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Brut Quote

Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm starting to lose my patience...

Friends, my hands are full and I am exhausted.  It's been a week ago today that we took Blaze in to spayed and it has been a long week that we aren't done with yet.  help!

Taking care of Blaze and keeping an eye on her has upset the balance of the other five dogs.  OK, maybe it hasn't upset their balance, but it upset mine.  The other dogs are handling the whole situation like champs, considering they haven't had a walk in a week.  Walking any of the dogs would excite Blaze to jump and run and we already had her incision split apart again on Saturday.  She's doing fine now, but I can't have her do it again and so no walks for anyone at this point in time.  So this has left everyone getting a little antsy, going in and out all day long now that the weather seems to have turned.  And I feel like all I do all day is go back and forth between the two packs more than I can remember doing before.  

It's difficult to have so many dogs and have one that needs most of your attention.  And my patience is starting to wear a little thin.  And I have struggled with sleep due to the extra stress with obviously hasn't helped.  So it has been a bit of challenge.

And don't even get me started on the cats!  Boxer has become pusher than usual for my attention and suddenly Princess Leia who hides most of the time suddenly wants to sit on my lap at night.  Except she doesn't lay down she dances around on her toes back and forth and all over me.  Then Boxer becomes jealous and finally I had to get them both off of me before I started bouncing them off the wall!  LOL!  They were driving me crazy!

So yeh, it's been an interesting week and I can't wait to get back to NORMAL!!  


Unknown said...

Oh dear we so feel for you. Hang on in there things will be back to normal soon and the natural balance of things will even out. Sending you big hugs.
Best wishes Moll

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Holy moly, it does sound like you have your hands full. I salute you for your efforts in maintaining a household of so many dogs, now with one who needs special care. When I've gotten overwhelmed with foster situations in the past, I've tried to take extra time to just love the foster dog to remind me of why it's worthwhile.

Unknown said...

Hugs. I'd be exhausted too. It will get better.