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Brut Quote

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sharing is Caring (and it taste good too!)

Ever done a complete 180 on something you were taught or believed in?  Holy crap!  I’ve done it!  It has been a slow turn over the course of many years but I’ve finally found what I was looking for.

I come from a background of no dogs in the kitchen and never, ever feeding them human food.  I just barely loosened my grip on my husband when the Front Dogs came back and he started a tradition of sharing the last bits of his meal with them.  My rule was that he could only feed them after he was done eating.

How things have changed.

  (to watch on YouTube go HERE)
Some of you were surprised giving the dogs Jello in this post.
I just happened to be eating it and said what the hell!

Before I ended up in the hospital, I was struggling to eat.  I mean I could barely swallow baby bites of food.  Eating became a difficult but necessary chore.  While I tried to gag down my lunch with the Front Dogs at my feet, I began feeding them part of my sandwich.  One bite for me, one for them.  And suddenly eating became a fun game and took the edge of feeling forced.  Not only did I enjoy the company, but I was able to enjoy my meal as well.

Now that I’ve been home and my medication is working, I’m having no trouble eating again, but I’ve continued to share my food with the dogs.  See, I’m a nervous Nelly and tend to eat rather quickly, but splitting my meal with the dogs, helps me to eat slower and really savor the flavor.  I’ve also noticed that I’m eating more veggies, because I want the dogs to eat healthy.  I find when I get an attack of the munchies, I’m reaching for carrots and a pair of dogs to share them with.  :)  I am also eating less as I’m paying attention to the dogs instead of how much I can shove in. 

I know this would cross a line with some and that’s OK, but it helped me through a difficult couple of months and it was fun.  I was able to teach the dogs some manners, sharing between the two of them, how to eat off a spoon and how to only take a bite off my sandwich.  I don’t do it for every meal, which also teaches them patience, but I do save a bite for the end or will share a snack with one of the pairs.  And no matter what, dinner time is Daddy time.  He will actually fixed a small plate for the Front Dogs of anything that is part of his meal.  Even if he has to eat a piece of bread to give them a bite of something.  :) 

This is the kind of freedom I’m living as part of my life and enjoying ten fold by throwing away what are very rusty rules to me.  I’ve had to battle my way through what I believed I could do and what I can do and how it works for this family.  It isn’t just a saying that the dogs are our family.  With a little give and take we continue to heal and grow into what we believe our family should be and there’s nothing like experiencing this journey with all the furry love to take us there.  :)


Talking-Dogs said...

I am so far behind on my blog reading... unfortunately, I'll have to backtrack to understand what's happened to you :-( However, I love your solution to making meals a good thing! (And I oh.... right out loud when I really took in your blog background image :-D )

jen said...

I think that it is fine that you have changed your ways with this, it is obviously helping you and the dogs and that is what matters!

houndstooth said...

I think as long as the dogs don't start putting on the pounds for you it's all good! lol We've never had hard and fast rules about the dogs and our food (unless it's stuff that's dangerous for them), but I am much less of a pushover for them than my husband. I also do enforce manners. Because there are some things that are dangerous for them to eat (like onions), I can't just have them helping themselves. Not that they haven't tried it! :P

Bassetmomma said...

What ever works for you and your dogs! :)

Della said...

You and your dogs are so endearing to me. Thanks letting me see into your life with your dogs.

The Daily Pip said...

Sounds like you are all taking care of each other and that's the most important thing!

Your pal, Pip

White Dog Blog said...

In our house, mealtime is family time. We all share. At dinner the pups eat their dinner together in the kitchen and then join us for "tastes." All have been trained to use "party manners," line up sitting and not push, waiting for their turn and gently taking what is offered. It was tough but even Nuka finally developed a soft enough spoon technique that she did not snap a plastic spoon when we are out for ice cream. All politely sip from cups and glasses but only after asking permission. It DOES make for slower, healthier eating, and it makes for family bonding time.

Laura Pazos said...

I love this story! As a future Speech Pathologist, I hope to use therapy dogs in therapy sessions. Hope you are feeling better! I am behind and need to read the entire blog. Lots of love from Abby, Thor and Kairi!!1

Scrappy Angel said...

i am SO jealous right now. That toxic mushroom I ate has banned me from anything other than ID Dog food:( Jello or a sandwich sounds and looks so good to me right now!

I've been away from blogging too long obviously - so very sorry to hear that you had to be in the hospital...hope all is somewhat back to normal - or atleast a new normal.

i have a human brother who has Addison's disease and we've been struggling with him not feeling very good right now. still working with lots of specialists to try and figure out the right meds. l.i.f.e. is just hard sometimes. take care. give em' all an extra spoonful for me, the Scrapster. I can almost taste it:)

Pamela said...

It looks like the dogs are sharing your snack with very good manners.

We could not share food with Agatha and Christie because they'd climb right into our laps.

I think it's great that you've found such a creative way to make your meal times and nutrition easier for you.

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