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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, May 4, 2015

Daddy's words on Brut

To all my Friends on Facebook, I am very sorry,I have not posted and reposted,as much in the last 4 weeks.I was in a car accident on March 26.The van was totalled out,but I was not hurt.Thank God I did not have one of my Dogs in the car,at the time.
We have been having health problems with Daddy Dog Brut.The Father of the 24Pawsoflove.First with one Eye,which was due to high Blood pressure.The Vet gave us some drops for him.Then we went to a Specialists,Which found out he had High Blood Pressure.The Specialist,Had our Vet at home do range of Bloodwork,etc.The bloodwork came back neg,last thursday,and the Vet wanted us to get a stool sample to check some other things out.Which we gave her Friday.Suddenly After Brut ate,late afternoon He threw out all his food.He became weak and had a hard time walking.The only thing Different than the other days was,we gave him,his Blood Pressure pill,something for the pain in his legs and his Heart worm preventive.It seem like by sat that his Blood Pressure was to low.
We took him to a Specialist over 200 miles away.We had to borrow a suv,from a friend,because he could not lay down in the Truck.I am trying to make this short.
When we took him in to the Specialist,They said he had a growth on his spleen they thought,that had to be removed or he was going to not live long.My heart stopped for a moment,I just stated breaking down crying.I told them we would do the operation.Any thing for a Family Member.When they told me the cost,I really started feeling helpless and hopeless.We filled out a Credit Appication,and was denied.My Heart and my Mind just went numb.
We barely had the money,for this trip to the Specialist,so I told the people I would just take Brut Home.He was feeling beter after they did the few things they did on this Visted.And he was walking alot better.He even eat when he got home.We still have to talk to our Vet Today.as of the last few hours,he is alot better.
But in my mind,it is just so unfair,that if you do not have the income and good credit.The ones you love,have to suffer for it.Well that is all I can write now.Here comes Daddydog Brut coming to sit next to me.I just wish someone could tell me,How to Explain to him,That I can't help him,with whats wrong with Him.
Please Pray for Brut and say a Prayer for me.I love all my Friends on Facebook and I will keep you Update on my best Friend DaddyDog Brut.
P.S.I am sorry for Rambling to you all.I will still keep up on my Happy Birthday to you,and I will do better with all my Poking Friends in the world.
Mark and DaddyDog Brut


Pip said...

Gosh, I am so sorry ...it is unfair, very unfair. But I know Brut knows how much you love him and would do anything to help him. He knows that and he loves you as much as you love him.

There is an organization called Frankie's Friends that makes donations/grants to help with vet care. I don't know much about the application process, but it is specifically to help with situations like yours. Here's the website http://www.frankiesfriends.org/#welcome.

Sending lots of support across the miles. Paws and fingers crossed for Brut.

Lavi Damian-Boja said...

Oh dear, poor Brut! Please don't lose hope! Maybe the vet will let you pay in installments... Ours gave us a little discount when we were really short on money. I hope that the site suggested by Pip can help.

Ra Husquiberian said...

God bless you all mates,