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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, June 15, 2012

Brut Discipline

I am having this amazing experience with Brut!  He is helping me discipline Fiona not being so rough with Boxer, our cat.  Is that cool or what??

Boxer our cat is allowed on the patio when I go out with the dogs.  Well, Fiona is good with him in the house, but seeing Boxer outside makes her loose her marbles.  She gets pretty crazy trying to pounce on him and she automatically loses her hearing as well as her brains, for nothing I say has any impact. 

Well, there I was with Boxer and Fiona having a bit a face off, and Brut was at my side.  I told Fiona a stern, “NO” and the second she started to move towards Boxer, Brut growled a warning at her and she backed off.  IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL!!!  I was completely stunned.  Boxer and Brut have come to some kind of mutual respect being the “top dogs” of the roost, but I also think Brut liked teaming up with me to help out.

It happened again today.  Boxer was outside, Fiona was next to him and I was further back from them.  Here comes Brut up to the patio, he greets Boxer with his nose, then turns to Fiona and noses her with a glare in his eyes and then comes to greet me.  Fiona didn’t make any effort to go after Boxer.  She kept herself in check and didn’t mess with Boxer at all.  It was so great!! 

I mean why not let Brut do what he is good at, discipline!  He has no trouble getting others to do what he wants.  Why not harness his power to work for me?  I wouldn’t have or need Brut for the normal every day stuff but this crazy Fiona that comes out when Boxer is outside seems to trigger something off for Brut.  Not in a nasty or threatening way, but more like saying. ‘this is what I’m good at mom, let me help.’  It made me wonder if I should use a signal or let nature take it’s course, but after this second encounter I think I’m going to let it happen naturally and see how that plays out.  I mean really, why should I have to do all the correcting ? And who listens to Brut better than the rest of the dogs!!  Can you imagine what this could mean??  I mean how much bigger could Brut’s head get??  BOL!!

I’m so utterly amazed how Brut and Boxer have come to some understanding like they are equals, except when it comes down to a challenge of their power between each other.  Then Brut trumps Boxer.  But I would have never thought in a million years that Brut would help Boxer out of that respect and actually be placed above Fiona!  Other than the fact that I placed Boxer’s safety above Fiona rambunctious behavior with him.  And the knit between us just keeps getting tighter and tighter.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Has anyone else ever had your top dog help take care of matters with your other animals?

p.s. sorry for the lack of photos or video.  I was so enthralled in the moments it totally took me off guard.


haopee said...

I can totally relate mom. I think you should let nature take its course. There's a truth in the saying that some dogs were born leaders while others, followers.

I had seen that in action with my old dogs Rin and Pinchu. When Rin would yap and bark, Pinchu (her older sister) would growl at her and she would stop doing so.

I am happy that you've found a helping hand. I apologize for not visiting often. I suck at keeping my brain organized.

Huggies and Cheese,


Declan said...

Can you sent Brut over here to have a word with Declan!

Unknown said...

Ditto Haopee! Have a happy Friday!
Best wishes Molly

Pamela said...

Wow, that's so amazing! I do believe that dogs can communicate with each other so much better than we can communicate with them.

It's great that Brut has decided to use his influence over Fiona for such a good purpose.

Sarah said...

I had the same situation with my pack. When Hurley was a puppy and very very extremely bitey, Maggie would always run over, give me the "mom, i got this" look and correct him. If she wasn't in the room watching the puppy try to shred my hand, all I had to do was yelp and she'd come running. It was very cool and I was so grateful that she was able and willing to teach Hurley bite inhibition in a way that I wasn't able to do.

Julia Williams said...

That is really very cool and I can see why you are so happy about it! Any human who underestimates the intelligence of animals should read this post! Have a great day my friend, and come by sometime if you can. Today I have a special kitty post.

Donna said...

I is the only dog at my house. :) We also have fishies, but they live in tanks on the patio.

Robert said...

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