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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, February 4, 2013

Readers Dog Sledding Questions

Well they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and my entire weekend was spent on just that.  Our weekend sledding update has been delayed because of technical problems (#@!!#&*@#!!), so hopefully tomorrow we'll have the video up and running for you to show off my little team of Zappa and Silver's sledding skills and speed.  I don't want to give too much away, but they were AWESOME!

So we'll take this time to answer some readers questions about dog sledding.

Collie222 from All things Collie asked:  if I ever run more than two dogs?  Working with two is a challenge enough and we are still beginners.  For a long time I only ran with one, usually Chance.  I hope to be able to make it up to 3 dogs and then 4, but with more dogs, more problems.  Working with two dogs has been a big step for me, but a comfortable one this year.  Zappa and Silver are quite compatible in many ways and they work together well, which makes running with them much easier.

She also asked if the dogs ever get cold with their thinner coat?  Since all the dogs are part Husky, they all have that thick Husky undercoat that keeps them well protected.  And we usually run when them between 18-32F (-7.7-0C)depending on the wind chill.  If it's too cold for me, it's too cold for them is our motto.  :)

Emily from It All Started With a Pitbull asked:  If all the dogs like to pull?  Yes, they do.  Chance and Blaze were my top dogs for sledding when we got them back and they still love it, but I rushed into getting them used to their harnesses and they've never been comfortable with them.  Once we got running they forgot about it, but from the point of putting it on until we would actually go made them both anxious.  Neither of them like things on their back, so I am starting all over from the beginning making the harness a friendly tool and one they won't mind wearing so they can run again.

Brut likes to pull, but he is no good at being a sled dog.  For one he thinks he's completely the boss when he's pulling out in front of me, plus he takes like he's on a walk, stopping every fifteen seconds to mark.  But one thing he is great at is pulling firewood, it is our own little game and I think he just loves the Mommy and me time he gets with no one else around.  :)

Fiona loves it as well, but has bad hips to be able to do it.  Which is a real bummer because she would make a great lead dog, she loves to run and is smart and fast.

Thank you for the great questions and if anyone else has questions please feel free to ask.  I will answer to the best of my ability or find the answer for you.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to watch our latest sled video!


Anonymous said...

Interesting point about the harnesses. I need to train Silas to like even just his regular harness. Like your guys, he's fine wearing it, but the process is, apparently, torture for him. I wonder why? I guess dogs just can't think far enough ahead to think "Okay, this harness means we're going to do something fun in ten minutes!"

Unknown said...

Great Q&A we enjoyed that. Can't wait for the video. Have a marvelous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Sage said...

I bet that video is going to be fun! Looking forward to it.

jen said...

Great Q&A! Love that Brut is great at pulling firewood!