Isn't that what any animal is a reminder of?

Does anyone else find themselves feeling that instant comfort and sense of belonging when you see pets or animals, even when they aren't your own?  


White Dog Blog said...

What an incredible connection you have to the Universal web of life! You are blessed to be able to seek balance and comfort on such a level.

bichonpawz said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I totally feel the same way that you do!!! Almost like an instant calm. It is wonderful, isn't it??

Pamela said...

In general, I think most of us spend far too much time with computer screens (I'm full aware of the irony) and other technology indoors.

Animals help to keep us connected to the nature we are all a part of but frequently forget.

BTW, after all that frustration, will you get the deck reassembled?

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh yes, all of what you say is so true. Furries are great calming agents.

Who is THAT Tiko - isn'the just so very gorgeous!!!

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

jen said...

Yes! They have a way of making the most awkward moment feel just right! They seem to just but most people at ease!

olddog said...

Its because they love you for who you are not what you have...what you do... or how much money you earn. They can sense the goodness in people who matter.

Julia Williams said...

I know exactly what you mean and I can completely understand that feeling of connection. I have it myself (although, not to insects, haha). I'm not sure that very many people do, however. I have a theory about why you feel so connected to the animal world, but I can't share it publicly because my family, and society in general, would want to have me committed.In any event, it's a blessing to feel so grounded in the presence of all creatures.

Linda said...

Amen to that! Yes, I'm the same way when it comes to animals of all kinds. In fact, I'll pay more attention to them than I do to people a lot of times. Animals just have a way of making me feel calm whether they are mine, someone else's or a wild creature.

Smile With Your Tail said...

I feel just the same way, there is a fish tank at work, and when I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed out all I need to do is turn and look and the little fish. It's amazing how much it helps.

I'm glad you feel the same way! Aren't animals amazing?


houndstooth said...

Yes, I do feel a little more balanced when I'm in the company of animals, but I'm not as aware of it unless I'm feeling really uncomfortable or out of sorts.

I do see A LOT of people really relax when we take our dogs in to the nursing home, though. People I wouldn't even know were tense will visibly relax when they see our dogs and get to reach out and pet them. Suddenly I see a face break into a smile and I realize the power that their furry bodies have over humans!

Jack & Moo said...

I feel that way too - its like finding a kindred spirit in the midst of a crowd. Animals are wonderful!

jack & moo's mom, Pat