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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chance and Blaze take you for a sled ride!

For those of you who might have guessed it, the second video in yesterday's post was Chance and Blaze.  And that is all thanks to my wonderful husband who has a way with the dogs that I can not compare to and has the magic to make things work.     

I've been working with happy, positive reinforcement with getting Chance and Blaze comfortable with their sledding harness and taking it very slow and steady.  We are making great progress.  Chance and Blaze have both been watching Zappa and Silver take off on the sled and I know it is driving them crazy to sled.  So my husband surprised me after our run and just put on Chance and Blaze's harness, calm, cool, and assertive and off we went!  Just like that, they had them on and were ready to go.  No fear, no anxiety, no freezing up.  Daddy is magical that way.  :)

To warn you the video is 10 minutes long.  I ran them up and down the road a couple of times, just to work out some of that pent up frustration that you see Chance giving Blaze when we first take off.  He was probably letting her know that he is lead dog and not to crowd him.  He is used to running alone. 

The camera is off a little (sorry for the view!) but there's no mistaking the speed or power these two have together.  They know each other in and out and become quite a mental and physical powerhouse when they are paired. 
 Watch on YouTube here.
The speed is incredible.  When I ride with these two I can not imagine having 2, 4, or 6 more dogs hooked up!  It's a little bit scarier and I tend to be a little more high strung with Chance and Blaze than I am with Zappa and Silver.

Didn't they do great for their first time out this year?  I'm so proud of them for being willing to try and doing such a great job! 

And my wonderful husband who made it all happen is having a birthday today!  He'll be turning 28 again!  BOL!!


Unknown said...

They are just happy happy pups. Lots of tail wagging and needless to say some pawsome speed action. Brilliant. Happy birthday to your husband. 28 again sounds good. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

jet said...

wow, that is a lot of power :) faaaaaast doggies