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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, July 29, 2013

What DOESN'T your dog get into?

Is there anything your dogs DON'T get into that surprises you?  Are there those one or two things that for some reason they have never touched?  Something that is easy access, would be a great chew toy or something to eat and you can't understand why they haven't gotten into it.

The perfect dog safe!

Being the kitchen dogs, Chance and Blaze are my counter surfers who get into to anything and everything, yet for some reason have never touched the sugar bowl.  Mark is just baffled by this.  Of all the weird things they have grabbed and eaten off the counter and table he just can't figure this on out.  The dogs haven't even moved it around or knocked it on the floor.  So I guess if I want to hide anything from the dogs, the sugar bowl is the place to do it.  :)

The jungle room!

The second thing that surprises me is that they don't get into, bother, or eat any of my plants.  Not even when they were puppies.  Most of my plants are tall or off the floor but still they are all over the house and except for this incident with Blaze when she first came back to us after leaving the litter, I've never had any of the dogs mess with the plants in any way.  Maybe they are nature lovers too.  BOL!

So with all of the things your dogs get into, destroy, chew up, and eat what are those few things they don't touch and baffles you?

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